Using The Magic Of “Unreasonable Requests” To Grow Your Business on a Tight Budget with Stephanie Burns

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Using The Magic Of “Unreasonable Requests” To Grow Your Business on a Tight Budget with Stephanie Burns

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help or make “unreasonable requests”, but in business, it’s necessary. You have to be courageous enough to know your worth and ask for the things that you want and need. As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to welcome uncomfortable situations. It can lead you to growth and acquiring the knowledge and experiences you need to scale your business. You have to surround yourself with like-minded people and reach out to various networks to figure out what you can get from them and what they can get from you. Business, after all, is all about exchanges, not only wealth but also value.

In this episode, Stephanie Burns shares her experiences and how she used the concept of “unreasonable requests” to grow her business and skillset. She will also discuss the struggles she had to overcome to achieve success. Stephanie also talks about the mistakes entrepreneurs often make in starting a business. Join us and learn more about the art of unreasonable requests and how you can use it for your business.     

About Our Guest: 

Stephanie Burns is the founder of Chic CEO. It is an online resource providing information, tools, and community for new female entrepreneurs. She is a contributor to Forbes and has a background in media buying, brand building, strategy and entrepreneurship. Stephanie is also a keynote speaker in events that support female entrepreneurs.  

Growing Your Business Through “Unreasonable Requests”

Stephanie’s Beginnings

  • Stephanie initially dreamed of being an opera singer and later changed her mind. She then obtained a degree in advertising.
  • She first worked in the marketing team of a casino and later in Bulldog Drummond, an innovation consultancy in San Diego. 
  • Around 2008, most of her friends got laid off and came to her for advice on starting a business. This moment led her to research the fast-growing market of female entrepreneurship.
  • She won in the television program Wheel of Fortune. It helped her build her website, Chic CEO. 
  • Within six months of launching, Chic CEO gained a following and was named one of the top 10 entrepreneur websites for women by Forbes.    

Struggles Stephanie Had to Overcome

  • Since her business does not have outside investment, getting capital is an issue she had to face. 
  • They have a vast following even if they did not spend money on marketing. Nonetheless, Stephanie knew that money could help them grow much faster. 
  • Due to this struggle, she became an expert negotiator to adapt to their business lack of money. 

Using the Magic of “Unreasonable Requests” to Your Advantage

  • She had to find a way to get the result she wanted with the tools she had.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have to overcome uncomfortable situations. Be courageous to get the things that you want and need—use unreasonable requests.
  • Using the magic of unreasonable requests, she was able to purchase, learn, and experience new things and knowledge. 
  • The process of unreasonable requests is reciprocity. You have to offer value in exchange for the request. 
  • There are two types of income. First is physical income, which is money. The other is psychic income, which is a nonmonetary reward like providing a network and contacts benefitting your company.  

The Mistakes Entrepreneurs Are Making

  • Entrepreneurs are easily freaked out by their mistakes or doing the wrong thing. 
  • In business, there is no wrong step. There is only the next thing that informs you of the next move. 
  • You have to be courageous, move, and take action. Not getting started comes from a place of fear. 
  • Stephanie talked about the concept of The 18-40-60 rule. Listen to the full episode to get what it means and how you can use this type of mindset! 

The Best Advice She Received

  • Howard Leonhard, an investor in Silicon Beach in LA, told her that a CEO only has two jobs: delegate, and not to delegate the delegating.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have to hone your skills and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Then, build your business around it. 

On Overcoming Her Struggles and Becoming Successful

  • It’s essential to recognize the things that are holding you back to combat the mindset you have. 
  • For Stephanie, the feeling of not being worthy is the thing that held her back. 
  • Through the help of her fiance and friends, she overcame her lack of self-worth.
  • You can practice arguing with yourself to clear your mindset. 

Things That Keep Stephanie Excited for the Future

  • Stephanie is launching her new podcast for entrepreneurs called “The Top 3 For Entrepreneurs.”
  • She is also working on the Chic Elite Program that offers business coaching and advice for financially unequipped entrepreneurs.


If you want to connect with Stephanie and learn more about her projects, you can visit her website.  


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