Trial By Fire - With Barry Magliarditi


Today we are joined by Barry Magliarditi. Barry is the Founder and Director of The Game Changers. He has been recognized for his work in Thought Leadership by The 30 Under 30 and the 2015 Telstra Business Awards.

He was most recently selected as the 2016 winner of the Inbia Innovation of Excellence in Business Coaching.

But before all the awards and recognition he launched his first business in the Kitchen and Renovation sector. The business scaled up quickly from the ‘home garage’ stage right to a staff of 15 people and multiple millions in annual revenue.

This was what success, looked like. Or so he thought.. As he diligently managed cash flow, maximised profits, and minimized expenses by setting clear KPIs for both the business and the team, the emotional and time investment required quickly led him to exhaustion and burnout.

He was a father and a partner and there was no time left over to invest in those relationships. When he saw what was happening, he shifted his focus but now the business suffered. Without the heavy personal and financial supports that Barry had been providing, the business started to dissolve.

And so Barry turned to education and personal development to get his business and his life back on track without letting either suffer. Soon life started to come back into balance. Through examining his ‘inner game,’ Barry was able to achieve tangible results to his ‘outer game.’ This trial by fire became the backbone for The Game Changers and, since it’s founding, has been helping business owners have experience exponential growth in their businesses while watching their personal lives blossom.

I’ve asked him to join us here today so we can all improve our inner game so our outer game does better.


Mission Statement:

My mission is to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners who solve world problems with entrepreneurship. How? You'll do better when you know better.

Would it help you to talk to other high-level entrepreneurs about their journeys, their mistakes and how they overcame their challenges to create the lives and financial success they desire?

Would it help you to have a mentor who can cut your learning curve by sharing their mistakes with you so you could avoid them?

Would it help you to talk to that mentor and learn how they shifted their mindset to allow success to happen in the first place?