90 Days To 8 Critical Business Habits Statistically Proven For Any Economy - Or Get 3X Your Money Back!

90 Days To 8 Types of Better Business, Fitness & Mindset Habits. New Business Coaching & Accountability System. For Business, Fitness & Mindset. All In One.

90 Days To 8 Types of Better Business, Fitness & Mindset Habits. New Business Coaching & Accountability System. For Business, Fitness & Mindset. All In One.

What Makes A Business Succeed Against All Odds?

Is it money to spend? Location?
Market conditions?
Pure luck?

Many business owners try to find the answer while they juggle it all. Marketing, HR, Accounting, Sales, Client Fulfillment.

They know a business is a reflection of the people running it. If they don’t step in, no one will.
OR they find it hard to hire people who ‘get it’.
That’s how they think businesses fail.
But even with a great team - how do you scale ‘getting it’?
Blockbuster was a BILLION dollar company.
They could afford any consultant, technology, and top-of-class talent. Yet STILL got taken out by a startup called Netflix.

ENRON made $101 BILLION in the year 2000.

By Dec 2001 they were bankrupt.

Newspaper subscriptions were once considered "rivers of gold".
Then when blogs & podcasts came out, those rivers started drying up.
Most sat watching it happen and didn’t know how to fix it.

This is the story of most business owners who fail.

When times get tough, they do what they know - but harder.
Instead of doing what actually needs to be done.

These examples show us, sales alone do not guarantee success.
Cash in your pocket yesterday doesn't guarantee you success tomorrow.

When things go south, grit, commitment, and good intentions will not save you.
Not even a rock star product can keep you going.
Unless you fix the REAL problem.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk Made Over $325 Million In 2016.
Pre-selling A Car He Had No Team Or Factory To Build It With!
When Everyone Else Trying To Enter The Car Business Failed.

He’s not alone:

  • Netflix made $5.1 Billion in 2021.
  • Joe Rogan, a podcaster, earns $60 million/year
  • Jeff Bezos's Amazon makes $2,537 EVERY SECOND.

How Can These People Achieve Such Outstanding Success?
These Winners Knew Something The Losers Didn’t.

But research shows even these “winners” can begin to fail in 3-6 months. If not careful.
Less than 20% of new businesses survive their first year. Fewer than 25% of THOSE survive past 10 years after starting. What's more, there’s a global recession coming closer every second.

Tick, Tock…
Why do so many people fail?
Being a business owner is tough.
It constantly feels like you have 3 elephants on your plate. 101 tasks to fit into an already overflowing schedule. You often repeat the same day, every day.
Wake up, deal with problems, put your people back on track, go home, and repeat.
Hoping it will lead you where you want to go.

For many it's not what they imagined when choosing this path.  

They crave success. Effortless success they can enjoy. Not feeling like you’re carrying your office up an endless set of stairs.

You want to have confidence in your own judgment. In your business’s future, but how do you get there? How do you break free from stress, fear, and never-ending self-doubt?

Your first instinct will be to learn from others!

Flip through billionaire’s books. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad again. Go to 101 different conferences & workshops.
Listening to self-proclaimed experts.
Who do nothing but give you vague advice.
Or tell you what you already know…
Leaving you to figure out the details.


Why? Because you already know what you need.


Every book, every seminar, every workshop, and every successful person will tell you:

The One Key Is: Habits.

Habits run the world.
Some people like to hate on a routine.

But it’s the key to consistent, disciplined growth & success in life and business.
When something is a habit its easier & automatic to do.

Every business owner's habits belong in one of 2 camps:

● Those with habits statistically proven to drive higher income, confidence, happiness & more.
● Those stuck in soul-draining situations because they’ve committed to the wrong habits.

Which Side Do You Want To Be On?

