Releasing Your Dormant Creative Genius with Leslie Nolan

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Releasing Your Dormant Creative Genius with Leslie Nolan

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Advertising is an essential part of almost any business. However, people tend to hold misunderstandings about this important form of creative work. People who want to pursue advertising might be surprised by the many intricacies of the creative industry. Sadly, even the most talented individuals may become discouraged and leave the industry. Despite all of this, how do you keep the creative genius in you alive?

In this episode, Leslie Nolan shares her experiences as a creative professional within the advertising world. She shares the habits and lessons that helped her thrive within her field. She also talks about being resilient and pushing on in the face of adversity. Join us and learn more about how you can release your dormant creative genius in the world of advertising. 

About Our Guest:

Leslie Nolan is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and visionary artist who works with creative entrepreneurs who are in a slump. She coaches her clients to break through their creative slump and continue to create great works. She is also a painter whose works have been featured at the UN World Conference for Women Against Violence.

How to Release Your Dormant Creative Genius

Leslie’s Beginnings

  • Growing up, she was raised by her parents to be thrifty.
  • She took on odd jobs during childhood to earn more money.
  • Her parents taught her the value of self-reliance, which she uses continuously throughout her career.
  • Watching her parents struggle taught her the value of the daily grind.
  • She never lost her work ethic, even as she shifted from design and marketing to mentorships and teaching.
  • She was a newspaper girl during her college years.
  • With portfolios in advertising and graphic design, she took on various freelancing advertising jobs.

Embracing New Technology

  • When the first Mac computer came out, she bought a unit and became experienced at this technology forefront.
  • By embracing new technologies, she was able to remain competitive within her line of work.

Long-Term Planning

  • Creative work needs self-direction, discipline, and proper time management.
  • It’s easy to forget long-term planning when working on massive projects, but you need to keep finding projects so that your income stream doesn’t end with your current project.

Continuous Learning

  • Her experience with technology was a constant learning curve, so she always had to learn how to adapt to new tools.
  • While she had very competitive technical skills, she soon found out that she also needs to work on her sales skills.

Useful Habits to Release Your Dormant Creative Genius

  • You need strong time management skills to handle complex projects with multiple clients.
  • You also need to understand what your clients need and to take their perspective on the problem.

The Importance of Advertising

  • Many businesses fail to devote enough attention to advertising efforts.
  • Even the best ideas won’t translate to profit if people are unaware of what you have to offer.
  • Leslie’s experience with helping a talented jeweller’s business take off proves that great products and services must be coupled with effective advertising.

How Different Companies Run Campaigns

  • She notices that small companies tend to move fast, focusing on the speed of executing a plan.
  • On the other hand, large corporations acted slower, and she had to put more effort into communicating with the different departments of the corporation.
  • However, large companies had the capital and willpower to run more massive and more extensive campaigns.

Pursuing Big Clients

  • The most effective method to learn is to immerse yourself in the challenging stuff right away.
  • Leslie once took an enormous job with an art director who later became an editor for a prominent magazine.
  • Working with big clients can be intimidating, but it will help you improve your game.

Pushing Through Setbacks

  • When her father died, she discovered the therapeutic value of painting.
  • Her journey of healing took her through nine months of painting and writing a novella. 
  • She learned about intention, creativity, and healing, and she now uses her newfound knowledge to help struggling creatives.
  • It’s normal for creative output to falter while you’re struggling, as long as you never give up.

The Future of the Creative Industry

  • The world tends to focus too much on the external indicators of success, which puts people under pressure.
  • Creative entrepreneurs are a blessing to the industry and will help the country move forward.
  • Hence, we need to work on ourselves internally so that we can use our talents to help the world.

For more insights on advertising and creative work, connect with Leslie through her Leslie Nolan Design website. You can also schedule a free 15-minute mojo breakthrough session using her online scheduler.



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