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Copy selling is a powerful tool for converting leads into buyers. When done right, it can be an incredibly effective sales and marketing tactic that helps businesses drive more revenue. As digital marketers, we’ve seen the power of copy selling firsthand and have developed strategies to help brands make the most of this powerful technique.

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Joining us in this episode is Carlos Redlich, copywriter and direct response marketer, who discusses  the power of copy selling subscriptions and how this tactic can help convert more leads into buyers. Carlos makes it clear that understanding the art of copywriting is essential for any business looking to gain a competitive edge in their industry. He shares his top tips and tricks on creating effective subscription-based sales copies that resonate with readers and turn them into paying customers.

Tune in  to learn the secrets of copy selling subscriptions and converting more leads into buyers.

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Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn to craft persuasive copy that effectively conveys the value of your product or service.
  2. Discover tips on how to create effective offers when selling subscriptions.
  3. Gain insights into how to convert leads into buyers, with strategies that will help you close more sales.


Episode Highlights

[01:13] How Carlos Started in the Field of Copywriting

  • Carlos’ interest in copy stemmed from his martial arts training and experience.
  • He had no prior experience teaching. He stumbled over his words. He was terrified of speaking in public and selling to strangers. He hadn’t felt like this while performing martial arts stunts.
  • But his martial art instructor, Dwight Woods, knew a lot about marketing and business. So, he sought help from him.
  • He tried role playing, took sales courses, and attended business classes to improve his communication skills.
  • He discovered that copywriting is essentially the same as selling, except that you do it through writing. He began working as a copywriter after that.

[07:21] Five-Step Copywriting Formula

  • According to Carlos, the first step to a good copy is to have a yes phrase or a yes question.
  • The second step to a good copy is to create a story to identify the problem.
  • The third step to a good copy is to try to discover the solution to the problem presented in the story.
  • The fourth step to a good copy is to suggest possible solutions to the problem presented in the story.
  • The fifth step to a good copy is to provide a call to action.

[09:20] Stories Help Connect People

  • Add a dash of mystery to your story to make it even more powerful. Secrets can easily entice people.
  • Examine your story. It will draw people in amid all of the advertisements that bombard and persuade them to buy this or that every day.
  • Carlos wants to be able to see whatever he is selling. So, for him, softwares is the easiest thing to sell. You can have all the great testimonials and all the good copy around it.

[24:36] Converting Copy To Leads

  • Long copy does not always work in every circumstance. In some cases, simply using a headline, filling in a box with your name, or not inserting images can be effective in attracting your target audience online.
  • Carlos encourages people who have recently lost their jobs or who want to make money online to become copywriters and generate copies.
  • Copywriting and marketing are related.

[36:28] Condense The Menu

  • Selling or providing too many options can be detrimental to the business.
  • If the number of options is exaggerated, potential customers will be baffled. It’s like going to a restaurant and not knowing what to order because the menu is so large.
  • As a result, when it comes to selling copies on their page, businesses should keep a single focus. Choose the most valuable and place the rest in the bag. In other words, if possible, condense the menu.

[46:09] Effective Sales Strategy

  • If you sell and send a hundred people to your page, you may receive a large number of orders right away, or you may not receive any orders at all. But, whatever it is, there is insufficient data to provide you with an answer about your sales performance.
  • When you send a thousand people to your page, you’ll have a good idea of how many people buy the first thing versus how many buy the upsells and downsells.
  • At the end of the day, you want to look at how much you’re spending versus how much you’re making, and then how much you’ll make in the months after that, and decide whether or not it’s worth it.
Ancient Secret

Two Powerful Quotes

“Understanding what you’re selling and at what stage in the process you’re at is really good for marketing. It’s critical for good copywriting.”

“While you’re making that well-oiled machine — testing it and refining it — there’s gonna be bumps in the road. But as long as you’re able to make judgements based on the data you have, you will convert copies into leads.

About Carlos

Carlos Redlich Carlos Redlich is a professional copywriter with over 10 years of experience in creating powerful, persuasive, and compelling content. He has a track record of helping companies increase their online visibility, boost conversions, and drive sales through the use of his words. Carlos is an expert in crafting content that captures attention, engages readers, and moves them to action. He has an eye for detail and a passion for helping businesses reach their goals through effective copywriting.

Follow Carlos on LinkedIn.

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