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Habit Hero: The 8 Critical Business Habits IF Missing & Fixed Drive Better Results
New Business Coaching & Accountability Program For Business, Fitness & Mindset.All In One.

Instructor: Daryl Urbanski  | Contact Information: [email protected] 
Language: English

You Are A Habit Hero In The Battle & Under Pressure.

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Course Introduction

Habit Hero is an accountability, business coaching + mentorship program done via daily habit tracking & weekly challenges. Discover habits statistically proven to drive higher income, confidence, happiness, & more. $50,000 in evidence-based research uncovered 8 critical business habits. These 8 critical habits will determine who survives & thrives in these unprecedented times and who succumbs.
In this course, participants will do the following:

  • Strategic planning, market intelligence research, develop marketing strategies, recurring sales systems, business operations systems, business intelligence systems, learn money management skills, automation tools and much more.
  • Retrain their brain to fix stuck or persistent patterns of thinking leading to unhealthy behaviours.
  • Reflect on the relevance, benefits, and challenges of these 8 types of business habits in a personal plus professional context.
  • Measure how much of their time is in “top performer” mode (or not) & know what exactly they need to do to move forward with goals.
  • Develop better social, fitness, mindset, diet & sleep habits. 

Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Earn as you learn. This is a results based program focused on DOING. Then learning to troubleshoot problems, bottlenecks & sticking points as they occur.
  • Develop an understanding of the 8 types of business habits & how they overlap.
  • Develop habits statistically proven to drive higher income, confidence, happiness, & more.
  • Build awareness of the role technology can play in supporting goal outcomes
  • Develop an understanding of key strategies & tactics to overcome the major business & life pitfalls which crush most businesses.
  • Have the most productive, well balanced days with excellent physical & mental health habits.
  • Face challenges with better structure, fewer distractions, and better social interactions.
  • Conquer the doubt & stress of uncertainty with a rock-solid growth mindset. 

Course Format

The course will start with a personal commitment agreement. Each student is expected to answer 4 simple questions about their Why, How, When & What for doing this course. The focus of the first 2 weeks is to get oriented and become familiar with the online learning platform. (e.g, How to log daily habits, get help, adjust notification settings, understand where resources are, etc..)

In this course students will get updated habits & challenges for the new week each Monday. These stack week after week, grow & evolve. For example “Log your meals 3x per week” evolves into “eat 800g of plants”. In addition, students will have supplemental readings, optional lessons & access to expert interviews for deeper mastery of the 8 types of critical business success habits. Or perhaps a specific problem area they need to solve.

For each daily habit tracked, points are assigned. Each student has their own personal real-time scoreboard. As well as a group leaderboard with all scores listed from in their cohort.
Bi-weekly challenges & quizzes help students reach new levels of their best self. At the same time, being flexible & adaptable for the ups & downs of life. If a student falls off, they can hop in, pick back up and keep moving forward.
As a summative activity near the end of the course, each student will be expected to communicate a detailed case study on their life & business before starting the program. Detailing the events of their journey in the course. Then finish with a conclusion for what they achieved & accomplished.
This will provide an opportunity to celebrate individual and group advances.

As well as serve as a personal time capsule / scrapbook for this phase of their life they can always look back on.


This course is fundamentally built around the 5 themes discussed below. These themes will be persistent throughout the entirety of this course. Following the Spiral Curriculum design philosophy.

How this course addresses theme (Click Here To View)


How this course addresses theme  

The 8 Types Of Business Habits   

The course provides students with the theory, research and case study analysis of the 8 types of business success habits. These 8 categories cover sales, marketing, HR, money management, cyber security, product development, hiring, training, supply chain management. These 8 Types Of Business Habits give room for discussion and development of it all.  

Peak Performance, Energy & Focus

The course helps students identify & fix habits - if fixed - will drive better results, in life, business, careers and relationships. 

Growth Mindset Development  

The course helps students to retrain their brain to fix stuck or persistent patterns of thinking leading to unhealthy behaviours. How to think smarter, enhance memory, improve focus, clarity & mental energy.

Better Fitness, Diet & Sleep Habits  

Students are guided to develop the confidence, skills & habits for taking optimal care of their own bodies. They will understand how they don’t need anything other than real food & normal exercise to get any results they want. They can enjoy the process, don’t need to rely on ANY product & can still have a social life.

All Things Marketing & Sales 

The course enables students to get paid daily via focusing on building recurring sales machines with consistent base hits. Instead of chasing grand slam projects. One with CLEAR accountability and nowhere for excuses to hide. Students will learn everything they need to know from how to research a market, keep tabs on competitors, plan + test a marketing strategy, follow up & sell.Plus much more.

