Bulletproof Habits. For anything the world throws at you.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Fitness & Finances, All In One. Habit Hero Is Your Personal Business Coach & Accountability Partner.

Manage Your Habits & Tasks In 5min With Habit Hero. It's An Easy To Use Tool To Help You Stick To Positive, Life Changing Habits. Create A Healthy Routine. Complete Your Daily Habits & Stay On Track.

Get Healthy Habits. Get Rid Of Bad Habits. Get Habit Growth Plans.

Improve Your Business & Life In 28 Days Or Your Money Back.

Get 10x The Value In 90 Days Or Get 3x Your Money Back!"

Here’s What You'll Get

  • Better Habits: Habit Hero Gives You Better Habits.....
  • Easy Guidelines: Day By Day In Simple, Easy To Follow Steps.
  • New Habits, New Challenges: Each Week New Habits Unlock, New Challenges Get Set.
  • Win More Days: You’ll Get Help To Win More Days Than You Lose.
  • Accountability & Feedback: Get Accountability & Feedback On Your Progress.
  • Habit Hero Eliminates The Guesswork.
  • It Comes With Built In Cycles Of Action, Review & Refining.
  • Get Rid of Bad Habits: You’ll Release Old Bad Habits Holding You Back.
  • You’ll Replace Bad Habits With The Habits You Want.

you Can ALSO get These free bonuses
when you Try The FULL version today

  • Bonus 1: The CEOs Unfair Advantage: Fast Track Program ($495 Value)
  • Bonus 2: Dreamlife Planner: Get It Done Edition. ($97 Value)
  • bonus 3: Definitive Guide: To Rock-Solid Growth Mindset ($147 Value)
  • bonus 4: Get 3 Business Growth Plans! ($597 Value)
  • bonus 5: 101 Easy Business Templates Your Lawyer Would Charge You $10,000+ (Value of AT LEAST $10,000)

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Program

Saba Sultana

I Haven't Tracked My Habits Before This Program But This Program Helped Me A lot  To Be  Consistent With My Habits. This Is The Best Personal Development Program I Know, It Has Changed My Life And Mindset Toward My Business And Personal Success. Now I Can Happily Track My Goals And Achieve More Success Without Losing Focus. Thanks For Making It Possible For Me To Achieve More With My Goals Within A Short Period Of Time. 

Victor Ndukwe

I Found The Program Very Helpful As I Looked Forward To Getting Prompt Mails From Daryl To Go Checkout New Updates. There Were No Glitches On The Website. I Really Love This! It's A Good One. Kudos…

Jaurice Tejamo

I Have Been Into Personal Development Training Since 2018. I Am Doing A Habit Tracker On My Own And I Also Have A List Of My Goals. But I Wan Not Consistent.. Until I Did This Program. Then Last May I Got Really Off-Track Because I Lost My Mom. Then Everything Stopped. Luckily, I Was Reminded About My Goals & I Started Doing Better Because Of This Program. It Really Helped Me. Thank You.

WARNING! Your Habits Are Being Used AGAINST YOU!

Food companies put addictive substances in their products.
So you crave them the same time of day.

Toxic foods cloud your mind & make you sick.
Stealing your energy.

Software programs & social networks feed your brain micro rewards.
Conditioning you to scroll more on their platform.
See more ads.  

Make THEM more money.

They take your time, energy & focus away from YOUR goals & priorities.

News agencies condition your FEAR RESPONSE.
To keep you coming back to them.
To find out the next thing you need to watch out for…
Also, to see more ads. Make them more money.

This is because you become ADDICTED to your habits!
Our brains cling to our habits.
They create neurological cravings.

Certain behaviours reward the brain by the release of “pleasure” chemicals.

Other tools let you track habits.
But none hold you accountable.
None give you proven habits for success.  
You have to figure out which habits to keep for yourself.
Change Your Habits

all By yourself.


BUT... when you take control of your habits.
After you take your bad habits out & put GOOD habits in. 

Suddenly achieving your goals becomes an easier, less stressful experience.

Life becomes simple and FUN! 

How it’s supposed to be!

What holds most people back are things like:

They don't know how to retrain their brain for better habits. 

They don’t have any accountability to do it.

They don’t have clarity around which habits they need for the results they’re after.

With Habit Hero, all you need to do is log in!

It's never been easier! You'll get your business on track, improve your relationships with those you love.
Plus take better care of what food you eat & the health habits in your life.