It Only Takes 1 Bad Habit To Keep You Down. Keep You Committed To The Wrong Path. Digging A Deeper Grave For Your Future…

Anything you stay consistent at grows. Especially the wrong habits, thought patterns, and behaviors.
Despite big dreams and good intentions. The wrong habits will cost you your personal and social life. Can cost you your physical & mental health. Plus your business & reputation.

How Do We Fix This Mess Millions Of Business Owners Are Stuck In?

The most GUARANTEED fix would be to:

1. Gather all scientific & evidence-based research on successful businesses.
2. Organize, compare & analyze the data
3. Identify the strongest universal signals & common factors. Across ALL required disciplines to be successful. Proven to work in ANY economy. For any industry & culture.
4. Simplify the results into day to day practical "To-Do Items".
5. Turn them into easy actionable habits. Step by step in a system to build them until automatic.

If this was easily accessible, more business owners would:

- Grow a business they love while improving their physical & mental health.
- Create long-lasting success habits
- Better prepare themselves for life's ups and downs
- Generate more sales & better lead their teams
- Scale their business with confidence, like clock-work

More would live with less fear, and anxiety by reducing their risk of failure. Stop the worst-case scenario where they end up unhappy and bankrupt.

Now You Know Where You Want To Be. How Do You Get There?

Everyone will agree they want to get paid daily.
Few realize it means you need new leads daily.
Or struggle to do it.

The good news is:

- Habits can be changed.

- New skills can be learned.
- Anyone can break free from this struggle.

To develop better business habits, & enhance their lives as a whole.
First they need to decide to stop running from being accountable

Some people have already tried. But fell victim to vague, unrealistic time-wasting advice such as:

"Have more confidence"
"Be more efficient"
"Fix your mindset"
"Become a better leader."
Without any specifics on why or how to do it.
Weekend gurus will tell you to trust your own instincts or judgment.
Well, what if I don’t trust my own judgment? How do I fix that?
Many find themselves still stuck running in the same loops, minus $2,000.
No closer to success than they were before.

What if you had 1000+ evidence-based scientific studies on what really works?

What if you interviewed HUNDREDS of business experts?

What if you took it all and found the common universal factors…

Then put them into a simple, step-by-step, daily plan lasting 365 days…

Spelling out exactly what the science says you should focus on every day…

Giving yourself the best odds of success no matter what?

Introducing Habit Hero:
The ONLY Business Habit Coaching And Accountability System
Built On Over 100+ Years Of Evidence-Based Success Factor Research!

Habit Hero is the ONLY science-backed program of its kind.
Designed to give you 8 types of better business, fitness & mindset habits.
All In One.
Created to be your daily companion.
Done with you as the day progresses.
At home or in the office.

Habit Hero helps you boost sales, keep customers longer & improve your health while getting a better nights' sleep…

All by fixing your day-to-day habits in easy simple steps.
Habit Hero contains over $50,000 worth of study into 100+ years of EVIDENCE-based research.

We've Discovered 8 Critical Types of Business Habits That Virtually Guarantee Outstanding Success:

● Self-Efficacy
● Market Intelligence
● Strategic Planning
● Marketing Strategy
● Sales Strategy & Skills
● Money Management
● Business Operations
● Business Intelligence

These will determine who survives & thrives in these unusual times & who succumbs.

All 8 Critical Success Factors are backed by solid science.
Proven signals between most likely successful business owners.
Capable of building successful businesses - and those most likely to fail soon.

What is self-efficacy? What is best for strategic planning?
How are they best done? How often?
What do they look like in day-to-day life?

We’ve got the answers.
Accurate, science-backed, and actionable answers.
Broken down into daily and weekly habits you can practice.

What Can You Expect?

No thinking or guesswork needed. Log in, follow the program, and watch your habits change your
business week by week!

Starts Small, Starts Easy:

Week 1 begins with a daily gratitude tracker. We use this 1 easy trick to STACK into more challenging habits. Coaching members through over 365 days of constant improvement!

