Fake Guru Solution

The Fake Guru Solution is a program we have systematically designed in order to scientifically evaluate 1000+ business consulting programs and services around the world.



The field of business consulting is currently flooded with many conflicting theories and books. In this field, everyone claims to be an expert. The terminologies, definitions and principles used by the various business experts are often vague with many conflicting information. For the case of online reviews about the businesses, they have a potential of being faked. Even the testimonials offered in this field of business consulting have the possibility of being bought. 

To be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect or physicist you need to demonstrate benchmark levels of skill & knowledge. Yet today ANYONE can say they are a business/marketing/sales coach or marketing agency with no need to prove their capabilities.

It’s a wild west and buyer beware!

In the field of business consulting, all business, sales & marketing experts, make claims to produce results, yet little scientific proof is available on what works versus what doesn’t.

A quick google search shows many services available for exactly this 

At this point in time, we believe many would agree, to the fact that the industry needs regulation. However the potential for abuse by governments or associations is too strong. We believe greater quality evidence based on scientific research, transparently revealing best practices is the safest way to self-regulate.


our strong belief is

if clients are given a specific set of instructions by a business coach, they should get the expected results. 

For any arising deviations from the intended results, information answering to the “why” and “what happened” should be easy to identify. 

In this age, the status quo of testimonials, personal accounts, anecdotal information is not enough while day after day people risk their livelihoods, life savings, relationships and self-esteem on new ventures.

The standards of the business consulting & services industry standards must be raised. This could be done by standardizing measurements tools, making assessments more accessible, giving entrepreneurs and business owners higher quality scientific evidence on which techniques, principles, strategies and tactics are most likely to help them achieve their business goals.


our program evaluation framework

Described in this section is the goal and objective of this program, as well as what and how the evaluations of the programs are to be conducted.

  • Vision

  • Objective

  • Program Model

  • Evaluation Design

Our program vision is to have. Business Consulting Industry Standards Raised 


context for the evaluation

Based on the client’s business focus, the evaluation will be performed in accordance with the following success factors that apply to you:

1. Self-Efficacy
2. Strategic Planning
3. Business Intelligence
4. Market Intelligence
5. Business Operating Systems
6. Money Management
7. Marketing Strategy
8. Sales Strategy & Skills

Critical success factors

how the above 8 critical success factors were obtained 

The organisation’s research team conducted a meta-analysis on multiple different scientific studies about business success factors. The research team chose to use meta-analysis as its statistical analysis method in order to increase statistical power, deal with controversy when individual studies disagree to improve estimates of size of effect, and to answer new questions not previously posed in component studies.