Why now?

Tomorrow is a mystical land where 99% of achievement lives. 

Our next group is starting this [Monday Date Set Via Automation Plugin].

6 Months from now you will wish you had upgraded your habits today!

How much better would things be if even 10% of your bad habits stopped. 

Plus you replaced them with 10% MORE of the good habits you need to achieve your dreams?

I don't know when/if I will do this again… 

This program might not be around forever.

With Habit Hero, You Simply Get Habits Proven To Create The Results You’re After.
It Organizes Your Life In Seconds. Helps You Be Less Busy And Yet More Productive. Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs Day By Day.
Automatically Chain Your Good Habits Together,

Habit Hero Includes:


Life Coaching - For Purpose, Peak Performance, More Energy & More Focus - Value $5,000/year

Discover the real reason why more aren't living the life they want & what they can do to change it. Measure how much of your time is in "top performer" mode (or not).

Get habits statistically proven to drive higher income, confidence, happiness and more (true story). We will show you exactly what habits are missing from your daily routine - and if fixed - would drive better results, in life, business, careers and relationships. Thrive rather than survive.

Sometimes, life gets tough and that's okay. With the right amount of healing, consistency and support you are able of getting through anything...

You're obviously motivated but just need to know what is it exactly you need to do to move forward..

This was put together to help give the exact strategies to start helping you to heal and FEEL better.

Here's how it works:

✅ Daily Content with practical activities

✅ Built-in accountability & coaching

✅ Weekly updated habits to grow with you

✅ Challenges to push you into new levels of your best self

✅ Workshops with experts

✅ Community support

✅ 100% evidence based strategies


Growth Mindset Development & Habits - Value $2,997

Habit Hero retrains your brain to fix stuck or persistent patterns of thinking leading to unhealthy behaviours.

Think Smarter with Enhanced Memory, Focus, Clarity, & Mental Energy. 🧠

Have the most productive and well balanced days with excellent mental health habits. Get helpful top mindset tips. Use the best strategies & tools from experts in science, wellness & leadership.

Face challenges with better structure, fewer distractions, and better social interactions. Conquer the doubt & stress of uncertainty. Develop a rock-solid growth mindset.


Sales Boosting Habits - Value $25,000

Habit Hero Boosts Sales?

This is for entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketing/sales professionals & real life business owners. Those who want to start simplifying marketing. Who want to consistently achieve more sales. This is for taking full control of growth.

Instead of chasing grand slam projects, Habit Hero gives you a much smarter strategy around consistent base hits.

You don’t have to be tech savvy.

You don’t have to have a huge budget.

If you have work ethic and the drive to grow your company, the Habit Hero method is all you need. It helps you build systems.. A recurring 'sales machine'. One with CLEAR accountability & nowhere for excuses to hide.

The solution is at your fingertips, closer than you think. Try Habit Hero's unique method & strategy. Gets you new clients and more sales in 14 days or less.


Better Sleep, Healthier Diet & Fitter Body Habits - Value $5,000

Quit Getting Scammed By Fitness Companies, How To Permanently Transform Your Body, Get Better Sleep & Keep Your Results Forever!

Habit Hero is your Elite Coach for Personal Coaching.

Training AND Nutrition.

We do the thinking. You get simple, easy to follow instructions, and...


** It's scientifically proven, as pack animals, we are MORE likely to keep promises we make to others than those we make to ourselves**

Habit Hero will steer your progress and make sure you smash your sleep, diet & fitness goals...

With or without a gym.

Habit Hero 𝐩𝐮𝐥𝐥s 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐫y.
It show you how it ACTUALLY works.
How you can FOR REAL reach your goals and be confident in taking care of your own body.

It is NOT as complicated as it seems.
Discover you don't need anything other than yourself, normal food, and normal exercise to get any result you want. Plus you can enjoy the process, not need to rely on ANY product and still have a social life.

Get A 7 Day Trial Today For ONLY $1 !!!


Try The FULL PROGRAM for 30-90 Days

Bonus 1: The CEOs Unfair Advantage: Fast Track Program
34 people scored this 5/5
 $495 Value - Yours FREE when you join now.

Your Key To Success Is Constant Learning.
Download 1 book a week into your brain in 7minutes.
Titles include:
Think & Grow Rich
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
How To Win Friends & Influence People
Richest Man In Babylon
Getting Things Done
Built To Last
E-Myth Mastery
Blue Ocean Strategy
Ready, Fire, Aim
Good To Great
Living The 80/20 Way
Flawless Execution
Plus much more...
$495 Value. .
Yours FREE when you join now.