Makes It Exciting:

Learn new habits. Improve your mindset every week. Regular tests, quizzes, and exercises give you the feedback you need to grow.

Designed For Real Life:

Adapts with the ups and downs of your life. While still developing your discipline & consistency. Keeping you focused on what matters most.

Unmatched Accountability:

Daily reminders, leaderboards, weekly challenges, check-in calls, a supportive community and much more. Get the accountability you need to stay on track all year round.

A Complete Support System:

Join the Habit Hero community. Like-minded, growth-driven individuals on the same path to improve each day, in every way - just like you.

Earn While You Learn:

Grow your sales and marketing skills as you go. Boost your mental health, improve relationships, get fit plus take advantage of over 300+ workshops and mini-courses.

Read All The Classic Books In 7 Minutes:

We've summarized over 40 classic business books into short reports. Each one you can read in 7 minutes. Get the gold nuggets and high impact guts. Skip the fluff. Plus get 10 full-length books. Open your mind to new skills, habits, and lifestyle decisions.

Belief in Yourself Is Overrated. Generate Evidence:

Stick to and track each habit. Every week have more evidence you’re becoming a more successful, committed version of yourself. Doing the things which matter most.

Why Choose Habit Hero?

Habit Hero introduces science to habit creation, one week at a time.
Every day is won or lost. Each week, you have the opportunity to change the course of your future.
Becoming the person capable of creating that future.
We’ve broken down every Critical Success Factor into a more actionable, realistic level.
For example, instead of telling you to “Be a better leader”:
We show you & give you specific skill building challenges.

What IS leadership?

According to the research it’s:
Self-Awareness Skills
Communication / Cooperation Skills
Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is 1 of 3 factors which make up world-class Self-Efficacy.
Leadership Skills
Personality Traits
Personal Discipline

Self-efficacy is only 1 of 8 Critical Success Factors.
Habit Hero has them all.
YOU can have them all. 

Over 2 years we've gone through hundreds of thousands of studies.
From worldwide authorities.
No other university, online course, coaching program or business school can do this for you!

Hundreds of expert interviews, published studies, testing, and beta users.

6 Months From Now You'll Wish You Started Today You WILL Kick Yourself If You Miss This!

Habit Hero brings the tools, education, and accountability you need to make the change.

Nothing out there compares to the sheer value + research packed inside this system. Access it all for $1.

The Time Is Now
Every day, we get closer to - or further from our goals.
None of us are getting any younger.
If you started a year ago, you'd have 365 days of better habits & decisions stacked up.
365 days of more focused, disciplined progress towards your goals.

Less time, money & energy wasted on trivial matters.

You’d be spending less time and money worrying about what doesn’t matter.
You'd be growing your business with confidence.

The Best Part? You Can Access All Of This For Only $1 Today!

We're going to close our doors for a while.
To ensure we onboard & over deliver to everyone.

Each time we onboard more people, we close registration.
Do our best to over deliver.
Make improvements.

Then come back, increase the price & onboard more.

We've done this over 5x now.

This program focuses on implementing key behaviors and habits.
One step at a time.

We believe habits enable us to get the best out of ourselves.
Plus make sure important things get done.

A lot of courses/books become “shelf-help” not “self-help”.

Because this program is designed to form habits, it will NOT be one of those “shelf-help” programs.

It'll be a program you'll stick with and get better one step at a time. Until you get to the point you have developed yourself enough you'll increase your pace of progress and change in life.
It's business coaching + mentorship done via daily habit tracking & weekly challenges.

You cannot find anything like this anywhere else.

We’re offering you the chance to enter Habit Hero for $1 for your first month. See for yourself the impact science-based coaching can truly have on your life.
No more guesswork, no more making shots in the dark. Have a clear set of guidelines that can shape the life you desire.

And to spice up the offer, we’re giving you the chance to move forward after your first month for $37/ month instead of $250/month or $397/year instead of $2,997/year!
This limited-time discount gives you a gateway to your transformation without breaking the bank!

