Overcome Business Challenges Using the Right Sales Skills and Mindset with Jeremiah Sarkett

Entrepreneurs face multiple struggles on their journey to grow their businesses. They juggle multiple roles and face rejection, all while making sales. Don’t let these challenges overwhelm you — you know your products can help your audience and bring you success. Overcome these challenges when you have the best sales skills and top-tier strategies.


In this episode, Jeremiah Sarkett, also known as the “Shark,” joins us to share his expertise in sales skills and strategies. He talks about common problems many business owners struggle to resolve. Fortunately, Jeremiah also shares six business tips on how you can weather the storm and come out on top. As Jeremiah says, with the right mindset, you, too, can learn sales skills and strategies.

Tune in and find out how you can improve your sales skills and boost your profits!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Understand the common problems entrepreneurs have and how to spot them in your business.
  2. Overcome challenges with Jeremiah’s tips for small business owners.
  3. Learn the mindset that can improve your sales skills and strategies.


Episode Highlights

Jeremiah’s Journey into Sales

  • Jeremiah originally worked in educational sales admissions for large universities. He had multiple friends at Keap who encouraged him to check out their team.
  • He was interested in going into different careers.
  • When he was younger, Jeremiah first started learning different sales skills through door-to-door sales.

The Biggest Challenges  

  • Many salespeople, including Jeremiah, struggle to make their motivations about the customer. Usually, they’re driven by their wants and needs.

Jeremiah: “Probably the hardest thing for me, and I see it with most salespeople, is self-awareness. Understanding who you are, what drives you, your why — and then making it about your customer.”

  • When you place your customer’s wants and needs first, you can achieve yours as well.
  • Help your team change their patterns to get into this mindset.
  • As a leader, address the problem and talk to them about it before it worsens.

Common Problems of Small Business Owners

  • Many small business owners struggle with filling in multiple roles, hindering them from scaling their business.
  • They also lack belief in their capabilities.
  • Freeing up business owners enables them to become visionaries for their companies.
  • Division of labor gives you the help you need in your business.

Jeremiah’s Shark Six-Pack

  • Division of labor can help you scale. It gives business owners space to rest and work toward their goals.
  • Craft your sales process around your buyer’s journey. Get to know your client and use what you’ve learned.
  • Attending and hosting events can open opportunities to learn, network, and develop your skills. You can also hold your own events to provide value and build trust.
  • Refine your content. Use case studies to show your product’s value to your audience.
  • Tune in to the episode to hear more about Jeremiah’s Shark Six-Pack. Find out how advertising and strategic partners can help you grow your sales.

The Tiers of Quality Evidence

  • At the bottom of the tiers of quality evidence is expert opinion. This is because it’s difficult to determine who’s the expert and who’s not.
  • Above that are personal accounts and followed by endorsements.
  • In a higher tier are case studies. With these, you can document and show people the process and results of your services.
  • The topmost tier is randomized controlled trials. 
  • Daryl’s research shows that there are eight success factors. These include self-efficacy, strategic planning, sales strategy and skills, and more.

The Right Mindset for Sales Skills and Strategies

  • Strategy is more about the numbers and how you can achieve them. 
  • Anybody can learn sales skills with the right mindset. 
  • Many people struggle with sales strategies. This can lead to burnout.
  • Focus on your sales strategy first before skills.

Daryl: “If you come from that place of servitude, it’s almost like because you have that foundation. It just solves a lot of problems proactively because when you come to the conversation, you’re coming with the right mindset. You’re coming with your attitude. You’re probably coming with an intent to ask more questions than to do more talking.”

  • When talking to a client, ask them questions. Create a flow of questions that you can use to encourage conversation.

Jeremiah’s Habit Checklist to Success

  • Structure your day. Know who you’re calling and when.
  • Do reflection training by reviewing your previous calls. 
  • Don’t take rejection personally. Work for your audience’s yes or no.

Jeremiah: “The maybes are what kill salespeople and small business owners — when they can’t close the business with a yes or a no. Work for the yes and the no, and don’t take it personally.”

  • Have a flow to follow when you talk to a potential client. Jeremiah uses these engagement questions to make meaningful conversations.
  • A mentor can help you through your entrepreneurial journey.

About Jeremiah

Jeremiah Sarkett is the Director of Partner Sales at Keap where he ranks first all-time in sales revenue generated. Known as the “Shark”, he uses his expertise in sales skills and strategies to help businesses grow. 

Jeremiah started his sales career in educational sales admission. He was introduced to Keap by his friends, where he refined his capabilities in sales. During that time, Jeremiah built the successful methodology Selling to Serve. Having helped over 3000+ businesses, Jeremiah continues to work with business owners to improve their marketing and sales strategies.\

Learn more about Jeremiah Sarkett and his work on his website. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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