How 8 skills Fix 101+ Business problems

50+ years of research prove 8 critical success factors. 8 areas all business problems come from. Many symptoms exist, but the root cause is usually 1 or more of these 8 factors.

Fix the factor. Fix the business problem at the root cause.

Of these 8 success factors, we specialize in fixing 4 of them:

  • Self-Efficacy [Ability To Execute Via Self & Others]
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Market Intelligence 


I'm  Daryl Urbanski..

Founder, President of & Host of The Best Business Podcast. I've been helping fix business problems to get customers & keep them longer since 1999. Over 20+ years, you collect proven methods & automation tools.  Turning customer data into profits becomes simple & fun!

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I fix business problems - Daryl Urbanski

Get better, proven solutions for 101+ Business Problems:

  • Getting More From What You've Already Got
  • Marketing Plan / Marketing Strategy Issues
  • Moving Online From An Offline Business World
  • Problems Satisfying Customers
  • Lack of New Customers
  • Team & Employee Problems
  • Worries About Future Trends of Industry
  • Fighting Large Companies & Lower Prices
  • Stopping Small Companies Stealing Your Customers

Or maybe you're not in one of our programs yet.

If Not, Let me ask you:

What Business Problem, If Solved, Would Let You GROW?

1. Want to get more clients?
2. Want to better market your products or services?
3. Are you feeling frustrated & overwhelmed at all?
4. Issues getting yourself or your team focused?
5. More month than money even though you're busy?
6. Struggling to know & feel confident in your numbers?

If so, you’re not alone. I used to struggle too, until I got help.
You're in the right place. It's okay to be helped.

My career has been dedicated to building a portfolio of what works. Since then, I've helped people do everything from make their first $1 online. 

To generating MILLIONS of dollars online.
Using web tools & automation to help.

What I’ve discovered is it isn’t difficult. If you know the details of how it's been done before. I’ve helped over 1,000 businesses in 50+ industries grow. 

Chances are, if we can't fix your business problem for you - we know who can and will tell you.

In fact, 2020 I hired 7 research teams to review 50+ years of scientific research. The goal was identify what matters for small & medium-sized business success. Where do business problems come from?

Turns out there are 8 CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS. 8 things which make or break your survival as a business.

These factors are underlying issues showing up as different symptoms.

Here is a list of common business problems we can fix for you: 

Business Problems & Pains

Fed up with lack of results.
Fed Up of Broad Statements but not enough proof to back them up.
Fed up with being unemployed. I am looking to start my own home business and work for myself.
Need to actually start making money online.
My Facebook ads keep getting rejected....
My boyfriends business is taking a toll on our relationship
What is the right way to handle employees?
HELP! I’ve been feeding my competition ideas and insights to my plans...
Anyone Else Tired of Google Reviews?
Yelp is attempting to extort our small family business...
I finally made the plunge. Running a business for myself. Now what?
Taking over family franchise from elderly grandmother dilemma.
Have 100k and looking for ideas. What now?
Help starting a relatively low-risk offline businesses?
Owed nearly $20,000 from two separate people, how do I collect?
How to stand out in my market? There are so many frauds out there.
Help Finding Clients?
How do I create a profitable product? I want to escape "clients from hell" freelancing and their crappy projects
I wanted to quit freelancing because of the "clients from hell" syndrome.
I just need some critique and feedback.
Starting A BUSINESS? 3 things NOT to do!
How do you deal with a client who doesnt want to work?
Impactful ways to actually help people within or outside of consulting?
Strongly considering quitting 9 months in, could use some advice
Am I getting taken advantage of?
Getting really fed up with lack of sales
I hate customer service
Prospecting.. Help me!
How to escape from being on the phone

Cold Calling B2C Techniques: Contacting Over-called Leads

I have 5 of the most talented salespeople I've ever met willing to start something. I have a blueprint - And nothing else. I need your help.
We could realistically pool together $50,000-60,000 CAD. We'd love to start our own call center, but we don't have a product to sell.

How to enter the sales world?

Aren't decision makers fed up of being targets of B2B marketing campaigns?

Can remarketing be counterproductive?

How should we balance demand with limited ability to deliver

How to get started in Digital Marketing?

What are some of the most 'inspiring' or 'interesting' Marketing books?

Affiliate marketing, is it a scam?

