Expert Tips on Strategic Marketing

The latest episode of our podcast brings you an intriguing conversation with the distinguished event and marketing specialist, Melissa Forziat. With in-depth experience in marketing and close ties to the events industry, Melissa's acumen in making events more impactful makes this interview a must-listen for anyone involved in marketing, event planning, or community outreach. This episode is crucial as it aims to dissect the process of target marketing in the context of event planning. The audience, especially event planners and marketers, will glean practical insights into how to accurately identify their target market, the importance of creating a marketing funnel, and strategies to get the most out of their events.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Understand the importance of identifying your precise target market for effective event planning.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with all parties involved in an event to achieve maximum outcomes.
  • Discover the importance and benefits of creating a marketing funnel for event planning.


  • "Small Business Marketing on a Budget" by Melissa Forziat. 
  • Melissa Forziat's official website:

Interview Highlights:

Understanding Your Target Market

  • The first step in effective event planning involves knowing your target market accurately.
  • Being laser-focused on your target market can spell the difference between success and failure.
  • "The more laser-focused you are, the more effective it'll probably be."

Different Communication Strategies for Different Parties

  • Approaching communication with paid staff and volunteers differently than with sponsors.
  • Communication should be tailored to what each party involved needs to hear.
  • "It's about really figuring out what each side needs to hear."

Marketing Funnels and Their Importance

  • The power of visualization in marketing and event planning.
  • Creating a marketing funnel leads to better structure and potentially increased revenue.
  • "Visualization is extremely powerful. It usually leads to better structure and more revenue long term."

Listen to the full interview for extensive insights into target marketing, effective multi-faceted communication, and the final strategy involving marketing funnels. Melissa also shares valuable anecdotes from her own experience in the field.

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