Understanding Key Leverage Points in Businesses — With Dr. Emily Letran

Input and action are crucial in determining an individual's success. Hence, it is essential to be aware of our habits. We must foster practices that will help us focus on our goals and aspirations. We must also perform these habits to succeed.

In this episode, our guest Dr. Emily Letran shares insights regarding high-performance strategies and habits. Aside from giving business tips, she emphasizes the level of importance of helping the community. Giving back to the people must be part of an entrepreneur's mission.

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 Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn how to identify key leverage points and how to optimize them to maximize your results.

  2. Gain new perspectives on how to approach your own business challenges.

  3. Improve your ability to analyze complex business problems and develop effective solutions.


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  Episode Highlights

  The Importance of Habitual Action

  • People need to do a little bit every day. Apply leverage to your daily activities.

  • Focus on the things where you need improvement. Do those things every day to develop good habits. Ask feedback from others.

  • Have the energy to aim for your best self. Diet and exercise are parts of your best self. Include it in your complex system.

  Focusing on Goals to Achieve a Leverage Point

  • Focus on yourself, not on other people. It is useless to compare yourself to others. Identify key strengths. They are your intervention point.

  • Aim to improve yourself every day so you can extend help to those who need it the most. You can perform system changes to overhaul bad habits.

  • Do things at your maximum capacity to get the biggest leverage points.

  The Importance of Healthy Habits

  • It is essential to reflect on your habits to know whether they are beneficial or harmful. Identify key leverage points.

  • Reflection concerning habits gives more significant insights about goals and how they align with your present actions.

  • Reflection gives clarity to your organizational goals.

  Sharing Her Story

  • When Dr. Emily shares her story, she recognizes that the goal is to inspire and help other people.

  • But, sharing her story helped to accelerate her career. So, find a place to intervene in your old habits.

  Greatest Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

  • Some business owners do not possess enough clarity. They do not have a big goal.

  • Some entrepreneurs do not spend their time in the right way. They allow distractions in their personal and professional lives. It’s vital to plan and strategize your day.

  • They cannot say no to distractions and unhealthy habits. What they need is to create a buffer against them.

  Guides For Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners must appreciate their staff and customers. It’s the kind of leverage point that can up any business efforts.

  • They need to learn how to communicate with the people around them.

  • Entrepreneurs need to trust their capabilities.

  • It is essential to invest in assets. Assets don't refer to material things. They can correspond to family and self.

  • Have an open mind to accept that not everybody experiences the same journey.

  • Entrepreneurs must not give up on their goals.

  The Importance of Purpose

  • Money is not the only important motivation in business.

  • Entrepreneurs must give back to the community.

  About Dr. Emily

   Dr. Emily Letran is a certified business performance coach and published author.     She is a dentist who owns a multi-specialty group practice in Southern California. She has three beautiful children. Dr. Emily founded a nonprofit organization, The Emily Letran Foundation (ELF). The foundation provides primary dental care to underprivileged veterans and families.

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