Go The Full 365 Days Or One Month At A Time, It’s Your Call.



  • 90 Day Risk Free Guarantee
  • Instant Access
  • Some Bonuses
  • Daily Content & practical activities
  • Daily accountability & coaching
  • Weekly updated habits to grow with you
  • Challenges to push you into new levels of your best self
  • Workshops with experts
  • Live support.
  • 100% Evidence-Based Strategies.
  • $1.23 / day

Special Enrollment Discount: $1 first month
$37/month after first month.
Billed automatically unless canceled



  • 90 Day Risk Free Guarantee
  • [90% off each year for LIFE!]
  • Full habit development coaching program
  • ALL Bonuses
  • Daily Content & practical activities
  • Daily accountability & coaching
  • Weekly updated habits to grow with you
  • Challenges to push you into new levels of your best self
  • Workshops with experts.
  • Live support
  • 100% Evidence-Based Strategies.
  • $0.67 / day [best savings]

Special Lifetime Discount: 90% OFF $2,997

$397 for first year
This deal is not available anywhere else.
Expires soon


One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • List Element



One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses



You Will Gain Instant Access To These FREE Bonuses The Second You Sign Up.

Bonus 1

The CEOs Unfair Advantage Fast-Track Program. ($495 Value)

Bonus 2

Dreamlife Planner: Get It Done Edition. ($97 Value)

Bonus 3

Definitive Guide: To Rock-Solid Growth Mindset. ($147 Value)

Bonus 4

Get 3 Business Growth Plans! ($597 Value)

Bonus 5

101 Easy Business Templates Your Lawyer Would Charge You $10,000+ (Value Of AT LEAST $10,000)

Beware though: we’re offering these bonuses (worth over $11,336!!!) for a LIMITED time only, so grab yours while you can.

If That’s Not Enough: If You Don’t Get 10X The Value Of Habit Hero In 90 Days Or Less Instantly Get 3X Your Money Back!

We’re so confident in our results, we’re willing to give you 3X your money if you don’t see results.
Basically, we’re making this offer completely risk-free, with no catch.
If you’re willing to help yourself and your business, starting on a brighter path is only a few clicks away…

Everything You Need, Packaged Into Daily And Weekly Habits:

● Better sleep and self-care rituals. (Value $5,000)
● A clear and consistent coaching schedule every day for purpose, increased energy, and unlocking your potential. ($5,000/year)
● Growth mindset and habits that get progressively more advanced as you become more committed. (Value $2,997)
● Access to a thriving community that helps you stay on track.
● Learn sales-boosting habits. (Value $25,000)
● Education to open your mind up to new opportunities and chances.

For A Limited Time Only:

Right now, we’re offering you a $1 trial, a one-time-only discount, and $11,336 worth of FREE bonuses. 

This might be the last time you’re offered a life-changing habit-creation system with these premiums included.

So before you start second-guessing your decision, think of it that way:

- Can you put a price on your success?
- Your personal and professional status?
- Your relationships and the way your team views you?

If your answer is a big fat NO, then you need Habit Hero in your life today.

Remember, It’s Completely Risk-Free On Your End.

If you invest $1 in the full Habit Hero experience, you have 28 days to improve your personal and business life. 

IF you stop seeing progress in those 28 days, you can have your money back.

PLUs if you continue to 90 days and you don’t get 10X the value of Habit Hero, you’ll have 3X your money back!

Is A Potentially Better Future Worth $1 Today?

From day one, you’ll receive, actionable, trackable habits keeping you at 120%.
Start today, opt for the research, and join our experts.
The life of your dreams awaits you: Will you answer the call?
Join Habit Hero today before it’s too late!
Invest in a healthier, more committed, and more disciplined YOU!

WARNING: You'll Kick Yourself If You Miss This!