Module Structure

As you review the modules, please note:  (Click Here To View)

  • There is constant re-reviewing & overlap in the timing of the module themes.The core focus of the program is on the daily activity/habit logs.However additional readings, activities and expert interviews are made available so students can easily dive deep into a topic they might need help with. The entire course structure builds in sequence. This is done to give a clear progression of ideas and concepts. In doing so students are able to develop habits step by step in connection with the various elements of the course. 

  • Week 5 is the most intensive in the early weeks as it requires creating marketing plans & sales systems. Real world examples are shown, fill-in-the-blank templates are given. However this week might be ‘heavier’ in workload then those before/right after it.

  • This program is designed to supplement the existing activities of students. As students should be engaged in a business or starting their own. This program uses theory to influence practice.This course is about DOING the things required to produce tangible business results. E.g, sales made, products/services delivered, systems developed & assets built. Much of what students will be asked to do should already be activities they are engaging in. Our research has shown businesses often fail due to a lack of doing the activities listed above.Which is why this program is so valuable. 

  • This program is designed knowing life gets in the way. Students are able to go back & forth between weeks to review lessons pertinent for their specific situation. Again, the focus is on the daily habit/activity logs. If a student falls off, they are encouraged to jump back in with their group & keep pushing forward from there on.  However the answer to a problem a student might be facing in completing - for example - week 8, might be found in lessons from week 4. Habit logs must be submitted by midnight Sunday the week of. Late submissions will be deducted with a penalty of points deducted.

  • This course will be delivered asynchronously, and timeline expectations are flexible. Habit logs for each week update Monday at 1am & are due by Sunday midnight for full points. Missed habit logs may not be submitted past Sunday. However if OTHER assignments, readings & expectations are not met, students are encouraged to go back and finish their work the following week. This will result in no direct penalty to the student. Due to the design of the program many topics & themes build upon past work, so students are highly encouraged to remain up-to-date.

  • Weekly Readings:Each week has a proprietary book summary. These book summaries are 300+ page business & personal development classics, condensed into 8-12 page 7 minute checklists, summaries & guides.

  • Weekly Habits:For the sake of brevity, weekly habits are NOT shown in the syllabus.Each week the habits update to grow & evolve.Here are Weeks 1, 2 & 3 Habits as a sample:Week 1:- Daily Gratitude JournalingWeek 2:- Daily Gratitude Journaling- # Of New Leads Daily- Complete GTD Sheet [1x per week]Week 3:- Daily Gratitude Journaling- #Of New Leads Daily- Sleep Log- Savage Talk- Check Bank Balance + Deposits/Withdrawals- Complete GTD Sheet [1x per week]Weekly habits spiral focus on the 8 Types of Business Habits.Each week we never track more than 7-10 items.

  • Each activity is marked with it’s Critical Success Factor [CSF] or it’s acronym.So the daily habit of “# of New Leads” has “Marketing Intelligence” or “MI”.In the form field, the student is to put the # of new leads generated that day.Each habit field completed each day is worth points on the leaderboard.Students have their own personal leaderboard as well as a group one with their cohort.

All expert interview titles, readings, plus additional lessons are labeled the same way.For example, this is an optional lesson on “Business Operations” or “BO”


Click Here To View Syllabus

Module / 



Activity / Assessment

Getting Started

Week 1-2 

Personal Commitment Agreement & Onboarding

  1. Week 1  HabitsReading: Getting Things DonePlus:Complete Personal CommitmentDaily Gratitude Journal | SE15min Life Exercise |SEConfirm Time ZoneSet Email Reminder Settings

  2. Week 2 HabitsReading:  Ready, Fire, AimPlus:Fast Cash Plan (Optional) | SS&SAncient Secrets Of Lead Generation | MIAdvanced Lead Generation Research Items | MI Game of Life Quiz (Optional)Assessment: Student Performance Review 

Reach Your Full Potential

Weeks 3 – 5

Establishing Baseline Habits & Performance

  1. Week 3 Habit LogsReading: Winning Through IntimidationPlus:Complete “Getting It Done Log”Why Sleep? (Optional) | SEStrengthen Your Mind (Optional) | SEExpert Interviews (Optional)Assessment: Course Performance ReviewAssessment: Personal Self Efficacy

  2. Week 4 Habit LogsReading: The Almanack Of Naval RavikantPlus:How To Sell (Optional) | SS&SStrategies of Top Sales Performers (Optional) | SS&SRemote Controlled Selling (Optional) | SS&SExpert InterviewsAssessment: Market Intelligence

  3. Week 5 Habit LogsReading: 7 Habits Of Highly Effective PeoplePlus:Basic Response To Lead System | MSTurn Past Leads & Clients To New Deals | SS&SContent Marketing Strategy Template | MSAsk For More Info Follow Up | SS&SExpert Interviews

