The Titans Of Direct Response & Lessons Learned Spending $80 Million Dollars On TV, Mailing 1.3 BILLION Pieces Of Direct Mail & Running A Business To Make HUNDREDS of Millions Of Dollars - With Brian Kurtz


This is an interview you will kick yourself if you miss!
Today we are joined by the one and only Brian Kurtz.

Brian is here today because I’ve asked him to give us the insider secrets to being the world’s greatest little league umpire. Ha ha ha.. No, I mean, he is extremely passionate about his volunteer umpire obligations but today he’s here to talk with us about direct marketing

Specifically, lessons learned from mailing over 1.3 BILLION pieces of direct mail and using it to generate tens and hundreds of millions of dollar

But before you try to pigeonhole him as a one trick pony, Brian has proven himself as a master marketer in pretty much every single channel available.

For example, on top of his direct mail experience he also was responsible for buying more than $80 million dollars of direct response TV spots over a 3 year period which they used to sell more than 3 million books.

He's been inducted into the Direct Marketing Association's Hall of Fame and received its List Leader of the Year Award. The Direct Marketing Club of New York has also recognized his life work and accomplishments with their famous Silver Apple.

What I love most about all of this is how Brian is such a phenomenal human being who really deserves the recognition of what he’s done.

Words cannot describe the good in the world he has contributed towards.

AND HE IS SO HUMBLE about it!! TOO HUMBLE almost.

His business career started as a list manager where he learned about audiences, demographics and database marketing.

Then on March 30, 1981 he started at Boardroom Inc, then known as Boardroom Reports Inc.

Here he was able to work beside and learn from the great marketing masters and legends, Dick Benson, Gene Schwartz & Marty Edelston to name a few among tens of hundreds of others.

If you don’t recognize any of those names, please write them down and look them up.

Dick Benson, Gene Schwartz & Marty Edelst

A lot of people on this call may not know or understand the accomplishments of these people, but a secret not too well known by others is how one of Brian’s proudest moments was when Dick Benson said to him: “‘Brian, I didn't know you before today, but frankly I'm impressed.”

He said this because Dick was fond of say

"No one spends enough time on lists,"

And starting in the list business is exactly what gave Brian a solid foundation & the knowledge needed for the different media channels which helped Boardroom sell millions of newsletter subscriptions and consumer books.

As you’d expect, Brian is one of the most well-connected executives in the direct marketing industry. Also as I mentioned earlier he’s extremely passionate about his little league baseball umpiring.

In his free time he enjoys playing tennis, spending time with his wife and kids, is a loyal Rutgers alumni, from his days in New Brunswick, NJ as a student...

And one last accomplishment which is worth mentioning but not money related was how in 2008 Brian was diagnosed with prostate cancer.. and he beat it.

That alone is remarkable and speaks to his dedication to expert knowledge and studying things that actually WORK.

Brian continues to devote time as often as possible to speaking and teaching opportunities, like this one.
Because not only is he a fan of the history of direct marketing, he is a huge proponent of passing the torch and legacy on to future generations.

Keep an eye out for his “Titans Of Direct Response” event, training and materials which is how I met him myself.

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