SAAS Business Success Secrets, The TRUTH About VC Money & Better Staff Plus Work Environments For Everyone - With Liam Martin

Today we have a very special guest and friend. A buddy of mine, Liam Martin.

Liam is Co-Founder and CMO of and a time analytics application that can tell you how efficiently you and your team are working.

I first met Liam when we were both speaking at a South by Southwest conference in Vegas.

A mutual friend and past guest of this show, Stephanie Burns, introduced us since we were both Canadians doing business in America.

It took less than 5 seconds to pick up on how sharp Liam was. I knew I liked him right away and I enjoyed our conversations plus running into him over and over again at different conferences and places as time went on... Few months back I went to visit him in Ottawa. He gave me a tour of his office and a tour of the SAAS community growing in Ottawa, many companies you may know of including Shopify are turning Ottawa into the main tech hub of Canada… I’ve known Liam for a few years now and watched his business grow. He’s always on the cutting edge and working on next-generation type stuff. From spending a quarter of a million on hiring staff to extensive R&D into the latest AI developments to even where in the world you can get the best developers for your software company.. Liam is always full of surprises and a guy who is really in the trenches doing the work - not just talking about it.

So, I’ve asked him to join us here today to share with us his story plus what he can about growing a software company, hiring, training & managing staff for clear accountability and increased revenues.


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