Fed-Up Advertisers Stop Paying More For Smaller TV Audiences

Is it the Recession or Are Users Fed Up?

I got my first customer today! Main takeouts

Starting a small street food business with little or no experience?
How to run an easy test over 21 days... get an idea of how it's going.

Finding my market... High quality, handmade, modern furniture
a solid marketing plan!
As a sole proprietor, how do I grow without losing income?
attracting better value clients
Being able to scale and trusting to make money.
Booking more speaking engagements.
breaking through the fear, and welcoming Financial freedom
Can I start a new business in my 50's and still hope to retire comfortable in my mid to late 60's?
Can I do it again in a new industry
Cashflow and the right strategic partnerships to expand business
Clear direction and focus eliminate overwhelm.
closing sales
Do I have a product or idea that will resonate with enough people to get a great response?
Doing what you love and having scale
expanding my reach so that more people are aware of my services.
Finding people that will look at my business
For me, it's sharing my message with people that need it.
Gaining Frequent Traffic and understanding the best internet marketing maintenance strategies to increase sales and customer / prospect awareness.
Get fitness & training - jiu jitsu training
Getting more customers through our website
Getting new clients, being able to offer a service or product or combination that allows me to sell a similar thing to many different customers so I can have less work but the same revenue per client.
High end wellness coaching funnel advice
How can I build it big enough to support hiring help?
how can i reach my revenue goals
How did you just decide that no matter what or how tired I am how can I focus on moving forward.
How do I best create an inter-generational legacy of happiness and holistic wealth, with ease, joy and grace?
How do I do it without having to sell my soul by working 60-80 hours a week and still serve people
How do I get to my audience and get them interested?
How do I market myself
How do I set up residual income streams?

How do you strike a balance between enlisting the support of others (subcontractors, partners) in order to grow your business and protecting your own interests? If you need to scale your business quickly, you have to hire and outsource. But you want to maintain high levels of client satisfaction and ensure that your new partners are not going to be your competitors.

how do you think this is going to end?
I admire that you put yourself out there but don’t you have your doubts?
How to constantly keep growing revenue
How to create a revenue stream that is stable, that allows me flexibility to live the life I want and pays a good return for the time invested.
How to get more qualified leads
how to get processes and procedures implemented for scalability
How to get the world to know about 1-Box Business Solutions on practically no budget (earn as you play).
How to get there?
How to go from $10k/month to $100k/month.
how to leverage my time and expertise better, so I can achieve multiple 6 figures a year and not work 6-7 days a week!
How to really focus, to kill procrastination and be miles more productive.
How to take my business to the next level- feel like I'm so busy doing everyday stuff I never get to big picture stuff. Need to be getting what I'm worth.
How to work less and earn more?
I need more customers and a clear strategy for marketing.
I want to business.
I'm good managing money. I'm good developing products. I know how to market. Yet when it's my own material, I tend to market once and then hide. There's this fear of failure that ensures I fail every time that I have to find a way to move beyond or I'm just going to stay stuck where I am.
I'm not sure but I could give much elaboration after a few thoughts on what is that ONE thing?..
In generating quality leads
Increase sales
and Train new people
Just enjoyed it.
Good vibe.. people being helpful.
Lead costs
Lead generation. I want to see that phone ringing all day long!
Learning to delegate/outsource and scale
More clients
More profit
Getting more Clients and creating systems so others can do what I do I build a business that runs without me
PPC with ROI software with a low cost startup (deposit)
Scaling up with Traffic Generation to our offers.

Sequence of steps in my big picture strategy.

Structure organization The right team
Systemized marketing

The Ask - without sounding like you NEED clients.
To be able to quit the full time job so I can have more time to work on it
Tons of traffic through our jermaine-style funnel
Understanding what your goal is. Being an entrepreneur I got caught up in the day to day and forget to focus on big picture stuff that will make my business grow.
What is your single most important question about _
Where should I focus my entrepreneurial efforts? Marketing, sales, management, etc.
Where to start
Working only within my strengths
Worry free from financial problems.

Which Solution Is The Best Fit For You?

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Let’s just recap…

A handful of specialized skills can fix 8 problem areas. These 8 are critical success factors causing 101+ of the symptoms. Symptoms such as lack of sales, teamwork problems, plus many more things. Often they signal an underlying issue in one or more of the 8 areas.

  • You can try to figure it out, fix it on your own. 
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