Virtual Marketing Director

Get the highest level of ongoing support and implementation throughout the year. Our goal is to double your sales.

Why a Virtual Marketing Director?

This for companies to grow or expand their online marketing. Make better use of lead and customer databases.

Could you 2x right now?
If someone who knew what they're doing looked at your stuff?

Need help to scale up and improve all efforts in marketing and sales?
Look no further.

Needs to enhance a sales team? Generate more leads for their sales team?
Do more with the leads you've got? Multiply the sales you're getting?
Maintain better customer databases for profitability?

This can help.

Daryl works with the CEO/owner(s) on planning, strategy, and execution of company objectives.
Everything from plan, share, do, review, learn & repeat.
Simplify & get help to manage your team and/or vendors to success.

What’s Included

  • 1 Year Program.
  • Power Strategy Intensive - 2 days, face to face
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Growth Strategy By Numbers
  • Metrics Tracking
  • Split Test For Success
  • ROI Tracking & Optimization
  • CRM Database Optimization
  • Marketing Funnel Optimization
  • Weekly Team Meetings - to discuss progress and challenges
  • 3 Quarterly Reviews - 1 full day to review, strategize, optimize, and plan


  • Clear, mapped out plan to double the sales of the company
  • Creation of campaigns outlined
  • Expert-level ROI tracking & dashboard reports
  • Monthly group support from Daryl for a year
  • Bi-weekly direct support. 
  • Monthly 'get-it-done' specific sessions from an expert coach for a year