How A College Dropout Hit 7 Figures and Made a Big Business Impact with Gary Henderson

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How A College Dropout Hit 7 Figures and Made a Big Business Impact with Gary Henderson

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]As entrepreneurs, we have to be smart in making every decision. It is not just essential to get a lot of clients; you have to make sure that you’re creating a significant business impact with the clients you work with. How will you be able to accomplish this in a competitive market?

Digital marketing mentor Gary Henderson joins us in this episode to talk about getting into and succeeding in digital marketing, developing your niche, and the importance of establishing processes. We also had a stimulating conversation about life, business, and wisdom outside marketing that you should not miss. Sit back, relax, and don’t forget to tune in to the show!

About Our Guest: 

Gary Henderson is a business coach, digital marketing mentor, and the founder and CEO of both Interactivity Digital – HubSpot’s 2017 Rookie Agency of the year. He specializes in helping businesses become more profitable by utilizing digital marketing. Interactivity Digital’s team has helped companies generate $250 million+ in revenue.

How to Have Bigger Business Impact with Fewer Clients

Becoming a Wizard of Marketing and Making a Business Impact

  • Gary went to an Ivy League school for college, but he decided to drop out to get a job in computers.
  • In just about a month, he became a head programmer for an advertising agency.
  • His task was to digitize the entire company, where he completed it in a year instead of the original two and a half year plan. He decided to resign because he was more interested in freelance consulting.
  • After that, he started Custom Business Solutions, where he worked with big companies such as Ford, AT&T, major hotel chains, among others.
  • When he started Interactivity Digital, he worked with other traffic companies, carving out their niche in the space.

Overcoming the Biggest Pitfalls

  • Stop pitching. Create a package and sell the same thing to everyone.
  • Streamline what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.
  • Raise your price to get a better caliber client.
  • The more you charge, the more committed people are to their results.
  • Never give anything for free because they won’t value it.

Becoming Number One and Making a Business Impact

  • Serve a few clients and make a more significant business impact.
  • People receive offers differently based on price. His clients didn’t believe him when he said that he could make their goal to add an extra million dollars of revenue happen at $24,000. Only when he raised the charge to $72,000 did they think that it’s a considerable investment.
  • Give the same treatment and price charging to everyone, even to your mentors.

Establishing Systems and Processes

  • He sticks to his process because whenever he messes it up, he doesn’t do a good job, and things fall through the cracks.
  • Know what your strengths are, and then hire a team who’s better at everything in the business.
  • Do a dual-level purchase or a dual-level buyout contract to prevent a client from taking your employee and vice versa.

Building Operations and Systemizing

  • Do everything manually, and then document what you repeatedly do.
  • Put it into a written standard operating procedure that no one forgets. It saves time because everyone knows what to do, even without retraining.
  • Never be so rigid that you can’t tweak or modify something.
  • Decide what you want to do, and decide what you want the experience to be.

Standard Operating Procedures

  • He tells his employees to document routine tasks and build them into SOPs.
  • Know what motivates individual people.
  • He lets his employees do the job their way as long as they get the results for the clients.

The Holes in the Game

  • There is so much potential in paid media work.
  • Think of what legacy you want to leave in your life, not just in business.
  • Your family and your life are way more important than your business.

Realizations and Motivations and Making a Business Impact

  • Grow your wealth by diversifying income streams.
  • Become a better person for everyone in your life.
  • Know what your purpose is in what you’re doing.


Know more about Interactivity Digital on their website. To get more updates, you can connect with Gary on his Facebook page


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