How Often Do Mastermind Groups Meet? | Results Mastermind



This varies.
Some are daily, weekly, or monthly.
It depends on the group you're joining.
I can only speak about my own and the ones I've been in.
For me, there're ones with monthly, quarterly and bi-weekly meetings.
Some have chat groups or email threads. A forum or an app you can use.
Other ones have a call schedule
2x or once a month. Or every week.
You might get emergency calls you can use.
The way I structure mine is we have an open office call session.
We can talk about things.
We have a members' area [site] and a chat group as well.
Communication is available 24/7.
There's regular meet ups every week.
It depends on the group you join.
The purpose of the group.
And what you are trying to accomplish.
Some are quarterly, monthly. 2x a month. Every week or every day.
Based on my experience, those are the structures that are in placed.

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