Destroy Your Internal Doubt, Achieve Your Profit Dreams with Dr. Nadia Brown

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Destroy Your Internal Doubt, Achieve Your Profit Dreams with Dr. Nadia Brown

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Talking about sales and profit can be daunting, especially with the possibility of rejection from clients. But the key to navigating sales and making a profit is to take the first step. Remember that it is not about you, but about the client and what you can do for them.

In this episode, Dr. Nadia Brown, a role model for female entrepreneurs everywhere, talks about her experiences in the business world. She tackles what it means to be an entrepreneur, gives advice to aspiring and fellow businesswomen, and helps us understand the challenges that come with making a profit and how to overcome them. She also emphasizes the importance of connecting with your clients, who are the real stars in your business. Tune in to learn more and build your confidence as an entrepreneur navigating sales and achieving your profit dreams. 

About Our Guest:

Dr. Nadia Brown is the founder of the Doyenne Leadership Institute LLC, through which she empowers other businesspersons to build profitable, sustainable businesses. She is the author of Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling and continues to be a powerful role model for women in the business world. 

Your Road to Achieving Your Profit Dreams

Dr. Brown’s Beginnings

  • Dr. Brown has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and worked in this field for a time.
  • Before getting into business, she also worked as an adjunct professor and in financial services.
  • Eventually, she decided she wanted to work with women in male-dominated industries to empower them.
  • She now owns a company with fellow entrepreneurs as clients, empowering them on their business journey.

Career Challenges and Overcoming Them

  • When she started, one of the challenges she faced was building connections with people and visibility.
  • To overcome the challenge of connections and visibility, she hired a coach and eventually increased her visibility through speaking engagements. 
  • Another challenge she faced at the beginning was sales—how can she make a profit?
  • Overcoming the challenge of sales took longer to master. Dr. Brown underwent different training programs and overcame her fear of rejection. 

Advice for Female Entrepreneurs 

  • Women in business may usually take on too much work, so they become tired and unfocused. Choose your tasks.
  • Another mistake women may do is not focusing on generating revenue. They may get distracted by other tasks, but they must not forget revenue.
  • Have accountability partners and keep track of the money not to lose sight of revenue.

Definition of an Entrepreneur

  • The project manager, the team leader, the organizer.
  • You are responsible for the performance of everyone in your business.
  • Help your team. If you can’t, hire someone who can train them.

Fighting the Fear in Sales

  • Mindset is essential when it comes to sales. When you’re afraid, you are already defeated.
  • When you’re still starting, ask for help. 
  • Learn skills and practices that would help you overcome your fears. It also helps when you have a personal cheerleader.

Building Relationships with Clients

  • It is important to ask clients questions beyond the surface and really understand where they’re coming from and where they need help.
  • Treat clients with love and care, but with sternness as well.
  • There is new technology today, but sometimes it’s best to call up your clients to build your relationships with them.
  • In the end, people look at how much you care than how much you know.

Making the Sales Process Easier

  • Don’t hire sales support or a sales team, if you’re only doing it out of fear of making sales. As an entrepreneur, do it yourself first and refine your process as you go along.
  • Have a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.
  • Find smart ways to sell, e.g., align yourself with other businesses and cross-sell.
  • Take action and continuously strive for improvement.

Profit and People

  • Pick up the phone, talk to past clients, and talk to potential prospects to help improve your sales process.
  • Tap into an already existing desire of the client.


Learn more from Dr. Nadia Brown and connect with her at Meet with Dr. Nadia.



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