Bonus 2Dreamlife Planner: Get It Done Edition
24 people scored this 5/5
$97 Value - Yours FREE when you join now

Easily discover your next right step.
Reduces frustration, overwhelm & feeling stuck.

This full-proof system will hand hold you end to end through the process to achieve your goals & ultimately your dream life.
This system is being successfully used by professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers & business people around the world.

Tells you where to start & gets you into a system so you FINALLY stay organized.

Topics covered include: health, wealth, career, love, spirituality, charity, things to stop doing, plus much more!
$97 Value 

Bonus 3: Definitive Guide To A Rock-Solid Growth Mindset
36 people scored this 4.97 out of 5
$147 Value
Yours FREE when you join today!

Running a business can be stressful and overwhelming.
Growth mindset development can reduce business anxiety, enable strategic vision & make running your business fun again.

But if you're new to mindset, where do you even start?

Download our guide! True business growth (and well being) is built on proven foundations most overlook. 

Bonus 4:
3 Business Growth Plans: 
Content Marketing Strategy Template
Digital Marketing Follow Up Template
Turn Old Leads Into New Deals System
$597 Value
Yours FREE when you join today!

Short on time?: Use our templates! Get a head start with templates. Build your marketing systems faster! Get started in 5min. Save time & don't start from scratch ever again! Just add your text and images. We've done the rest. Here's what's included:

Content Marketing Strategy Template: A content marketing strategy is different from a content strategy. Who wants to know the difference?

Digital Marketing Follow Up Template: 
"Did you know 80% of you leads need 5 or more touches from you before buying? Convert leads to buyers better with our structured and comprehensive plan to help turn more interest into open wallets!"

Turn Old Leads Into New Deals System:
Reconnect with unconverted leads in a way you're more loved, valued & respected for it. Choose from our well designed templates. Just fill in the blanks or get creative & tailor them how you want!
$597 Value -
 Yours FREE When You Join Today!

Bonus 5: 101 Easy Business Templates Your Lawyer Would Charge $10,000+ For (AT LEAST $10,000 Value)
Yours FREE When You Join Today!
*This bonus is only available for certain plans

9 out of 10 businesses aren't protected legally - worse, they don't KNOW how at risk they are! If this sounds like you, it's not your fault.

The legal system makes it easy to get sued (REALLY easy).

Don't send another client contract or hire ANY staff / vendors- until you get these.

Even EXPERIENCED 6 & 7 figure businesses need to protect themselves & avoid these common mistakes.

Save time, heartache and never pay unnecessary legal fees again!

See how business owners like you are spending less time behind a desk & gaining more time doing what they love!

Get a head start & avoid getting into legal hot water.
Value - AT LEAST $10,000
Yours FREE When You Join Today!
*This bonus is only available for annual

How Does It Work?

Habit Here will even help you improve your sleep!
It gives you an easier to manage schedule.
Plus finally earn what you're really worth!
By setting & being held accountable to small habit based goals.
Week 1 is kept very very simple on purpose.
Week by week, new habits & challenges unlock.
Added together they point your life in a whole new direction.
It’s a very flexible program.
All based on the most cutting edge in success research & habit development.

Missed a day? Don’t sweat it!
With Habit Hero, the focus on progress, not perfection.

Habit Hero is for entrepreneurs & business owners.
It works for online and offline businesses.
Your business can be products or services.
It keeps you and your teams on track.

Feel more grateful for the things in your life.
Build on your strengths

Add more value to your relationships.
Both personal & business related
Let go of old habits holding you back
Get more time to focus on what is important
If your habits change,
your world will change for you.

New members get put into groups which kick off the soonest Monday after joining. 

Once they login, see a walkthrough and tutorial on how Habit Hero works.

The premise is simple. Log in every day.
Track your progress.

Habit Hero will prompt you and help you add on new habits. Ones which put you in peak mental & physical condition.

Then we start helping you organize your business & personal life. Focus your time, energy & effort. So you do more money making, business growing & relationship building tasks.

You get simple, easy to follow daily & weekly routines.

So you stay on top of everything.

Don’t be busy, be productive.
Without the stress, frustration & overwhelm. 

It’s easy to get frustrated or overwhelmed. Shiny objects distract you. Life gets in the way.

