Operating a business is hard enough, but the struggle increases for people who go against established business practices. How do you sell sex? How do you handle sales and marketing for an unconventional enterprise? If you’re brave enough to face controversy, you can reap the rewards unavailable to everyone else.

In this episode, Sydney Barrows answers the question of how you can sell sex better than anyone else. She shares her experiences with introducing integrity into the escort services industry. Her struggles with operating a controversial business imparted lessons that will help you thrive, even during hard times. She also shares her insights on identifying niche markets and caring for employees. Join us in this learning journey and learn how going against the status quo can help your business.

About Sydney 

Sydney Barrows ran New York’s first upscale escort services, introducing business management practices and integrity to this industry. Today, she is a sales choreography guru who collaborated with Dan Kennedy in authoring the book, Uncensored Sales Strategies.

For more insights on marketing and sales, reach out to Sydney through her website.


How to Sell Sex: Managing An Unconventional Enterprise

Sydney’s Beginnings

  • She started in retail as part of the executive training program of Abraham and Straus, now known as Macy’s.
  • She transitioned to working at a resident buying office.
  • Her coworker, who answered phones for an escort service, introduced her to the industry.
  • With her background in business, she saw the flaws and missed opportunities of the enterprise she joined, prompting her to start a new escort service with her friend.

Common Mistakes in Escort Services 

  • Male business owners mistakenly think that what they like in women are the same things that their clients want.
  • Some businesses outright lie to their clients, making it harder to establish trust.

Niche Marketing

  • Sydney decided to target a more upscale niche since she observed that businesses underserved this demographic at that time.
  • When selecting a new niche, you need to be brave to go against typical practices, such as how Sydney raised prices and changed her advertising tactics.

Dealing with Fallout 

  • Sydney eventually got caught by the New York police, and her business became front-page news for weeks.
  • However, she was able to use the publicity to her advantage. Best business practices speak for themselves and will help you weather even the worst publicity.
  • By bringing integrity to an industry that lacked it, Sydney was eventually praised by the police for her top-notch operations.

Caring For Employees

  • Sydney wanted to attract refined, well-educated women to work for her.
  • She gave them more freedom to choose their work schedule.
  • She also allowed them to leave clients if they didn’t like them without any penalties. 
  • By taking care of your employees and training them extensively, you help ensure that your clients receive exemplary service.

Outsourcing and Onboarding

  • You can outsource the parts of the business that you’re not good at, which is why self-awareness is crucial.
  • It can be challenging to rely on other people for work you can do yourself, but it’s a necessary step to grow as a leader.
  • Onboarding people doesn’t have to cost much; you can offer experience and knowledge to people like interns in exchange for their services.


  • Sydney calls Dan Kennedy a mentor, having written a book with him on marketing and sales strategies.
  • Mentors are an excellent way to learn more about fields you’re curious to learn.

Common Sales and Marketing Mistakes

  • Some websites look and perform well, but are ultimately useless if they don’t lead to sales.
  • Many people fail to see scenarios from their customers’ viewpoint.
  • Other businesses don’t care about their clients or their people once they get the money.
  • Forgetting to capitalize on your niche’s common pain points can lead to missed opportunities.
  • Invest in a good sales copy, as they tell who you are and which audiences you serve.



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