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Not everyone is born a salesperson. Some get uncomfortable with affiliate marketing or having to decide instantly on our actions. We value space and need a reasonable time to think before we can carefully plan and execute our next steps for the business. But if you take too long, how can you get your customers to multiply themselves?

In this episode, Steve Gordon shares his expertise in affiliate marketing. He also discusses how to make a “referral kit,” a powerful affiliate marketing strategy.

He shares some practical tips on how budding entrepreneurs can deal with the challenges they might face. Steve also talks about how you can create the reality you want for your business.

About Steve

Steve Gordon is the founder of The Unstoppable CEO and the author of Unstoppable Referrals: 10x Referrals Half the Effort and The Exponential Network Strategy. He helps business entrepreneurs make leveraged marketing systems intending to lessen their time in dealing with the technical side of the business so that they can focus more on the essentials.

Unstoppable Affiliate Marketing: Get Customers to Multiply Themselves

Steve’s Background

  • Steve was trained in the technical field and went to an engineering school.
  • He was 28 years old when he became CEO of a consulting firm.
  • They did not have an organized system of getting affiliate marketing. This sparked his interest in marketing, to get customers to multiply themselves. He only learned by experience.
  • He started with direct response marketing. The firm grew, and he enjoyed getting involved in the marketing and sales aspects.
  • He then decided to focus on that side.

Biggest Challenge in Marketing

  • The biggest challenge that he was able to conquer was starting the firm that he is currently running.
  • He thought that starting his own company would be easy. But figuring everything from scratch is his toughest challenge.

Overcoming Challenges to Get Customers

  • As entrepreneurs, persistence is vital. You need to be unstoppable.
  • You will continuously encounter things beyond your knowledge and control, but you need to keep on slogging until you find the right path.
  • Steve keeps in mind what he wants to create. He stays consistent and persistent until he moves closer to his goals.

Advice For Starters

  • The first problem that needs to be solved is how to get customers. One of the ways to do this is through getting affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing boils down to two things; first is asking a lot, and second is following up for that client or referred prospect.
  • Not all people are comfortable asking for affiliate marketing since not all are born as a salesman or saleswoman.

How to Have Unstoppable Affiliate Marketing

  • Steve was able to narrow down the problem with affiliate marketing. People are uncomfortable going to a sales meeting, especially with those they do not know personally.
  • He suggests that the sales meeting should be removed in the first step of the process to open the flow of affiliate marketing.
  • It can lead to lowering the barrier, and the door remains open for affiliate marketing.
  • They can use “the referral kit,” which includes all the necessary information about the business.
  • It gives the person a space to decide whether to avail of the products/services or not.

The Referral Kit: Tool to Get Customers to Multiply Themselves

  • The kit is client-specific and has four parts.
  • First, you need to determine who their ideal client is. It will not work if you are targeting a broad category.
  • Second, you need to identify the problems a prospective group of potential clients is facing. Likewise, identify the possible opportunities that may be available for that group.
  • Third, talk a little bit about the solution.
  • Fourth is “the next step offer,” which is not an offer to sell the product or the solution. Instead, it gives the customer a possible option for their next step. Often, that will be the sales meeting.

Biggest Hurdles and Greatest Milestones

  • Steve became a CEO at age 28. He had a lot of success in the previous industry he was in, and he has won several awards. Although that is the case, he felt that he was playing a small game back then.
  • It took him ten years to grow so that he can play a bigger game.
  • If you are in the entrepreneurial world, you have the gift of freedom and the gift to share.
  • It would be best if you were realistic. But at the same time, THINK BIG.

Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

  • One of the mistakes entrepreneurs commit is how they use their time.
  • The one who uses his day most effectively wins.
  • Try not to do a lot of things at the same time but maintain focus.

Favorite Quote

  • “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” —Calvin Coolidge


For more insights about Affiliate Marketing , connect with Steve through the Unstoppable CEO’s website.

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