From where we’re standing, we’re knowingly letting you rob us. 

It's because we want you to see for yourself.
The power of research and science on your side.

However, we’re not always feeling this generous.

We’re working with a limited number of clients to give them our 120% attention.
The window is closing as we speak.

So if you’re ready to unlock your true potential, it’s now or never.

It's important to note, your Habit Hero membership is tax-deductible.

See You On The Other Side!

Daryl Urbanski


Daryl Urbanski, Founder, President of BestBusinessCoach.ca & Host of The Best Business Podcast is best known for his ability to create seven-figure, automated income streams from scratch. First as Senior Marketing Director for Praxis LLC, now Neurogym, he generated over $1.6 Million USD in under 6 months with a single marketing strategy. 

This became almost $7.5 Million USD in just under 3 years.

After repeating this success with multiple clients, he set on a mission to help create 200 NEW multi-millionaire business owners. How? Evidence based methods & accountability.

"Daryl has quickly climbed the entrepreneurial ladder, gaining respect from thousands of business owners worldwide. From author to speaker, marketer to coach"

"Daryl's multi-faceted business approach sets him apart as one of the leading business experts of his generation."

Message From Daryl To Newcomers:

Hey team!

Thank you for the love!
We've just onboarded almost 150 new people.

After talking with the admin team.
They said we can let a few more people in.

So we're doing a 5-day countdown first

Then we're going to close our doors for a while.

To really ensure we properly onboard & overdeliver to everyone.

As you might see elsewhere in the questions/comments.

Each time we onboard more people, we close registration.
Do our best to overdeliver.
Make improvements.

Then come back, increase the price & onboard more.

We've done this 5x now.

This program focuses on implementing key behaviours and habits.

One step at a time.

We believe habits enable us to get the best out of ourselves.
Plus make sure important things get done.

A lot of courses/books become “shelf-help” instead of “self-help” – material you have access to but never get to go through.

Because this program is designed heavily on forming habits, it will not be one of those “shelf-help” programs.

It'll be a program you'll stick with and get better one step at a time. Until you get to the point you have developed yourself enough you'll increase your pace of progress and change in life.

It's business coaching + mentorship done via daily habit tracking & weekly challenges.

I know I'm biased but in my personal opinion, you'll kick yourself if you miss this!

You cannot find anything like this anywhere else.

[Please note, we are working on an app as a companion to the member area. All existing members will get access to the app when we launch it too.]

Warm Regards,

Daryl Urbanski

What our customers are saying:

The Best Purchase

I am given you 10/10 because you have done an incredible work putting all these programs together. These programs make it easier for me to identify where I am and where I need to be with my business goals and objective. Keep on with the wonderful work. You are making a huge impact. Thanks for given me the chances to be part of these programs.


Awesome tool to keep you accountable!

I love how you put efforts into teaching.
It's well detailed and guided.

Victor Ndukwe

A coach that wont force you, yet wont let go of you till your a new leaf

I love the consistency of your team and it's ability to follow up on it clients.
Your constancy in checking up on clients in fantastic.
Continue to be consistent.
I would love to have like a phone or zoom meeting with your team.

Ikechi Mba

A fantastic course & accountability partner!

It keeps me focused and accountable on moving the needle as much as possible on daily basis. Progress, not perfection.

Segun Balogun

Great Course

Great notifications. personal & reinforcement messages. course outline and current this is what you should do week 3 focus for week.
Personal calls. I really needed someone to talk too about my project taking over my health.
Not all my progress forward was positive. People around me just couldn't grasp what i was going through and that convenient communication with Daryl really gave me the correct mind frame I needed. When I needed it,
I've tried to explain to my friends but words just don't show what you truly bring, you know?

Alan Carsey

Amazing jumpstart to be the best you!

