Should I Pay To Be In A Mastermind Group? | Results Mastermind



I've been in mastermind groups of all different types.
Free, paid and very expensive ones.
I have my own I run. I'm very proud of what my members accomplish..
The analogy I want to use is this:
Let's say your dream is to win a gold medal at the Olympics.
You want to go to the Olympics. Win a gold medal.
Your options are to pay for coaching. By someone who's done the things you want to accomplish.
In this case, you would pay previous gold medalists to be your coach.
Or there would be an exchange of value for them.
To invest in you, if you did not pay them.
Or you can sit in your garage. Figure it out with your friends.
I like to ask people,
If we had 2 people. Both want a gold medal.
Who would get there faster? With less stress, setbacks and injuries?
The one with a coach? Someone they pay with experience. With an organized training program. To help people accomplish the goal of winning a gold medal.
Or the buddies just figuring it out as they go.
With books and YouTube videos in their garage.
Both have the potential. But, ignorance is not bliss.
Ignorance is pain, suffering and delay.
How many things could you do better if you knew better?
It depends on where you're at.
You do what you can with what you got.
If you could afford it, I highly recommend it.

There's something about the collective power. Of plugging in to a collective brain. The accountability you get. Benefiting from first-hand experience going through things with other group members.
Plus, be part of a structured curriculum.

Because it's hard to make progress with random stuff.
It's the same with daily discipline & work.
If you only work whenever you're inspired. Without a routine to it.
Like a writer.

You frequently experience writer's block.
But if you have a structured habit. A routine and even accountability built in.

To sit down for an hour or two every day.

You're more likely to make progress with the guidance.
Then doing as it comes to u.
I can't tell you. If you should pay for a mastermind group or not.
You should answer the question for yourself.
Based on the options available.
I'd like to invite you to check on the info on my mastermind group.
You can go to
You might like it. Or
Maybe it's not a fit? It's okay.
You should shop around.
See options of what are available.
Pick the best one for you.