Flo Kunle Interview

Business people need a guide to help them along their entrepreneurial journey. It’s similar to when people used maps before smartphones to locate their destination. They need to know the fundamental rules to pitch a product and close a deal. But with the vast amount of information available today, scouring the tried-and-true frameworks for generating sales can be challenging. 

Luckily, Flo Kunle, renowned sales mentor and marketer, will help kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. In this episode, he imparts the fail-proof strategies to boost sales and what you can do to bounce back amid customer rejections. Finally, Flo talks about tips on gaining exposure and generating leads. 

Join us to know the secret to growing your business no matter what’s happening in the economy!  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Uncover the fundamentals of sales to close a deal.
  2. Discover how to overcome lead flow problems.
  3. Understand the relevance of gaining exposure in boosting sales. 


Episode Highlights

[01:29] Flo, The Entrepreneur 

  • Flo came from a family of engineers and pastors. But, instead of following in his family’s footsteps, he decided to become an entrepreneur.
  • He considers himself an artist and a rebel. 

Flo: “I just fell in love with selling, and I think it was just because I love helping people. And then when you can help people and then get paid at the same time, it's just like an amazing feeling.” 

  • He began his full-time sales career in college. That eventually led him toward marketing.    

[05:55] Sales Fundamentals 

  • Sales are like sports—if you want to be good, you must practice.
  • An entrepreneur must recognize client behavior patterns.
  • The fundamentals work, regardless of your expertise in the field.  

[09:52] Learn to Face Rejections  

  • Focus on your state of mind before working on sales frameworks. 
  • Build up the confidence to sell amid rejections. 
  • Eliminate the belief that people will buy your product without doing anything. 

Daryl: “The sale doesn't start until they say no, and it's not necessarily about being pushy and overbearing. But it's understanding that there's a difference between just taking an order and working with someone through their mental and emotional barriers to getting them to understand the opportunity in front of them.” 

[12:51] Flo’s Framework 

  • Rookie salespeople commit the mistake of memorizing rebuttals to customers’ objections. 
  • Don’t answer the rebuttal of your clients; instead, agree with them. 
  • There is no magic formula to sales. It’s all about communication. 

[20:36] Flo’s Greatest Challenge 

  • Flo’s business was booming until Google was sued in 2006. 
  • He was starting a family when his business was in crisis. 
  • To overcome this challenge, he created a small sales team that generated its customer list without paying Google a penny. 
  • He realized that his corporate skills could help him in digital entrepreneurship too. 

[23:33] Overcoming Lead Flow Problems 

Flo: “I need to take responsibility for the growth of my business and not be fully dependent on online marketing or Facebook or Google—whatever the company of the year is for digital advertising.” 

  • One needs exposure, lead, and a product for sales. 
  • Create an email list of potential clients to pitch your product or service. 
  • Train people, perfect the system, and try out different strategies to make a sale.  

[28:15] Flo’s Habit to Success

  • Practice talking to people. 
  • Observe client conversations and figure out which method worked. 
  • Sales are similar to a scientific experiment. You must learn to observe, create models, establish a hypothesis, run experiments, and analyze data.  

[32:21] Managing Leads 

  • Entrepreneurs commit the mistake of hiring an agency to do all parts of the sales process. 
  • Define the different pieces of the sales process. 
  • When starting a business, you need someone who secures sales appointments and another who closes the deal. 
  • For Daryl, sales are a three-step process. You identify who’s interested, see if you’re a good fit for each other, and close the deal. 

[39:05] On Branding, Marketing, and Sales

  • Sales mean communicating with customers one-on-one. 
  • Marketers figure out which sales method works and replicate them. 
  • Online marketing walks people through the sales process. 
  • For Flo, branding requires E.C.O.D.: exposure, credibility, offer, and deadline.  

[43:34] Beating the Deadline

  • You need to set a deadline until when you’re selling a product or service. 
  • Run different types of promotions and eliminate those that didn’t work. 
  • Entrepreneurs don't always need to come up with new promotional ideas. 

[47:54] Gaining Exposure

  • Search-based marketing is the best way to gain exposure. 
  • Rent list on direct email websites to connect with people interested in your product or service. 
  • You can buy, borrow, or build to create traffic. 

About Flo

Flo Kunle is the Director of Marketing at ProfitMBA. He started his entrepreneurial journey after being laid off from his corporate sales job. In his first few years of business, he figured out how to combine his sales experience with online marketing automation. Today, he was able to teach his methods to thousands of entrepreneurs. 

Apart from this, he is also a mentor who actively conducts coaching webinars to help those with the same entrepreneurial spirit as he does. 

You can learn more about Flo Kunle on LinkedIn or visit ProfitMBA to learn about what he does.

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