But with Habit Hero, you only need to do 1 thing.
Log in and follow the program.

  • See, we all share the same 24-hour days.

    So what makes successful people different?

    Simple. They have better habits.

    Allowing them to get what they want naturally.

    While you struggle and beat your head against the wall. They get the results you want, almost magically.

    It’s more than ‘time management’ tricks. It’s deeper than your “To Do Checklist”.

    It’s about an easy way to: Better health Better quality relationships & making more money flow into your accounts With less effort.

  • In fact, Habits are the ultimate energy saver. They make your success automatic. Habits, by their very nature, are subconscious. They happen with or without your intention. 

    Plus, you never forget a habit.

    They just get overpowered by competing habits.

    It’s why old habits sometimes creep back into our lives.

    Your habits are a big part of your life.

  • In fact. Studies by neurobiologists, cognitive psychologists, and others indicate: 40% to 95% of your DAILY behavior are habits.

    From how you think, what you say, and your overall actions.

    No matter if they are useful or harmful — they are always persistent.

Retrain Your Brain To Make It Easier:

See, your brain divides a complex pattern into small chunks.  Each chunk is then automated.  Requiring less and less brain activity the more often it's repeated. Retrain Your Brain To Make It Easier:

Researchers recreated this behaviour with rats running through mazes.  After a clicking noise opens the door into the maze.  The rats had to find their way through 2 sections for a piece of chocolate.

Their brain activity was very high their first try.

Then after one week of repeating the same maze: It was EASIER and took less effort!  Less mental energy, as the rats built their ‘habit muscles’. This might be why some areas of your life you are AMAZING.  Maybe you NEVER forget to brush your teeth.

But then other areas are like a disaster area after a tornado.

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones. - Benjamin Franklin

Improve Your Business & Life In 28 Days - Or Your Money Back.

Get 10x the Value in 90 Days - Or 3X Your Money Back!

*the only condition is you MUST actually do 85%+ of the program

Choose The Best Fit For You:

7-Day Trial

To get you off the ground running.


$1 to start

*Then $97/month if you upgrade before trial expires. You'll Save $50/month!

  • 7 Day Sample OF:
  • Life Coaching - For Purpose, Peak Performance, More Energy & More Focus - $5,000 Value
  • Growth Mindset Development & Habits -  $2,997 Value
  • Sales Boosting Habits - $25,000 Value
  • Better Sleep, Healthier Diet & Fitter Body Habits - $5,000 Value
  • $50/month discount if you upgrade before trial expires


Test drive the full program & get bonuses


$67 / month

Get 55% OFF!!
Save $80/month
Save $960/year!

  • Life Coaching - For Purpose, Peak Performance, More Energy & More Focus - $5,000 Value
  • Growth Mindset Development & Habits -  $2,997 Value
  • Sales Boosting Habits - $25,000 Value
  • Better Sleep, Healthier Diet & Fitter Body Habits - $5,000 Value
  • Bonus 1: The CEOs Unfair Advantage: Fast Track Program - $495 Value
  • Bonus 2: Dreamlife Planner: Get It Done Edition $97 Value 
  • Bonus 3: Definitive Guide To Rock-Solid Growth Mindset - $147 Value
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 10x  Value in 90 Days OR 3X Money Back Guarantee


For serious people who want the best


$41 / month

Get 71% OFF!!!
1 payment today of $497
Yearly subscription
Save $109/month
Save $1,300/year!

  • Life Coaching - For Purpose, Peak Performance, More Energy & More Focus - Value $5,000/year
  • Growth Mindset Development & Habits - Value $2,997
  • Sales Boosting Habits - Value $25,000
  • Better Sleep, Healthier Diet & Fitter Body Habits - $5,000 Value
  • Bonus 1: The CEOs Unfair Advantage: Fast Track Program - $495 Value
  • Bonus 2: Dreamlife Planner: Get It Done Edition $97 Value 
  • Bonus 3: Definitive Guide To Rock-Solid Growth Mindset - $147 Value
  • Bonus 4: 3 Business Growth Plans: Content Marketing Strategy Template | Digital Marketing Follow Up Template | Turn Old Leads Into New Deals System - $597 Value
  • Bonus 5: 101 Easy Business Templates Your Lawyer Would Charge $10,000+ For (AT LEAST $10,000 Value)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 10x  Value in 90 Days OR 3X  Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions:

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