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The most common mistake amateur copywriters and marketers make is getting straight to selling without building rapport. But listing down all the reasons why people should buy your product without them knowing anything about you is useless. More than anything, marketing is about building trust with your customers. They have to feel that you have the best interests at heart with your offer. The question is, how can you do that effectively? Marketing funnels help your audience learn about your brand until they convert to it.

In this episode, Taylor Welch joins us to talk about the most crucial copywriting and marketing practices. He shares the story of his first marketing campaign for his wife’s salon and how he got started as an entrepreneur. Taylor emphasizes the importance of building trust with your customers before selling anything. He also imparts some critical tips on navigating different marketing funnels and crafting a compelling offer.

If you want to know how to build a copy and product that sells, this episode is for you!

3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to This Episode

  1. Find out the differences between new and old copywriting strategies.
  2. Discover the importance of building a trust-based relationship with your customers.
  3. Learn the most important aspects of copywriting, marketing funnels, and selling products.


Episode Highlights

How Taylor Got Started in Marketing

  • Taylor worked in Memphis Investment and built the project management system for every department.
  • He stumbled into marketing to help his hairstylist wife grow her business.
  • He started reading books on copywriting and wrote her first direct mail letter.
  • At the same time, he also started getting into email marketing at the company.

Taylor’s First Direct Mail Campaign 

  • His first direct mail campaign was about offering free haircuts to new Memphis residents for his wife’s business.
  • Afterward, they bought Infusionsoft after sending the first series of letters. But they were uncertain if investing a few hundred dollars in the software would work.  
  • To focus on helping grow his wife’s business, Taylor quit his job.

His Wife’s Business Taking Off

  • Tune in to the full episode to learn more about how the franchise model and marketing funnels work!
  • Taylor and his wife eventually built a chain of hair salons. 
  • They earned six figures in their first year.

Taylor’s Biggest Copywriting Influences

  • His contemporary email copywriting influences are Ben Settle and André Chaperon.
  • For direct response routes, he mentioned Caples, Carlton, and Hopkins.

New vs. Old Copywriting Strategies

  • It’s a difference in philosophy but with similar core principles.
  • Old copywriting strategies have a formulaic approach to get people to make purchases.
  • While the goal is still to get people to buy, the advertising space is much more saturated.
  • There are micro-commitments and micro-goals essential in modern copywriting.
  • You can use email to generate massive amounts of trust from your leads. 

Building Your Brand Credibility through Email

  • Sending interesting copies without a hint of selling piques people’s curiosity.
  • Once people start noticing your name, that’s when you can start selling.
  • People buy because they trust the brand and the person sending the email.
  • The process of getting on people’s sales radars takes longer today.

The Importance of Building a Trust-Based Relationship with Customers

  • Don’t sell based solely on the benefits of your product. 
  • Think of your customers as giant scales. One side of the scale weighs their bad experiences from scummy marketers; the other side is their trust for your product.
  • The marketer’s job is to tilt the scales for customer trust to outweigh the negative side.
  • Directly selling in the very first email will make customers hate you and your brand.
  • To avoid this, Taylor incorporates soft offers in every single email.

Having a Good Product and Marketing

  • Listen to the episode for CrossFit founder Greg Glassman’s take on the pursuit of excellence and how Chick-fil-A addresses competitors!
  • Becoming a better company with better products is the precedent to getting bigger.
  • Your number one focus should be ensuring that the results or products you offer to your customers are the best.
  • Marketing and ensuring product quality are two sides of the same coin.
  • Jay Abraham is one of Taylor’s favourite marketers for his preeminence strategy.

The Good Product vs. Good Marketing Debate

  • The Discipline of Market Leaders proposes that you should either have the best product or the best marketing to win the industry.
  • Disneyland’s marketing is built right into their products and customer experience. This encourages 80% of their customers to come back.
  • You have to find out how to make clients feel more successful by having you around.
  • Build systems and make sure you’re managing and growing every business aspect.

The Biggest Client Challenges as a Copywriter

  • A common challenge is when clients have a business goal but have no idea what to change to produce results.
  • The biggest disconnect is clients not setting the product up to serve customers in a high ticket capacity.
  • Taylor talks about how they handled a client who had maxed out his product and target in the full episode.

Using Marketing Funnels to Build the Right Product for Your Audience

  • His team has been building Ryan Levesque’s Survey Funnel Formula for audience analysis.
  • People don’t necessarily know what they want, but they know what they don’t want. Having customers self-select what they don’t want will give you an idea of the best product to create for them.
  • You can correlate the Survey Funnel results to create three to four different avatars.
  • You can use paid traffic to conduct deep dives. Or, you can also pay to run a survey from an already-established traffic list and build a product around that.
  • Taylor talks more about their marketing strategies for generating more audiences in the full episode.

Taylor’s Most Successful Campaigns

  • His best client to date was with real estate; their audience is very fluid. 
  • He also had success in driving appointments to sales teams when he was starting.
  • Webinar funnels always work for Taylor; it doesn’t stop working for marketing.
  • If people don’t buy from the webinar funnel, bolt the survey funnel onto its back. This system reads people’s behaviour to tell you why they’re not buying.

Hyper-Relevancy in Copywriting

  • The marketing funnels you’ll use will depend on who your audience is.
  • Hyper-relevancy is having your marketing funnels set up correctly, so your copy doesn’t have to be that good anymore.
  • When you get to connect with people directly, they trust you and take action on it.

The Challenge with Scaling Sales

  • Scaling sales is a prominent issue in companies due to people’s different backgrounds.
  • There are usually three or four different types of people buying your products.
  • Having a tool like Infusionsoft makes scaling sales a matter of analyzing the whole thing and replicating a sales conversation.
  • The copy at the beginning of your funnel should be different from the end copy.
  • Taylor’s best tip: Call your audience, ask them questions, and turn their description of the problem into a copy. 

How to Craft a Compelling Offer

  • The product is the object or service you’re selling. The benefits are its features, while the offer is 75% framing.
  • Everyone wants to feel like they have exclusive access to something. Capture your audience by making your product look like the most exclusive, high-level thing.
  • The product doesn’t have to be special; how you frame it is what would make it a good offer.
  • Tune in to the full episode to learn how they frame offers for Taylor’s wife’s salon!

What Taylor is Working on Presently

  • Taylor and his friend are building and starting to scale an agency flow called Traffic and Funnels.
  • He is currently rebranding all his stuff into a new name: Copy Fusion.

Two Powerful Quotes

“The goal is to do the right things. The money is a byproduct.”

“The number one focus should definitely be on making sure that the results that you can offer your clients and the product that you can give to your customers is better than anything else that they could do with their time. “

About Taylor

Taylor Welch is a marketing consultant and funnel copywriter who specializes in building big-ticket marketing systems. After working in brick-and-mortar marketing for Memphis Investments, Taylor ventured into the online space and became known as THE Infusion Copywriter. Taylor is an expert in combining powerful copies using marketing funnels with effective automation.

Today, Taylor is the owner of Wealth Cap Holdings and the co-founder of Traffic and Funnels. Through his expertise, he helps clients generate over a million dollars in sales while working less.

Are you interested to know more about Taylor and his work? You can connect with him through his websiteLinkedInFacebookInstagram, and  Twitter.

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