Deep Habits

Weeks 6 – 10

Consistency, Knowledge-

Building & Deeper Evaluation

  1. Week 6 Habit LogsReading: Living The 80/20 WayPlus:Expert InterviewsAssessment: Strategic Planning

  2. Week 7 Habit LogsReading: Flawless ExecutionPlus:Expert Interviews

  3. Week 8 Habit LogsReading: E-Myth MasteryPlus: Expert InterviewsAssessment: Sales Strategy & Skills

  4. Week 9 Habit LogsReading: Six SigmaPlus:The 8 Types Of Critical Success HabitsMovement Is Life (Optional) | SEExpert Interviews

  5. Week 10 Habit LogsReading: The Carrot PrinciplePlus:HR Contracts, Employee Handbooks, etc. (Optional) | BO3 Key Metrics (Optional) | BOExpert InterviewsAssessment: Business Operations

System Development

Weeks 11-14

People, Systems, Finances

  1. Week 11 Habit LogsReading: How To Win Friends & Influence PeoplePlus:Business Operating Systems (Optional)3 Key Metrics Continued (Optional) | BOExpert Interviews

  2. Week 12 Habit LogsReading: Understanding Financial StatementsPlusDeep Work (Optional) | SEProfit First Cheat Sheet | MMTemplate Dashboard - Lead Tracking & Reporting For Accounting | BIAdvertising Planning & Tracking Tool | BIExpert InterviewsAssessment: Money Management

  3. Week 13 Habit LogsReading: The Richest Man In BabylonPlusSeven Basic Financial Ratios | MMBig Five Personality Dimensions | SEExpert Interviews

  4. Week 14 Habit LogsReading: Million Dollar HabitsPlusCatch Up On Books MissedExpert InterviewsAssessment: Marketing Strategy

Rule of 10,000

Weeks 15 – 18

Engage in


Design with

Course Peers

  1. Week 15 Habit LogsReading: Advanced Selling StrategiesSystem DiagramsCustomer Experience MappingMapping Your Path To 2x SalesExpert Interviews

  2. Week 16 Habit LogsReading: Break-Through SellingPlus:Expert InterviewsAssessment: Business Intelligence

  3. Week 17 Habit LogsReading: Positioning - The Battle For Your MindPlus:Value Proposition Workshop | MIProduct-Market Safety Net | MIFinding Millions In Customer Demand | MIExpert Interviews

  4. Week 18 Habit LogsReading: Getting Everything You Can Out Of Al You’ve GotPlus:The Importance Of 5min | SETroubleshooting Execution (Optional) | SE1 Page Strategic Planning (Optional) | SPExpert Interviews

Best Foot Forward

Weeks 19 – 20

Connect with 


& Community

  1. Week 19 Habit LogReading: Direct Public OfferingsPlus:Catch Up On Missed Assessments & LessonsExpert InterviewsAssessment: Personal Case Study

  2. Week 20 Habit Log:Reading: Blue Ocean StrategyPlusExpert InterviewsAssessment: Personal Case Study

*Up to 52 weeks are available.


Click Here To View Grading

Assignment Name 

Weight % 


Course Participation / Habit Logs


Habit Logs Submitted IN The Week Due, Not After. Measured as % of total points possible.

Assessments & Quizzes 


There are 10, each worth 3%

1:1 Interview


Final Project: Personal Case Study


A before vs after personal time capsule / scrapbook. Documenting their journey & achievements in this program they can look back on. Plus use in their career.




90 – 


Exceptional; significantly exceeds the highest expectations for the assignment or course 

85 – 


Outstanding; meets the highest standards for the assignment or course 


80 – 


Excellent; meets very high standards for the assignment or course 


77 – 


Very good; meets high standards for the assignment or course 

73 – 


Good; meets most standards for the assignment or course 


70 – 


More than adequate; shows some reasonable command of material 


less than 70% 

Covers a range between patchy work, some inaccuracy and confusion, clumsy application of techniques and principles, inadequate indications of knowing the most important features of the topic, of not having ability to synthesize, etc. and glaring inaccuracy and confusion, little or no grasp of techniques and principles, trivial and irrelevant treatment of topic, etc. In general, this category characterizes work that fails to demonstrate the minimal knowledge and skills for the effective work in the discipline.

Required Course Resources

  • Students should be already engaged in a business OR immediately starting one. It can be an online or offline business. It can be homebased or have a physical office.
  • The business can be product based or services.
  • Students must have 1-3 hours per week to commit to the exercises.
  • No prior business experience is required.
  • Students can do this program from anywhere in the world.
  • A phone, laptop or computer with an internet connection is mandatory.
  • Success cannot be guaranteed, however I promise to do everything I can to help you.

