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We all want to attract abundance and have set goals for ourselves, whether in business or our personal lives. But how many of these goals have you achieved so far? Many of us self-sabotage without us being aware of it. Here’s the secret: your core beliefs dictate your actions and the results you get. When your beliefs are not aligned, it doesn’t matter what you do; you’ll be self-sabotaging in the end.  

At the end of this podcast, you will be able to retrain your subconscious and shift your perspective for abundance and alignment. Our guest Marci Lock is a trainer and advocate of the mind-body connection. She shares five specific questions to change your mindset. Start taking control of your life and live abundantly!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the five key questions that will help you shift your mindset and attract abundance. 
  2. Understand why we often self-sabotage and how knowing your core belief can help realign your actions to results. 
  3. Learn why perspective and mindset can bring incredible transformation to your life and attract abundance.  


Episode Highlights 

Accepting Awesomeness and Abundance

  • After what she’s been through, Marci doesn’t accept anything but awesomeness and abundance in her life.
  • Marci shares that she used to be conscious of her body and even connected her self-worth to it.  
  • Even when she tried her best to understand her body and did everything to change it, her core belief of not being enough always sabotaged her efforts.  
  • She was trying different things, but she didn’t get the results she wanted.
  • Eventually, Marci realized that she had to look at how the mind and inner belief systems affect the external surroundings.

Self-Sabotage is a Manifestation of Misalignment

  • When we align ourselves, that’s when we can manifest the body, relationships, and money we want.
  • However, many of us operate from a self-sabotaging mindset, and we don’t question why certain things happen. 
  • If you don’t attract abundance and awesomeness in every aspect of your life, you have to start asking yourself why that is. 
  • When your core belief is negative, it doesn’t matter what you do on the surface. 

Take Every Experience As A Gift

  • No experience is inherently bad or good. But they’re all gifts and opportunities to grow. 
  • Marci shares that having sleep disorders and with a man who cheated on her made her reflect on her belief systems. 
  • Don’t see experiences as is. You can choose either to experience them through fear or faith. 
  • Marci shares that she used to work as a $2 waitress. Now she has a successful business. 
  • Fear of failure will always hold you back. But if you operate from a place of faith and curiosity, you’ll naturally attract abundance. 

Change Your Mindset to Attract Abundance

  • Your mindset is about how you talk to yourself and what you tell yourself. 
  • When you start having negative thoughts, you need to learn how to take them out to not eventually overwhelm yourself. 
  • Give yourself the permission to think differently, have fun, and be creative to attract abundance and awesomeness.

Perception Creates Your Possibility 

  • People self-sabotage by resisting certain situations and constantly speaking from a place of obligation. This is common in ‘I have to,’ ‘I should,’ and ‘I need’ statements. 
  • Every action, thought, and word has energies that can affect us. 
  • Become clear on what you’re committed to and show up. 
  • Before trying to change external circumstances, look inside your core beliefs first. 
  • Recognize that you have a choice in your actions. 

Retrain Your Subconscious

  • When you stay in a scarcity and victim mentality, you won’t be able to step up to create your world. 
  • Start living life consciously and be in the moment. 
  • We often act based on the subconscious and past belief systems. When we face uncertainty, we will fall back to what makes us comfortable. 
  • You have to retrain your mind to what you want to believe. 
  • Ask the right questions so you can evaluate whether you have misalignment or not. 

Your Body Never Lies

  • There are five core emotions that are connected to your body.
  • Sadness manifests on the chest and fear in the stomach. 
  • When you feel something in your head, neck, or shoulders, you harbor anger.
  •  Finally, you feel joy and sexual things in your whole body and pelvis area, respectively.
  • By knowing this, you know what your thoughts, blocks, and fears are.

You are the Creator of Your World

  • We hold ourselves back when we create stories of our worthiness based on our past experiences.
  • Instead of letting life happen to you, understand that you can control it.
  • Be conscious that you create your world; life happens through you.
  • When you’re aware and aligned with yourself, you get into a flow state. Life becomes easy and effortless. 

5 Questions to Shift Your Perspective

  • What are you feeling? Ask yourself this when you find yourself somewhere you shouldn’t be. 
  • Why are you feeling that way? Dig deeper into your awareness. 
  • What do you want? Awareness is not useful until you’re clear with your intentions. 
  • What are your new beliefs or perceptions? These dictate what your experience will become. 
  • What action do you need to take? You need to shift your vibration before you do the action.

Take Time to Meditate

  • Take time to meditate on the success you’re trying to manifest. 
  • You can take as little as 30 minutes a day to reflect on the impact you want to achieve. 
  • For example, business people can reflect on how they can provide more value and show up in their business. 
  • When you open yourself to reflection, you’ll naturally receive ideas throughout the day instead of struggling to balance everything. 

Two Powerful Quotes 

“If you choose to become conscious and to become aware and do this game of being a creator; we realize [that] life happens from me, I’m the creator of my world.”

“How do we make it easy or hard is based on what’s going on inside us.” 

About Marci Lock

Marci Lock is commonly known as the Body Mind Mentor and is a nutrition and fitness expert, life transformation coach, show host, and motivational speaker. She is passionate about aligning your actions with the beliefs to create real change and attract abundance in your life. The true transformation begins with the mind, and her results have proven the power of manifesting and beliefs. 

You may connect with Marci on FacebookYoutube, and on her website!   

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