I really like the content and your approach. I am the kind of scatterbrain who has a hard time doing grunt work exercises. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a habit enforcing mechanism and I will continue and aim to gradually improve my participation as I hopefully get more sales to justify delegating day-to-day tasks and focus on my personal development and the strategy of my business

Hans Hansen

The accountability partner I never knew I needed

I'm actually doing it. So that's a HUGE thing for me.

Luis Idrobo

Helps to stay on track

Excellent and informative reminders
Tons of valuable material
Feeling I'm making improvement because of Habit Hero

Sebastian Stahn

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Habit Hero & Why Do I Need It?

Manage Your Habits & Tasks In 5min With Habit Hero. It's An Easy To Use Tool To Help You Stick To Positive, Life Changing Habits. Create A Healthy Routine. Complete Your Daily Habits & Stay On Track. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Fitness & Finances, All In One. Habit Hero Is Your Personal Business Coach & Accountability Partner.


You could.

The lessons would be valuable.

However, it really depends on your current situation.

What I mean is, this is a business coaching & mentorship program done via daily habit tracking + weekly challenges.

So the content would be valuable.

But up to you if you want to sit on the sidelines.

While everyone is trying to get paid daily.

Tracking what they did/didn't do each day.

You're just taking notes for 'someday'.

The good news is you DO get lifetime access.

Aside from the daily/week stuff there are really good lessons, interviews & 7min book summaries.

But you'd probably want to turn off email notifications once inside.

Then just email us / support, ask to restart at the beginning once you're ready.


All of the above


Yes, but different.

What I mean is the focus of the program is on DOING.

So videos are usually tutorials. Often have text + images breakdowns below for readers. But in this case, a transcript wouldn't do you any good.


See link https://docs.google.com/document/d/17qNfyVA3Y5-8_iO-yKl0BSkLcbA5f-XBsBwrMYjxXbs/edit?usp=sharing

To be clear.. This is not 'just a course'.

It is a business coaching + mentorship program done via daily habit tracking & weekly challenges. I'm saying this for everyone who sees this..

This program is about DOING & getting results.

Not sitting watching videos and mental masturbation.

Prescribed actions.

Log to track performance

Leaderboard to compete with other members - for those into a friendly competition.

Weekly challenges to get short projects done.

The program uses text, audio & video.

There are pdf's, videos, images...

In our marketing, we talk about "90 Days to Better Business Habits."

Because people will get results in 90 days or less.

[One member made $44k in 30 days]

But in truth, the program runs for 52 weeks.

Some members have wanted to restart and beat their old scores.

Or asked to do the whole program again.

To really drive the lessons & habits home.


Great question!

At present, it's a website.

We are developing an app now.

Planning to launch in ~60-90 days.

Maybe less.

In the meantime.

We've added instructions for how to save it to your home screen like an app.

On both IOS & Android.

So members can open it like an app.


Yes, you should have lifetime access.

How is Habit Hero different from other habit trackers?

Other Tools Let You Track Habits. But None Hold You Accountable. None Give You Proven Habits For Success. You Have To Figure Out Which Habits To Keep For Yourself. All By Yourself. Habit Hero Works WITH Your Existing Habit Trackers. Many Students Use Their Favourite App & Sync With Habit Hero Daily Or Weekly.

I already track my habits, will I benefit from it?

Habit Hero Works WITH Your Existing Habit Trackers. Many Students Use Their Favourite App & Sync With Habit Hero Daily Or Weekly. Other Tools Let You Track Habits. But None Hold You Accountable. None Give You Proven Habits For Success. You Have To Figure Out Which Habits To Keep For Yourself. All By Yourself. Habit Hero Is Your Personal Business Coach & Accountability Partner. Mindset. Diet. Fitness. Business Growth. Love & Relationships. Use Habit Hero. Save Thousands In Coaching, Counselling. Plus Save Time By Avoiding Setbacks & Second Guessing Yourself.

Is Habit Hero useful to people in business, sales & marketing?

