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Masterclass Host:

Daryl Urbanski

Daryl Urbanski, Founder, President of BestBusinessCoach.ca & Host of The Best Business Podcast is best known for his ability to create seven-figure, automated income streams from scratch.

First as Senior Marketing Director for Praxis LLC, now Neurogym, he generated over $1.6 Million USD in under 6 months with a single marketing strategy. This became almost $7.5 Million USD in just under 3 years.

After repeating this success with multiple clients, he set on a mission to help create 200 NEW multi-millionaire businesses. How? They’ll do better when they know better.

Daryl has quickly climbed the entrepreneurial ladder, gaining respect from thousands of business owners worldwide. From author to speaker, marketer to coach - Daryl's multi-faceted business approach sets him apart as one of the leading business experts of his generation.

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