Copywriting and Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy with Donnie Bryant

Marketing is one of the primary components of every business. It is used to attract customers. It is the fundamental business process of connecting with clients.

In this episode, we’re joined by marketing consultant and direct response copywriter, Donnie Bryant. You’ll learn everything about building links and keeping your pipeline full. He shares the impact of “borrowing” other people’s platform and the most effective marketing connection.

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  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the art and science of copywriting.
  2. Develop a successful content marketing strategy.
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Episode Highlights

The Biggest Challenges and Milestones in Marketing Strategies

  • When he was starting, he had to work while learning about marketing mix and copywriting. He didn’t have any competitive advantage.
  • Making time and energy to pick up the craft and finding people who would pay him was his toughest challenge.
  • When you think you’ve got something going as a marketer, you have to keep promoting yourself. Get in front of the right people and provide value for potential leads. Conduct a market research.
  • He overcame these challenges by grinding and hustling. He focused on what he does best—content writing. In sum, he took an initiative to make things happen for himself.

Advice for People Starting Out

  • Become good at your craft.
  • Research and analysis are fundamental to effective marketing.
  • Create a marketing strategy your target audience or new customers can’t resist.
  • Figure out whom you want to serve. Find out where those people are and what messaging will work to attract them.
  • Focus and be great at something specific like email marketing.
  • Timing is important. When selling your product or service, ensure you’re riding the trend. This will help you reach your target audience or customer base.

Honing Your Platform

  • Spend less time trying to build your platform from scratch. Position yourself on other people’s platforms. Execute your best marketing strategy.
  • Provide high-quality content to somebody's platform.
  • From borrowing their platform, you are able to build yours over time. Building from borrowing is a strong standing foundation for online marketing.

The Biggest Mistakes in Marketing Goals

  • People in business assume that the reader is going to read, but you have to give them a reason to read. You have to talk about exciting things, and you have to talk about them interestingly.
  • You can’t be boring.
  • The fear of commitment to one market and marketing efforts.
  • It’s about being interesting, entertaining, and valuable to your target market.
  • Know who you’re talking to, and who you want to talk with. That’s part of a marketing tactic.

The Mentality That Holds Your Marketing Plan Back

  • Undervaluing yourself.
  • Being scared of asking questions.
  • Not allocating your marketing budget the right way.
  • Not talking to clients in their language.
  • Not finding the offer your target market wants in your marketing campaign.

Entertainment Leads to Better Sales Leads and Successful Marketing

  • You have to be more engaging. Add entertainment value in your marketing to get people’s interest.
  • You have to come further out of your comfort zone and out of what the industry does.

About Donnie

Donnie Bryant is a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. He specializes in the financial sector in Chicago. Since 2007, he has written sales copy for dozens of niches for his clients. Donnie helps clients connect with and convert their “should-be” clients with useful marketing messages. At present, he works in the financial industry. He generated $25 million for his clients over the past three years.

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