What you do defines who you are. Every little habit contributes to your progress over time. Every entrepreneur has a philosophy and business approach that has brought them to where they are now. They know the importance of creating good habits and learning from other people. But what specific ideas should a successful person have to improve and maintain their level of success?

At the end of this podcast, entrepreneurs can learn how they can keep developing themselves and their philosophies in business. Our guest, Ben Simkin, a leading online marketing expert, shares his story about how he built himself from the bottom up. One of his main takeaways in this episode includes maintaining a sense of focus and moving forward with a sense of urgency. It’s valuable to remember that an entrepreneur’s success comes from keeping the habits that brought them to where they are now. Ben also shares some specific habits he practices and how you can do so too.

Join us in this journey of continuous self-improvement and making a difference in other people’s lives. Tune in and learn some great philosophies for business success from an online marketing and business growth expert! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how you can make an impact on your clients’ lives. 
  2. Learn how to take away the negative habits and mindsets that are detrimental to your lifestyle.
  3. Learn from an online marketing expert’s take on working smarter and playing the right game to lead your business to success.


Episode Highlights

How Ben Started in Online Marketing

  • At age 13, Ben’s parents were able to get him a second-hand computer where he taught himself to program and write software.
  • At 16, he used this knowledge to help a business owner restore access to their computer system. The owner later encouraged Ben to start his own company.
  • At 21, Ben started his own IT company.
  • Ben developed an interest in online marketing when he saw its potential to make more money than what he was currently making. 
  • From here, he investing in books to learn more about the world of marketing, particularly online marketing.

Ben’s Philosophy in Business 

  • Expect disasters to happen daily.
  • When something goes wrong, see how you can solve that problem. Turn that problem into an opportunity.
  • Write down 10 things you can do to solve that problem. The difference is making massive focused action toward solving a specific problem. 
  • A sense of urgency and focus is what can make you earn large amounts of money. Tune in to the full episode to learn how Ben applied this philosophy to turn his company around. 

How to Maintain Focus and a  Sense of Urgency 

  • If you don’t get it done today, then it’s gonna be all over.
  • Work every day to never be in a losing position ever again.
  • Never betray the behaviors that brought you where you are.

Being Less Afraid of Failure

  • The feeling of failure never goes away; you have to get up every day and keep moving forward.
  • If you’re in business, you have to keep pushing no matter what. 
  • But remember, you need to be focused so you don’t run in the wrong direction. 

Key Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

  • Observe both successful and unsuccessful people. 
  • If something goes wrong, sit down and think, “How could I have prevented that?” And, “Am I approaching that the wrong way?”
  • Emulate the habits of successful people, not their marketing or business models, but their lifestyle. 
  • Increase your productivity by three hours a day, then compound that over 10 years. The success you can get from those little things compounds over time.

Weed Out the Bad Habits 

  • What you do defines who you are as well. Every time you take on a habit, that defines you as a person.
  • You don’t want to get to the point where you find it so difficult to change a bad habit.
  • Pick up on your bad habit straight away; you don’t want to leave it until it becomes a problem.

How Ben Grew His Company 

  • Scalability is critical. The average small business can’t grow to $10 million, because there’s no real infrastructure.
  • You’ve got to play a different game, and you’ve got to play the right game. 
  • You need to think about your target market when generating leads. You need to know them better than they know themselves. 

How You Can Understand Your Target Market Better

  • You always want to approach anything in life or business from a philosophical point of view, not from a strategic or tactical point of view.
  • Think about how you’re going to write an impactful letter to someone so that they’ll take action. This is what copywriting, marketing, and advertising are about.
  • A crucial skill to have is empathy. You need to ability to step into the shoes of your target market. 
  • Identify and communicate the impact that your product or service can bring to your target clients. 

Collaboration Not Competition

  • Pooling resources together with your competitor may sometimes be the smarter choice.
  • It’s better to have a smaller piece of a larger pie than have the entire pie to yourself.
  • When you collaborate, you make a project or business more about the customer. 
  • If you work hard and in silence, your results will speak for themselves.

Being Laser Focused

  • If you focus a laser on one point on a piece of paper, the paper will burn. The opposite can’t be said for when you spread the laser out.  
  • And so, the only way to get to success is to be laser-focused. 
  • You can tell how successful somebody is by how many things they’re doing. If you’re only doing one or two things at the very most, you’re doing very well. 
  • Once you have a goal, see it through.

What the Future Looks Like for Ben

  • Ben is working on building a legacy and investing in companies that will outlive him.
  • Ben is also open to mentor others.

The Best Type Client 

  • Ben enjoys working with those who have a good attitude and accept that they don’t know everything.
  • Getting a mentor means that you want to get the perspective of someone who’s achieved what you want to achieve. 
  • Remember that one of the biggest life lessons is to be open to new possibilities. 

Two Powerful Quotes

“I'm fully prepared mentally to say, ‘Well, let's deal with that. I expect that to have happened; how do we make the best of that?’ And we then, we move forward, and move forward.”

“If you're in business, you have to keep pushing no matter what; you can't put take the pedal off, you can't take your foot off the pedal, I mean. You got to keep going. And but at the same time, you've got to have the right direction, the right focus. Because if you're just running, running really fast in the wrong direction, it's going to make things a hell of a lot worse.”

About Our Guest

Ben Simkin is the founder of BusinessNET, an online marketing firm from Australia that has since boosted client revenue by over $900 million in sales. His company has 16 years of experience providing clients with an online marketing strategy that can boost sales. They also work with established businesses to provide lead generation and improve reach. Their marketing strategies can grow businesses by up to $300 million per year.

Driven by his desire to learn, Ben founded the Mastermind in Australia in December 2013. This community of business owners is dedicated to grow ethical and successful businesses and build wealth. They do so by learning skills, sharing ideas, and supporting each other.

To know more about Ben and his work, check out BusinessNET and The Mastermind. You can also reach Ben on his personal websiteFacebook,  Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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