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What Makes A Business Succeed Against All Odds?

  • Is it money to spend?
  • Location?
  • Market conditions?
  • Salesmanship?
  • Pure luck?

Many business owners try to find the answer while they juggle it all.

Marketing, HR, Accounting, Sales, Client Fulfillment.

They know a business is a reflection of the people running it.
If they don’t step in, no one will.


They find it hard to hire people who ‘get it’.
That’s how they think businesses fail.
But even with a great team - how do you scale ‘getting it’?

Blockbuster was a BILLION dollar company.
They could afford any consultant, technology, and top-of-class talent.
Yet STILL got taken out by a startup called Netflix.

ENRON made $101 BILLION in the year 2000.

By Dec 2001 they were bankrupt.

Newspaper subscriptions were once considered "rivers of gold".
Then when blogs & podcasts came out, those rivers started drying up.
Most sat watching it happen and didn’t know how to fix it.

This is the story of most business owners who fail.

When times get tough, they do what they know - but harder.
Instead of doing what actually needs to be done.

These examples show us, sales alone do not guarantee success.
Cash in your pocket yesterday doesn't guarantee you success tomorrow.

When things go south, grit, commitment, and good intentions will not save you.
Not even a rock star product can keep you going.
Unless you fix the REAL problem.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk Made Over $325 Million In 2016.
Pre-selling A Car He Had No Team Or Factory To Build It With!
When Everyone Else Trying To Enter The Car Business Failed.

He’s not alone:

  • Netflix made $5.1 Billion in 2021.
  • Joe Rogan, a podcaster, earns $60 million/year.
  • Jeff Bezos's Amazon makes $2,537 EVERY SECOND.

How Can These People Achieve Such Outstanding Success?
These Winners Knew Something The Losers Didn’t.

But research shows even these “winners” can begin to fail in 3-6 months. If not careful.

Less than 20% of new businesses survive their first year. Fewer than 25% of THOSE survive
past 10 years after starting. What's more, there’s a global recession coming closer every

  • Tick, Tock…

Why do so many people fail?

Being a business owner is tough.
It constantly feels like you have 3 elephants on your plate. 101 tasks to fit into an already overflowing schedule. You often repeat the same day, every day.

Wake up, deal with problems, put your people back on track, go home, and repeat. Hoping it will lead you where you want to go.

For many it's not what they imagined when choosing this path.

They crave success. Effortless success they can enjoy. Not feeling like you’re carrying your office up an endless set of stairs.

You want to have confidence in your own judgment. In your business’s future, but how do you
get there? How do you break free from stress, fear, and never-ending self-doubt?

Your first instinct will be to learn from others!

Flip through billionaire’s books. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad again. Go to 101 different conferences
& workshops. Listening to self-proclaimed experts.
Who do nothing but give you vague advice.

Or tell you what you already know…
Leaving you to figure out the details.


Why? Because you already know what you need.


Every book, every seminar, every workshop, and every successful person will tell you:
The One Key Is: Habits.

Habits run the world.

Some people like to hate on a routine.
But it’s the key to consistent, disciplined growth & success in life and business.
When something is a habit its easier & automatic to do.

Every business owner's habits belong in one of 2 camps:

  • Those with habits statistically proven to drive higher income, confidence, happiness &
  • Those stuck in soul-draining situations because they’ve committed to the wrong habits.

Which Side Do You Want To Be On?

It Only Takes 1 Bad Habit To Keep You Down. Keep You Committed To The Wrong
Path. Digging A Deeper Grave For Your Future…

Anything you stay consistent at grows. Especially the wrong habits, thought patterns, and

Despite big dreams and good intentions. The wrong habits will cost you your personal and
social life. Can cost you your physical & mental health.
Plus your business & reputation.

How Do We Fix This Mess Millions Of Business Owners Are Stuck In?

The most GUARANTEED fix would be to:

  1. 1
    Gather all scientific & evidence-based research on successful businesses.
  2. 2
    Organize, compare & analyze the data