Releasing Your Dormant Creative Genius – With Leslie Nolan

In this eye-opening and energetic interview, we have with us Leslie, a seasoned entrepreneur who started her entrepreneurial journey in the hustle and bustle of New York but decided to take a leap of faith and move to the Jersey shore. Leslie's transformative journey involves scaling new heights in a smaller community, grappling with the rapid pace of technological growth, and using time management skills effectively to complete projects. This interview is undoubtedly a must-listen for fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone facing a steep learning curve in their fields. Listening to Leslie's experiences will equip you with practical strategies to navigate through struggles and reclaim your power.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

• Learn how to transition successfully from being a small fish in a big pond to becoming a major player in a smaller setting.

• Discover strategies to maintain productivity and undertake projects from start to finish using effective time management.

• Understand the importance of flexibility in running a small business and keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of technology.

Interview Highlights:

Moving From New York to the Jersey Shore

  • Leslie chose to move to the Jersey shore after nearly a decade in New York, transforming from a small player in a big market into a significant influencer in a smaller community.
  • Leslie's transition teaches us about the courage of embracing changes, finding our place, and standing tall amidst challenges.
  • Quote: “It required a learning curve. But, as time went by, I managed to remain on top of the technology.”

Navigating Challenges with Time Management

  • Leslie's acumen in starting and finishing projects highlights the importance of time management for entrepreneurs.
  • She asserts the importance of understanding a client's needs, a core skill to excel in any service-related venture.
  • Quote: “Having an understanding of a client's needs and helping people make money was exciting to me.”

Leslie's Take on Small Business Struggles

  • Many entrepreneurs struggle with harnessing their flexibility to transform their businesses. Resilience is key in overcoming these struggles.
  • Leslie's advice to those starting out and grappling with challenges: Don't give up.
  • Quote: "Small business owners have a great degree of flexibility, and they can make things happen."

Leslie’s Journey to Becoming a Creativity Coach

  • Realizing her story mattered was a pivotal point for Leslie and helped her become a creativity coach for entrepreneurs.
  • She now helps creative entrepreneurs in honing their vision and reclaiming their power.
  • Quote: "Me coming to this place of working with creative entrepreneurs and helping them reclaim their power was a turning point."

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