Yes. We believe Habit Hero is an essential for any business, sales & marketing professional. Running a business can be stressful and overwhelming.
Habit Hero Gives You Better Habits. Day By Day In Simple, Easy To Follow Steps. Each Week New Habits Unlock, New Challenges Get Set. You’ll Get Help To Win More Days Than You Lose. You'll Get Accountability & Feedback On Your Progress. Habit Hero Eliminates The Guesswork. It Comes With Built In Cycles Of Action, Review & Refining. You’ll Release Old Bad Habits Holding You Back. You’ll Replace Bad Habits With The Habits You Want.

Is Habit Hero ONLY useful to people in business, sales & marketing?

It is especially useful for those in business, sales & marketing. However with our included focus on mindset, diet & physical health. Many do use it for those alone. But at present there is no way for us to exclude the business habits from your weekly score or group leaderboards. Maybe a future feature update?

What habits & topics do you cover?

Provide some answers to common questions. Perhaps you want to tell answer how much time they need to dedicate to get through the course, or give them a support email to contact you if they have further questions. It doesn’t need to be questions you were actually asked, but rather the final few questions people may want answered before they are ready to buy

What are the requirements to do this program?

All you need is an internet connection & computer or phone with up to date internet browsers. Everything is hosted in our member area. As far as PERSONAL requirements.. You need to actually want to improve yourself. Otherwise, it's like buying a ticket for an all-you-can-eat buffet when you're not hungry.

How often are new habits introduced? How do I know they'll stick?

Each week new habits unlock. Along with activities or challenges for the week. The first 2 weeks we keep it very simple. Your most important habit is to login daily. Follow the program. From this 1 simple habit, we introduce a fantastic variety of habits [without overwhelming you].Just log in daily for 5min, follow the prompts. Let the program do the rest.

When  you use Habit Hero, understand, the focus is progress not perfection. Few things in life are perfect.

Habit Hero is about HELPING you get new habits to stick. Overwriting bad habits with better ones. Adding on new habits you maybe hadn't considered. But bring with them substantial rewards in health, wealth, love & happiness. 

How do I get access & do the Habit Hero program?

Once you successfully complete payment, email logins will reach your inbox. Within 1-10min. Our system sends the emails in under 2min.. The rest is just handling of it via various servers & your email provider. Then you simply, go to our login page, login, and access the weekly modules as they open. If you have any issues, email [email protected]

I'm pretty busy already. Will I need a lot of time for this?

Great question. All you need is 5-10min per day, or some prefer to log in 2-3x per week. Our whole thing is doing less, better & to completion. Avoiding the trivial many things you can do - to only focus on the critical few. If this sounds good to you, then Habit Hero is worth trying out.

I might be interested. But can I cancel if I don't like it?

Yes. Cancel anytime. We are looking to play long term games with long term people. If you don't want to be in our community, we want to make it easy for you to go. Forcing someone to stay where they don't want to be is not how we envision a successful program. But we know when you try it, you'll want to stay because of how much this program overdelivers. [In our humble opinion].

What's the 30-Day REFUND POLICY? You offer a 90 Day REFUND POLICY too?

Improve Your Business & Life In 28 Days - Or Your Money Back.
This is a standard 30 day risk free promise, So you can feel safe trying it out.

Then, to get you to trust the process & DO the program we also offer:
Get 10x the Value in 90 Days - Or 3X Your Money Back!
*the only condition is you MUST actually do 85%+ of the program

We are very confident if you try our program for 90 days - you'll get results.
It's as simple as that.

We have combed through pages and pages and page and pages and pages and pages of evidence based research.

Into the things we humans need to do for the things we want in life.

We didn't make our guarantee "get 10x value in 90 days or get 10x your money back" because in our first tests, people told us it was unbelievable. We know this stuff works, if you do it.

No magic, no gimmicks. Just solid fundamentals focused on the critical few things which matter most.

"Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones." - Benjamin Franklin

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