How a Single Mom & 3rd World Country Immigrant Built Her Multi-Million Dollar Telesummit Business in Under 4 Years with Eram Saeed

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How a Single Mom & 3rd World Country Immigrant Built Her Multi-Million Dollar Telesummit Business in Under 4 Years with Eram Saeed

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]One significant element that runs a business is passion. Passion is the fire inside you, enabling you to create big things. Sometimes, your passion comes from personal pain. Your experiences ignite your will to make changes in the society so that other people won’t take the same path you took. Without passion, a business won’t be as successful compared to the entrepreneurs who built their empire out of genuine commitment and love. Today, we’ll find out how Eram Saeed built her telesummit business despite her experiences.

In this episode, Eram shares with us how she turned her failures and heartaches into a seven-figure telesummit empire dedicated to women empowerment. She also discusses with us the challenges and the habits she practiced to achieve the level of success she has right now. Eram also explains the importance of innovation, as well as hiring the best people to work with you. Join us and learn more about how you can turn your pain into a purposeful business for other people.

About Our Guest

Eram Saeed is the host and founder of the telesummit series called From Heartache to Joy. It focuses on helping women empower themselves through self-awareness techniques and healing modalities. After decades of experiencing setbacks in her life, Eram decided to support people in transforming their fears and frustrations into love, joy, and abundance. Founded in 2012, From Heartache to Joy has become a telesummit industry leader.

Eram is also very passionate about helping women receive education. She’s currently on a mission to help educate 100,000 women from the impoverished regions of Pakistan, her first home.

How Eram Built Her Telesummit Empire Championing Women Empowerment

Eram’s Beginnings

  • When Eram got divorced twice, she was treated like an outcast in her community. Divorcees aren’t entirely accepted in their culture.
  • While at her lowest point, she then decided to change her mindset and create the life she always wanted.
  • She always aspired to empower women, but she realized she couldn’t do that if she weren’t empowered too.  
  • She learned to stop judging herself and accept her mistakes. You can’t grow without making mistakes.  
  • After finding her strength, she wanted to teach other women the lessons she learned in her life so that they won’t be in the same situation.

Eram’s Journey in Starting Her Telesummit Business

  • Eram didn’t know that it would be a great business at first. She just decided to follow her passion.
  • Following your passion is the clue from your soul that you’re on the right track.
  • Self-growth is her passion. She enrolled in courses, took risks, and connected with many prominent people in the industry to figure out how to start her business. 
  • The failure rate for the telesummit industry is very high. Despite the naysayers, however, she continued to work hard and thrive.     
  • You have to stop paying attention to negativity and follow your heart. Trust your gut. 

Challenges in Building and Launching Her Telesummit Business

  • Since telesummits depend on affiliate marketing, she had a hard time building and growing her list. 
  • Eram observed the need to innovate, as people in the industry have the same list and are promoting to the same group of people. Fresh blood is necessary. 
  • You have to evolve alongside technology, or else you will be left behind. 
  • Since her weakness is technology, she hired the best people she knew. They are known for producing quality products.   
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses from the start. Delegate the tasks to the people who are inclined in specific areas.

Tips on Hiring the Best People

  • Eram did her research on the market and attended various telesummits to identify the best people for the job. 
  • When you’re hiring, their energy and heart have to be in one place. 
  • It’s essential to align yourself with the right team. 
  • Although the beginning was hard, Eram succeeded since she works best when under pressure. 
  • Know yourself—keep moving forward, make sacrifices, and work hard. 

Finding Inspiration

  • Eram has always been a fan of the self-growth industry. 
  • She learned that as a telesummit host, she’s not only an interviewer. You have to create a personal connection with your viewers. 
  • Know your audience, their feelings, and their goals. 
  • Adapt and make changes. Listen to feedback. 
  • When you produce quality products, it’s a win-win situation for your customers and business.  

Habits for Success

  • Don’t let ego get in the way. Be ready for corrections and criticism.
  • Listen to your team when something isn’t working. Stop doing what’s not working, and do more of what is serving.
  • Invest in yourself. Eram invests her money and time on education. 
  • Surround yourself and connect with people who are smarter and more successful than you.
  • Always consider the habit of innovation.

Best Advice She Has Ever Received

  • Follow the 80-20 rule in sales. Invest your time and effort in 80% of people who are not buying your products. 
  • Eram’s business depends on the sheer volume of calls and sales. 

Mistakes Other People in the Telesummit Industry Are Making

  • Some treat their career as a hobby and a secondary business. You have to treat it as a business
  • Another mistake is not understanding the back office work and being unprepared for the commitment necessary to make the business thrive. 
  • You have to know what’s going on in your business. Be involved.  

Future Trends of the Telesummit Industry

  • She expects the audience to expand globally as the Internet continues to boom. 
  • More people are becoming more open to spiritual and self-growth needs and education. 
  • You will need more automation to connect with people.
  • More companies are going to get big. 
  • Continue to play your strengths as you innovate.

How to Introduce New Things to Your Audience

  • Test a smaller segment of the group to understand and know their opinions.
  • Listen to their feedback.
  • Correct your course immediately.
  • Be open with your audience. People are more forgiving when you are honest with them.


If you want to connect with Eram, you can visit her website and Facebook page. 



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