How to Fight Self-Sabotage Through Belief Systems and Start Earning Millions with Marci Lock

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How to Fight Self-Sabotage Through Belief Systems and Start Earning Millions with Marci Lock

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Most people don’t reach their full potential solely because of the mindsets they harbour. Harsh reality has subconsciously made us doubt our ability to control our lives. Even entrepreneurs fall into this trap of self-sabotage, making them fall short of their goals. However, anyone can start transforming their lives by rewiring their belief systems.

In this episode, Marci Lock shares her journey as a life transformation mentor. She talks about the mental obstacles that prevent so many people from living the lives they deserve. Through her five-step system, Marci teaches how people can go beyond their fears and motivate themselves using positive psychology. Tune in and discover how to fix your belief systems and mindset towards success.

About Our Guest:

Marci Lock is a life transformation mentor with a multimillion-dollar empire, all based on helping people achieve their best selves. Marci is a nutrition, fitness, and mindset expert whose advice has helped people around the world. She also appears regularly on TV, hosts her radio show, and is a best-selling author.

How to Fix Your Belief Systems

Marci’s Beginnings

  • When Marci was young, she saw her mother struggle with her weight and internalized the belief that physical appearance is essential.
  • Her perfectionism led her to be critical of her bodily appearance for many years, as she developed anorexia and bulimia.
  • At 21 years of age, she went on a journey of self-reflection that led to her changing her internal belief system for the better.

Marci’s Core Beliefs

  • Marci believes that all people are divine and awesome, so we should expect nothing less than abundance and awesomeness in every realm of life.
  • You don’t have to choose between your personal and professional lives since you can excel in both at the same time. 

The Biggest Obstacle

  • People tend to judge themselves based on face value, whether it be by their appearance to how their businesses are faring.
  • However, this perfectionism can limit you.
  • Learn to accept that there is no objective value; you can’t say that any of your traits are absolutely good or bad.
  • How you perceive situations creates the possibility of what you can do.

Taking Life Moment by Moment

  • It’s easy to let your fears and anxieties overwhelm you, especially when you’re heading into the unknown.
  • However, like riding a rollercoaster, you need to stop overthinking and focus on each moment.

The Scarcity Mindset

  • Many people tend to frame tasks as something that they need to do and accomplish, leading to an overwhelming dread of obligation.
  • Many people inadvertently drive their lives through fear and dread, which wastes energy and jeopardizes your work.
  • This situation is a scarcity mindset, which makes people think they need to do something because they feel they aren’t good enough. 

Positive Reinforcement

  • One way to reframe situations is to think of what you’re committing to versus what you think you deserve.
  • As difficult as it sounds, the target is to make work “fun and easy.”
  • Positive emotions are powerful motivators, and they do their jobs without ruining your emotional health.

The Core Emotions

  • Your current emotional states each tend to manifest as uncomfortable sensations in a specific body part.
  • Core emotions include the most fundamental ones, such as sadness, fear, and anger.
  • By learning how these emotions affect you physically, you can use sensual cues to understand your emotional state at any time.

Taking Control of Your Belief Systems and Life

  • Nearly 99% of all people are spectators of their own lives, while only 1% are creators.
  • The difference between these two categories is their mindset.
  • Through mindfulness, people realize that they can take control of their life and the situations they encounter.
  • Cultivate a positive, proactive, and reflective mindset so that you can stop sabotaging yourself with negativity.
  • We need more than our mindsets, as we should also have belief systems that can handle our subconscious behaviours. 

Applying the Five-Step System

  • Feeling awesome means that your mind and body is in alignment, so feeling anything less than that is a red flag.
  • First, assess how you feel now.
  • Next, ask yourself why you feel that way.
  • For the third step, determine what you want. Awareness alone is not enough—you also have to be intentional about your desires.
  • Afterward, ask yourself about your new belief or perception of things. This step allows you to see that you can change how you perceive the situation.
  • Finally, think of the actions you’ll take now to achieve what you want. 


For more insights about life transformation, connect with Marci through her official website or reach out to her Facebook page.



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Mission Statement:

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]My mission is to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners who solve world problems with entrepreneurship. How? You’ll do better when you know better.

Would it help you to talk to other high-level entrepreneurs about their journeys, their mistakes and how they overcame their challenges to create the lives and financial success they desire?

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