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Success CAN be easy! Want proof? Please listen to this audio message:

I have 2 things to say to you about how to get the most from this:

  1. Dreams without goals will forever remain dreams and ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieve without discipline and consistency. Between goals and achievement are discipline and consistency."
  2. "Do it until it becomes dull, then do it until it's beautiful."

(My favourite quote about skill mastery.. Do it and do it and keep doing it until doing it is the reward you seek. Or as Winston Churchill said: "Never, never, never give up.")

In ALL our products & programs you are getting the most proven methods, strategies, tactics & principles based on HUNDREDS of interviews with self made millionaires, 7 figure business owners, authors and world class experts.. Our mission is to eliminate all the guesswork so all you need to do is download it from us into your brain and focus on executing.

TO Succeed YOU need to:

- Actually CONSUME, REVIEW & DO The Things Given To You
- Set Weekly Goals Focused ON WHAT YOU WANT
- Engage With Our Community / Team / Myself (Daryl) About Things You Found Inspiring, New Insights You're Having Plus Problems You Need To Overcome*


Setting Goals / Overcoming Worries & Problems:

1) Identify Goal / Worry

2) Reframe it as a Problem (what is the specific problem?)

3) Describe The GOAL (example: more money in my bank account, or, my team works better together)

4) Describe OUTCOME Goal Will Give You (with more money I can afford to play golf on weekends, or when my team works better we will get more referrals and launch products quicker, etc..)

5) Identify OBSTACLES (I think what’s preventing “outcome” from happening is, x,y & z

6) Describe Your PLAN For Each Obstacle And/Or Outline Which Obstacles You Need My, My Team or Our Communities Help With

7) Take ACTION!!!

Tips for Succeeding at Business

  • Know The Purpose Of Your Life
  • Identify & Remove Whatever Is Holding You Back. People. Places. Things.
  • Describe Your Ideal Self - Then Make A Plan To Become It
  • Decide How Much You Want To Earn - Write it down
  • Employ The Power Of Auto Suggestion & The Mastermind. Be Addicted To Coaching, Immune To Criticism.
  • Reflect On Your Goals + Answers Weekly & Monthly. Show Them To Others. Get Help.
  • Show Gratitude, Charity & Humility In Your Day To Day Life
  • Make DAILY Progress Towards All Your Goals - Everyday - Everyday - Everyday
  • Develop A Yes or No Mindset
  • With Good Information, Act Fast!
  • Never Be Afraid To Fail Never Blame Others For Failures Pick Yourself Up Quickly & Get Back Into The Game
  • Avoid 97% ers At All Costs
  • Remember - Every Day Is Either Won Or Lost
  • Growing People Grows Companies
  • Keep It Simple
  • Hard Work Will Always Beat Talent When Talent Refuses To Work Hard.
  • Build A Team - Getting Rich Is A TEAM Effort
  • Marketing & Sales Systems Are Like Plumbing & Electrical Work - Your Business IS NOT DIFFERENT

The BEST Business Advice GOOGLE CEO Ever Got Was

Everyone gets results from their actions. The key is to channel your actions day-in and day-out into developing successful habits.

A successful life is simply the sum total of a number of successful days.

Practicing the right habits day in and day out is the only way to win over the long run. Don't give up. Communicate, collaborate and communicate some more.

Listen, take lots of notes and keep setting new challenges for yourself. Have fun, and make sure that your team members are enjoying themselves too. If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business -- it’s that simple.

Then lastly, you will live a much better life if you pursue your passions. People who work on the things that they love usually enjoy life more and do better work.

These are the fundamentals you need to make sure you have in place before anything else.



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