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Habit hero

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I started in December, and by end of Jan I did $44k in signed contracts because of the 8 critical success factors. - Rich Johnson

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Every business owner's habits
belong in one of 2 groups:

Those with habits statistically proven to drive higher income, confidence, happiness & more.

Those stuck in soul-draining situations because they’ve committed to the wrong habits.

Which Side Do You Want To Be On?

It Only Takes 1 Bad Habit To Keep You Down.

Keep You Committed To The Wrong Path.
Digging A Deeper Grave For Your Future…

Anything you stay consistent at grows. Especially the wrong habits, thought patterns, and behaviours.

Despite big dreams and good intentions. The wrong habits will cost you your personal and social life.
Can cost you your physical & mental health.
Plus your business & reputation.

How Do We Fix This Mess Millions
Are Stuck In?

The BEST fix would be:

  • Gather all scientific & evidence-based research on successful businesses.
  • Organize, compare & analyze the data
  • Identify the strongest universal signals & common factors. Across ALL required disciplines to be successful. Proven to work in ANY economy. For any industry & culture.
  • Simplify the results into day to day practical "To-Do Items"
  • .Turn them into easy actionable habits. Step by step in a system to build them until automatic.
If this was easily accessible, more would:
  • Grow a business they love while improving their physical & mental health.
  • Create long-lasting success habits
  • Better prepare themselves for life's ups and downs
  • Generate more sales & better lead their teams
  • Scale their business with confidence, like clock-work

More would live with less fear, and anxiety by reducing their risk of failure. Stop the worst-case scenario where they end up unhappy and bankrupt

How Do You Get There?

Everyone will agree they want to get paid daily. Few realize it means you need new leads daily. Or struggle to do it.

The Good News Is:

  • Habits can be changed.
  • New skills can be learned
  • Anyone can break free from this struggle.

To develop better business habits & enhance their lives as a whole.

First they need to decide to accept help.
Stop running from being accountable.

Sometimes people have already tried.

But fell victim to vague, time-wasting advice:

"Become a better leader."
"Have more confidence"
"Be more efficient"
"Fix your mindset"
"Hustle harder"

Without getting specifics on how to do it.

Weekend gurus kill businesses too. They pay $1,000 to become 'certified experts' over a weekend. Turn around & charge people $2,000 for 'consulting'.

Then tell you to trust your own instincts or judgment.

Many find themselves still stuck running in the same loops, minus $2,000. No closer to success than they were before.

  • What if you read 1000+ evidence-based scientific studies on what REALLY works?
  • What if you interviewed HUNDREDS of business experts?
  • What if you took it all & found the common UNIVERSAL factors.
  • Put them in a simple, step-by-step, daily blueprint lasting 365 days
  • Spelling out exactly what 100 years of evidence says to focus on every day…
  • Giving yourself the best odds of success no matter what?

Introducing Habit Hero:

The ONLY Business Habit Coaching & Accountability System Built On $50,000+ & 100+ Years Of Evidence-Based Research!

Habit hero

Habit Hero is the ONLY science-backed program of its kind.

Designed to give you 8 types of better business, fitness & mindset habits. All In One.

Created to be your daily companion. Done with you as the day progresses.

At home or in the office.

Habit Hero helps you boost sales, keep customers longer & improve your health while getting a better nights' sleep…

All by fixing your day-to-day habits in easy simple steps

Habit Hero contains over $50,000 worth of study into 100+ years of EVIDENCE-based research

We've Discovered 8 Critical Types of Business Habits That Virtually Guarantee Outstanding Success:

The 8 Critical Business Habit Types Are:
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Market Intelligence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy & Skills
  • Money Management
  • Business Operations
  • Business Intelligence

These will determine who survives & thrives in these unusual times & who succumbs.

All 8 Critical Success Factors are backed by solid science.

Proven signals between most likely successful business owners.

Capable of building successful businesses - and those most likely to fail soon.

What is self-efficacy? What is best for strategic planning?
How are they best done?

How often?

What do they look like in day-to-day life?

We’ve got the answers.

Accurate, science-backed, and actionable answers. Broken down into daily and weekly habits you can do.

What Can You Expect?

No thinking or guesswork needed.
Log in, follow the program, watch your habits change & your business improve week by week!

Starts Small, Starts Easy:

Week 1 begins with a daily gratitude tracker. We use this 1 easy trick to STACK into more challenging habits. Coaching members through over 365 days of constant improvement!

Makes It Exciting:

Learn new habits. Improve your mindset every week. Regular tests, quizzes, and exercises give you the feedback you need to grow.

Designed For Real Life:

Adapts with the ups and downs of your life. While still developing your discipline & consistency. Keeping you focused on what matters most.

Unmatched Accountability:

Daily reminders, leaderboards, weekly challenges, check-in calls, a supportive community and much more. Get the accountability you need to stay on track all year round.

A Complete Support System:

Join the Habit Hero community. Like-minded, growth-driven individuals on the same path to improve each day, in every way - just like you.

Earn While You Learn:

Grow your sales and marketing skills as you go. Boost your mental health, improve relationships, get fit plus take advantage of over 300+ workshops and mini-courses.

Read Classic Books In 7 Minutes:

We've summarized over 40 classic business books into short reports. Each one you can read in 7 minutes. Get the gold nuggets and high impact guts. Skip the fluff. Plus get 10 full-length books. Open your mind to new skills, habits, and lifestyle decisions.

Belief in Yourself Is Overrated. Generate Evidence:

Stick to and track each habit. Every week have more evidence you’re becoming a more successful, committed version of yourself.
Doing the things which matter most.

Why Choose Habit Hero?

365+ Days Of Accountability, Business Coaching + Mentorship
via Daily Habit Tracking & Weekly Challenges

  • 100% Evidence-Based PROVEN Strategies
  • Includes Over $50,000 In Business Success Research