How to Reprogram Deeply Ingrained Habits & Behaviour in Ourselves to Get the Results We Want with Glenn Livingston

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How to Reprogram Deeply Ingrained Habits & Behaviour in Ourselves to Get the Results We Want with Glenn Livingston

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Food is an essential part of our daily life. However, food can become a source of various problems and issues if we have a toxic relationship with it. As with any obstacle to our personal development, we need to reprogram our habits and mindset to improve.

In this episode, Glenn Livingston shares his insights on food addictions, why they exist, and their triggers. He also talks about ways on how to battle these addictions and develop a healthier relationship with food. Finally, he discusses concrete and practical methods so that you can develop a strict mindset and stay committed to your goals.

Tune in to the podcast to learn how to reprogram yourself and shift your mindset!

About Our Guest

Glenn Livingston is a veteran clinical psychologist, long-time consulting firm CEO, and co-founder of Never Ever Again, Inc., a company that helps people with eating problems. He is also the author of Never Binge Again, a book on how to stop binge-eating and reprogram your habits when it comes to food. Most importantly, he is a former obese binge-eater who transformed his relationship with food to become a healthier individual.

How to Develop New Habits

Glenn’s Career Path

  • His father was a psychologist, so he wanted to become one himself.
  • As a child, he described the job as “making people happy when they’re sad.”
  • In graduate school, he also received training on inferential statistics and predictive statistics.
  • With his skill in statistics, he helped his wife in the back end of consulting and marketing work for big companies.
  • While consulting, he realized that people buy for emotional reasons.
  • Marketing social desirability bias and rational purchasing consciousness results in people not knowing why they buy things all the time.

Why Developing New Habits Is Challenging

  • We have a part of ourselves that makes aspirations and another part that sabotages that for short-term gratification.
  • The process of dominating your self-destructive self is the same virtually in whatever situation you apply it to.
  • It works not only in overeating but also in procrastination and other obstacles to self-development.

Personal Experience as a Binge-Eater

  • He was a binge eater himself when he was a kid, purging the calories consumed by long hours of exercise.
  • As he got older, he gained weight because he no longer had the time to exercise.
  • It came to the point that it affected his attention to clients and patients.
  • Based on experience, binge-eaters just keep eating until they hate themselves.

His Study on Overeating

  • As a statistical modeller, he created an online study about the relationship between food addiction and emotional difficulties.
  • It turns out that people that crave chocolate are feeling lonely, isolated or unloved.
  • Results also show that people who are feeling very stressed at work tend to gravitate towards salty, crunchy things.
  • However, the behaviours manifest not only through the relationship of emotions and food addictions but also through an irrational voice, a problem that needs fixing.

Our Culture’s Effect on Our Mindset & Habits

  • Our culture has emasculated us.
  • Children only used to be property, and we paid minimal attention to raising them to be emphatic and self-actualized.
  • This culture of individualism has culminated in our behaviour. It shows in our inattention to the “wounded child” in each of us.
  • As a result, we also don’t take full responsibility and have become soft on our maladaptive addictions and behaviours.

Alternative Addiction Treatments

  • Our brain has three parts: the reptilian brain for primitive survival, the mammalian brain for emotions, and the neocortex for disciplined goals and aspirations.
  • In all addiction problems, our reptilian brain is activated and takes over.
  • To fix our addictions, we must learn how to cultivate a sense of disgust in the reptilian brain’s impulses and jolt ourselves back to rationality.
  • Make your addictions black and white using an “angel vs. devil” on your shoulder technique.
  • In the internal approach, you must separate the higher and lower structures of your brain and focus on the lower part.
  • You can call out your lower brain in whichever way works for you to be disciplined and stick to your goals.
  • Use clear and specific rules rather than vague guidelines.

Developing New Habits in Your Daily Life

  • Imagine people followed you around all day. Would the criteria be accurate enough as to whether or not you complied with your plan for the day?
  • For example, if you suffer from procrastination, use specific methods such as the Pomodoro Technique.
  • To become practical, the criteria you set for yourself has to be observable

The Mindset Required to Change Addiction

  • Being too rigid prevents people from using this mind trick as they beat themselves up from the inevitable mistakes and failures they will encounter.
  • Have a different mindset when you’re setting out to accomplish a goal and when you’re analyzing a mistake and trying to get back on track.
  • Do not hold onto guilt as it draws your attention to something briefly until you can correct it.
  • Self-castigation will result in perpetuating one’s obsession and addiction.
  • Simply analyze what went wrong and immediately let go whenever you make a mistake.
  • When you commit, it has to be 100%.
  • Being fully committed will install a self-perpetuating algorithm in your brain to work against addictions and other problems.

How to Combat External Forces

  • People are up against the societal forces that encourage binge-eating.
  • The food industry has an economic incentive to put the most calories in the smallest space for the least amount of money.
  • Numerous studies aim to formulate attractive tastes and packaging.
  • The media and advertising industry send out unhealthy messages daily.
  • You have to create a crystal-clear rule to stop the irrational voices, even when they come from others.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs, being visionaries and dreamers, vastly underestimate the time, resources and morale it takes to get something off the ground.
  • Research well to combat marketing narcissism, which forces the market to want what you want it to want, instead of giving what the market wants.
  • Entrepreneurs focus too much on the fantasy of running spreadsheet calculations, marketing campaigns and other plans that they forget what actions they have to take.
  • Think through when you are going to start earning and work to get yourself there.


For more insights on how to stop overeating and develop a healthy relationship with food, connect with Glenn through LinkedIn or Instagram.


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