How to Use Direct Marketing for Direct Success with Brian Kurtz

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How to Use Direct Marketing for Direct Success with Brian Kurtz

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]In an increasingly fast-paced world, direct marketing may seem rather old-fashioned and archaic. Online promotion and email are the hottest things on the block, and they are undeniably cheaper. However, truly connecting with customers may be the solution to attracting them and actually giving them more satisfaction.

In this episode, Brian Kurtz shares his experiences as a direct response marketer. He discusses his insights on managing lists as well as marketing in the modern era. He also emphasizes the importance of direct mail, even in the age of email and online marketing.

Join us and learn more about the art of direct marketing!

About Our Guest:

Brian Kurtz is an award-winning marketer who started as a list manager. He is the CEO of Titans Marketing and the executive VP of Boardroom Inc., an established publishing and direct mail company. He has sold millions of newsletter subscriptions and consumer books as he journeyed from being a list manager to a marketing master. 

Direct Marketing for Direct Success

Brian’s Beginnings in Direct Marketing

  • As a senior in college, he debated being a baseball umpire, a film critic, or a CPA.
  • As an English major, he started a job at a publishing company.
  • He then became a list manager at Boardroom Inc. after he proved his skills in marketing.
  • He realized the importance of copywriting and understanding what makes people tick.
  • Gary Halbert said, “Every business problem can be solved with a great sales letter.”

The Basics of List Management

  • The concept of RFM is important: recency, frequency, and monetary value.
  • You want to have different messaging to different segments of your list.
  • Treat lists of different sizes the same, whether there are thousands or millions of people.
  • Your ex-buyers or previous customers are going to be your best list.
  • The objections of your previous customers who don’t subscribe anymore are the issues you have to resolve.
  • A new person will be more difficult to get back, but you’ll also learn new things.

Biggest Challenges in Direct Marketing

  • Getting into the infomercial scene on television was a big personal challenge for him.
  • His anxiety and insomnia led into a million-dollar franchise.
  • Journaling helped him keep track of himself and his daily habits.
  • One of his lightbulb moments is realizing how to increase their reach with more content.

How to Bring In New Products

  • It is important to develop the front end and back end and go deep into a product that resonates with your audience the most.
  • It is more important to go deeper with more niche than wider.
  • In direct marketing, the audience will tell you when you should scale to the maximum.
  • The scaling will come to you, instead of you forcing the scale.

The Beauty of Direct Marketing

  • You can’t force a product on an audience; you have to sell benefits and give people something that they really need.
  • In direct marketing, everything is measurable.
  • You have to know what the needs of the world are, even if they don’t want it.
  • Know the signs of what things you need to notice.
  • Let the market tell you where to go.

Strategy on Infomercials

  • A general rule is to offer the call to action sooner than later.
  • However, if you aren’t known, build the case, the content and the sale message before offering the call to action.
  • Always follow the anecdotal evidence and the models that work.

Tips on Direct Mailing and Email

  • You can do surveys online for new products then move them into direct mail.
  • It is possible to test a copy online, but you have to track your traffic.
  • Online media is cheap, but you still have to track because you can lose money if you don’t.
  • Human nature hasn’t changed, and what makes people vibrate is universally the same.
  • Every time you mail to somebody or contact somebody, you could be taking away response from a future offer that you have if you’re not addressing them in the right way.
  • In online marketing, every piece of promotion must have a purpose.
  • Paying the more expensive route of direct mailing may pay off even though email is cheaper.
  • Email may work, but it can sometimes be lazy and could turn off more people than you want.

Habits of Successful Business Owners

  • Respect your own time.
  • Overloading doesn’t serve anyone and is a disservice to others.
  • Prioritize the tasks you have to do for the day.
  • Give yourself permission to be ruthless.
  • Practice gratefulness all the time.
  • If you’re envious of the success of others, you are going to get physically ill.
  • Having a victim mentality will only set you back.


For more insights about list management and direct marketing, connect with Brian through LinkedIn or his website.



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