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Welcome To Daryl’s Business Family!

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Please Use this Knowledge and Wisdom to Help Create a Better World

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Hey Congratulations Zahid Saleem

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ font_style=”normal” font_spacing=”0″ font_shadow=”none” right_padding=”30″ line_height=”27″]You did it!!

Whoop whoop! Whoop Whoop!

An old mentor of mine passed away a few years ago. He used to divide people into two groups – Which Side Do You Think You Are You On?

The 3% vs. 97%? So…

Which one?
What’re you guessing?
You’re in the 3% of course!!! I know you’re confused right now, but trust me, it’s a good thing! See, a long long time ago… before all our fancy technology came along… People lived much simpler lives… If you had a problem you only had 3 places you could look to find your solution:[/text_block]

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  • Your own formal education, self education, past experiences and intuition.
  • The formal education, self education, past experiences and intuition of your family and friends around you. Maybe 30-150 people? What do you think?
  • The library

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The Library

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[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]The Library was the only place you could access exponentially more human knowledge then the short supply you had access to in your day to day existence. At the library you could discover secrets found out by people 5x your age! Or who had places you never even heard about…

Libraries were known as the collective banks of ALL human knowledge. Everything we as a species knew about everything we could smell, feel, taste or touch. You had to be a member to go there – but membership was FREE to join and they accepted everyone… even gave you a cool little card you would use to access thousands of years of human wisdom and knowledge.

The people who came from these Libraries were respected, loved and sought out by many others. They became famous because they had answers – and the power to help many others.

The wisdom & knowledge were tools for you to USE to achieve your dreams, solve problems, raise healthy families and help each other. You never had to be a victim in your life ever again… Not if that problem had been solved by another human before you… With these tools you could have access to everything any human had ever owned or accomplished.

If you had a problem, you’d goto the library, study until you were satisfied and come back with direction, confidence. You’d have a blueprint or map to where you wanted to go and a handful of answers to use to solve your problems PLUS stop even worse, BIGGER problems before they started… Pretty neat, eh?

Well, my mentor one day did some studying and research of his own. He was shocked.. He couldn’t believe what he found… Only 3% of ALL the people in his country had a library membership card…

Only 3% of them were members even though it was available to every single one of them.

Only 3% had a place they could ‘plug into’ & download a blueprint to a better future for themselves and their loves ones.

The other 97% chose to wake up every day to suffer from the exact same problems.

That’s what some people say crazy is.. Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

So welcome…

It is an honour to meet you and to share this moment.

I hope we become close friends you and I.

You’re about to click a button and download my brain into yours.

And if you ever have the choice, never EVER be a 97 percenter. I want you to commit to yourself, your family and your future children who depend on you today.. Their lives depend on what you do right here in this moment.. Promise them you will always keep learning, you will continue to grow, you will bounce back…

You will always GET UP and SHOW THE WORLD what you are made of.

They’re relying on us. Our decisions here and now become their starting point.

So.. please use this knowledge and wisdom to help create a better world.[/text_block]