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Are you building a business, or are you merely creating a job for yourself? Often, it’s challenging to draw the line when we’re following the path we know will get us by. However, most of the time, that path offers us no growth and no fulfillment; it’s not for the long haul. That’s why if you want to create success, the key is to build a business and have good passive income ideas. After all, can you truly say you’ve succeeded if you have no time to live your life?

In this episode, B2B specialist Roger Rose joins us to talk about how he got out of the trap of “creating a job for yourself.” After losing their family’s oil business, he realized that he couldn’t go back to where he used to be by working. Roger shares some of the best practices in productivity, discipline, and passive income ideas that he learned along the way.

Do you want to know the mindset that will help you be open to passive income ideas and enjoy your life? You’ll surely get a lot of valuable golden nuggets by listening to this episode!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the importance of self-discipline in building an entrepreneurial mindset to create a passive income.
  2. Learn actionable tips on how you can address things that hold you back.
  3. Understand the concept of the financial thermostat and how you can use it to work your way towards successfully earning passive income.


Valuable Insights on Building a Business and Not Just Creating a Job – Passive Income

Making It on Your Own

  • Roger believes that you need to find out what works and focus on that. 
  • One of Roger’s biggest challenges was getting away from things that don’t contribute to his success and being disciplined.
  • Especially when you’re working from home, you need discipline to do what you need to make passive income.

Roger’s Self-Employed Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • A lot of Roger’s success has had to do with finding good mentors. 
  • Mentors are people who have done what we want to do or achieve and can coach us through the process.
  • Sometimes, we get busy without getting anything done. It’s all about focusing on things that make progress.
  • No one was born a good entrepreneur; all the necessary traits and habits develop over time.

Falling into the Trap of “Creating a Job for Yourself”

  • Often, it’s because we don’t know any other way to get by.
  • In Roger’s experience, he got spoiled growing up with their family’s oil business. He didn’t have to work for it.
  • When he got a job, he learned that it would not bring him back to where he used to be.
  • After getting laid off from his job, someone asked Roger to look into doing business. That time, he was open-minded enough to do it.
  • He saw how he could replace his full-time income while working from home and have his time and freedom back. It’s the reason why he’s all about passive income ideas.

How Roger Stays Productive

  • In a business, compensation revolves around how much of a product or service you move to the consumer.
  • They have different company divisions where they can help new and existing clients.
  • You have to identify the best ways of moving products and services to the end consumer.
  • Roger spends his time finding clients and new ways to help existing clients.
  • One of the best pieces of advice that Roger got was, how you do something is how you do everything. 

How Roger Addresses Things That Hold Him Back

  • There are times when we don’t feel like doing something. Roger has to constantly inspire, motivate, and give himself a gentle push to do it.
  • He’s a big believer in the law of attraction. He feeds his mind with positive information regularly.
  • Roger creates and updates a goal statement. Listen to the full episode to learn how you can apply this practice!
  • The key places where Roger puts his affirmations are his bedroom door, the inside of his front door, and on the wall right by his desk.
  • One key thing that helps him fine-tune his goal statement is never to write “I will…” The idea should be he has already done it.

On Addressing Mistakes

  • It’s always easier to recognize other people’s faults and shortcomings. 
  • Recognizing these is important in identifying ways how they can do better in what they’re doing.
  • Remember, we all make mistakes.

Roger’s Influences

  • One of them is Doug Nelson, who is the lead trainer for Peak Potentials.
  • He’s got specific millionaire mentors for particular things, and he does the same for other people.
  • Roger immersed himself in the teachings of pioneers and stayed abreast of new books that came out.
  • You can find at least one golden nugget in every book you read.
  • If he could have a superpower, it would be the power to read people’s minds. If you can read other people’s minds, you can own the world.

Managing Your Passive Income and Building Success

  • No matter how much money we earn, we can find a way to spend it.
  • Everyone has a financial thermostat that dictates success and loss. You can change this thermostat by simply modifying your habits.
  • Social media has changed the paradigm of business making it possible to earn millions of dollars in passive income.
  • Everyone’s looking for a shortcut. However, something quick and easy doesn’t last long.

What’s Next for Roger

  • He’s got a new way of helping people create an ongoing income based on what they’re already purchasing.
  • Roger likes franchise concepts and finding systems that work.
  • Simple systems always work better and are easier to duplicate.

On Finding Purpose

  • Everyone has a purpose in life. 
  • Act on your passive income ideas, get money out of the way and find out your real purpose and live it.
  • It’s difficult to find your life purpose when you’re working for someone else’s goal.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of business you start; simply start one. 
  • Work to create something that will last long-term and so you can find your purpose in life.

5 Powerful Quotes

“No matter what we’re doing, whatever business or what we’re doing in life, it’s all about finding result-producing activities and focusing on those. You know, I don’t believe in having to work harder than the next person. It’s just about finding out what things work and concentrate on those.”

“When I meet people, I can tell pretty quickly the type of individual they are and the work ethic that they have. Because how they do something is how they do everything.”

“One key thing that helped me in fine-tuning my goal statement is to never write ‘I will.’ But write it is though ‘I did, I have, I’ve done it.’”

“When you build something, it needs to be for the long haul… Let’s say in business, something that will pay you for a lifetime that you can pass down to someone as a legacy. And typically, if you’re looking for shortcuts, and quick and easy, that won’t ever last.”

“I like finding systems that work. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you simply plug in a system for someone. And if they do those things, it will work.”

About Roger

Roger Rose is the Shop Consultant of the largest shopping portal online, SHOP.COM. He is a B2B specialist who works with business owners and health professionals to reduce overhead costs. His focus is to help people create a shopping annuity for the dollars they’re already spending. Roger is also the Customer Manager of 

Growing up, Roger’s family was in the oil business in Texas. Because of this, he grew accustomed to having ongoing income from oil money not until his family lost the land. After working like everyone else, he realized that it was hard to earn the income he was used to. But 13 years ago, he saw a way to get to where he used to be financially—without his family’s help and without working for anyone.

If you wish to connect with Roger, you may reach out to him on Facebook or give him a call at 360-513-7673.

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