Additional Course Background Info

Click Here To View Additional course info

The course is based on my 17 years experience in business, As well as the 8 critical business success factors, which came from roughly $50,000 I spent hiring seven research(ers) teams. 

We did a meta analysis of systematic reviews and existing meta analyses on the success factors of small and medium sized businesses.

Here is a sample of just a few:

It's a big spreadsheet, so what you're seeing is just a small sample.We took all of their conclusions, and then mapped them out searching for universal umbrella categories.

From these, we determined that there are 8 critical success factors. 8 factors an individual can influence. There was a 9th factor, but it's not likely a single business owner will change economic conditions.

In ANY economy, we realize these 8 things are the ONLY things a business owner can focus on. And, in fact, when we look at existing businesses who failed. They typically failed because they started neglecting one or more of these 8 things.So from there we've developed consistent behaviours and habits, businesses, and business owners should have in order to prevent catastrophe before it happens.As well as give themselves the greatest odds of success. By focusing on the most statistically proven methods, habitually.As proven by the largest volume of highest quality data we've reviewed, filtered & analyzed.. As well as continue to add to. 

You'll also notice the synopsis frequently lists 'Expert Interviews" for each week in the syllabus. HUNDREDS of business experts have been interviewed.

Almost 400,000 downloads total.

In the course, we've pre-vetted these expert interviews. Creating our own grading criteria for each expert put in front of students as an authority proven to get results.

Each expert interview comes with a legend indicating the level of evidence they have in each critical success factor. As well as links to the sources.

Yet for students, it’s all neatly condensed & delivered on a silver platter in this online course. Delivered in daily habit tracking logs due each week Sunday by midnight. Each item in each daily log is worth a certain # of points..Based on difficulty [a new habit is worth more]. 

THEN, we have pulled from the literature, the most valid measurement tools available. To test students proficiency in each of the 8 Critical Success Factors.These are given over time as part of the bi-weekly assessment quizzes.

This course is unlike any other & unsurpassed in it’s depth of evidence based practices as well as daily hand holding to help students get real world results.


Special Lifetime Discount:$1 first month
$37/month after first month.
Billed automatically unless canceled

Special Lifetime Discount: 90% OFF
$2,997 $249/year 
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Course Content:

This course includes:

  • 100% Evidence-Based PROVEN Strategies,
  • Includes Over $50,000 In Business Success Research
  • DAILY Accountability To Get Things Done
  • Weekly Updates Focusing On All Areas Of Your Business & Life
  • Bi-Weekly Challenges & Sprints
  • Pushes You To New Levels Of Your Best Self
  • 300+ Interviews & Workshops With World-Class Experts
  • 3 Bonus Mini-Courses.
  • 101+ Bonus Legal & Form Templates
  • 10 Full-Length Books.
  • 40+ Books You Can Read In 7min!
    [Condensed from 300+ Pages To Only 7-11 Pages Each]  Plus much more !



Great Course

I've just started and really like it so far. The program is extensive yet not overwhelming


Amazing jumpstart to be the best you!

Daryl Urbanski's Best Business Coach program is a great set of tools to help you find your spiritual, physical, and emotional core to move forward towards being the best version of yourself. Although I'm just at the beginning, I wanted to leave a brief review so others could take a no-brainer chance on this program to be the Hero of their life they have always wanted to be


The accountability partner I never knew I needed

Like the rest of the world, I set ambitious goals when the pandemic forced us to work and operate from home. But the initial motivation just fizzled out and I never followed through.

Thankfully, I heard about this course from a friend and it was what I needed to revive that drive and motivation. Daryl encourages me to set realistic routines and habits in a way that is sustainable and plot an action plan. What I particularly like about the course is how it holds me to account to meet the goals I set for myself and probe self-imposed limits. That's what I felt was missing from other courses. I'm grateful for this course and hope others can also see the value in it.


Helps to stay on track

Highly recommended! Helps to start doing things again.


Perfect for Beginners, Your Accountability Partner for Small Business Owners

So I got this program when on its earlier launched and I loved the idea of it and how the stacking of habits worked. But then they only sent 1 reminder in the morning and I check my emails first thing in the morning. So when I open their reminder email and see the habits I need to do during the day, I haven't done them yet so I have to go back again in the afternoon after I have done the habits. Since there was no email in the afternoon, more often than not I forget to login my habits. I fell off the wagon.

But I joined again recently and they upgraded the membership site and even was on point with the morning and afternoon reminders. I love it!!! It really helps me to keep on track.

I highly recommend this Habit Hero for those who wants to get started with habit tracking but doesn't know how or even for those who fell off the wagon just like me and would like to get back on track.

This is really important program with priceless lessons and freebies you can use on your business. I'm almost at my 6-figure year on my business after recently launching and the Habit Hero is one of my secret weapons that keeps me on the edge.