How Are Projects Linked To The Strategic Plan? Strategic Planning



A strategic plan is about your goals.
And how you plan to achieve those goals.
That's the strategy.
It's anticipating the landscape.

For example, take an ecosystem.
Let's say there's a pond.
You're a bird but there are a lot of birds.
You're trying to figure out your niche.
Part of that is looking at other birds for ideas.
You take a look at what they're eating.
You figure out the common ground for everyone,
What opportunities are available,
Then make a plan on how you'll fit into the ecosystem.
Based on what is available.
Where the best opportunity for you is.

Project management is taking 1 goal.
Then breaking it down into specifics:
- Costs.
- Meeting Schedules.
- Resources [People + Materials].
- Timelines For Each Step.
- Critical Success Path.

Project management is managing details of execution as they happen.
About how you will accomplish a goal.

The strategic plan is the research and the planning process.

If you're going into a road trip,
A strategic plan would be answering the questions:
Where are we going?
How will we get there?
How often do we want to stop, rest & explore?

Project management is managing the execution of it, as you go.
How much gas do we have?
Do we need more?
Is our gas tank leaking?
Is the driver in good condition?
What do we do to stay on track with the plan?

That is the difference between:
Strategic plan and project management.

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