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The secret ingredient to a company’s long-term success is in the community it has built. However, before creating a community, certain foundational blocks must be in place in the company. Anyone can make a fantastic product to sell or advertise. But it takes core values, clear and focused strategizing, and independent teams to create products or services people buy repeatedly.

In this episode, Micah Mitchell discusses his career path from his recent acquisition of WishList Member to the brand Membership. He talks about how these steps were only made by employing management tools and empowering his employees. He also discusses the importance of good work habits and strategies to keep your company running smarter.

If you’re interested in building a community and empowering your teams to be independent, this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

Find out the importance of membership and community to your company’s success.
Discover different strategies for making an independent team.
Learn how to manage and train teams to be smarter and more effective.