What Makes A Good Mastermind? | Results Mastermind



It depends on:
If it's helping you achieve your goals,
If you're paying a price you're comfortable with,
If it's giving you meaningful & measurable improvement. In all areas of your life.
If it helps you achieve the goals you signed up for.
If you join a mastermind group, and you can't see progress.
Or you don't get along with the members,
Or if it's causing you stress.
It's not a good mastermind for you.
A good mastermind group is something you have to define yourself.
You should try to define it before you join.
You can join with an open mind and say,
"I don't know what this experience might be like. I'm open to the process."
Which is fantastic because a mastermind group is a long-term thing.
You may not see radical results instantly.
It's not an instant fix. It's for deep, meaningful goals.
But you may see some quick wins.
Some people join irrationally.
They sign up for fees they can't afford.
You're just giving yourself a nightmare scenario.
You should do what you can with what you've got.
I'ts okay to stretch a little.
There's resource sharing in mastermind groups.
If you end up paying a little more than you expected.
You might make it back in savings on tools, resources. Or though better vendors to use. All the resources shared in the community.
They can be worth more much more than what you paid for.
Plus what you learn is with you for the rest of your life.
Especially when you join a mastermind group like mine,
We look at your daily habits. Your routines. Your weekly habits, rituals, and your monthly ones.
If we can fix those, we can change the trajectory of your life.
Your personal life, your relationships, your fitness, and income.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Therefore, success is not an act, it's a habit.
This is why I have a habit-tracking results mastermind group.

It covers:
Business, health, relationships, happiness.
These are the real pillars of success.
Some people don't realize they are missing some of these.
They might be self-sabotaging.
Maybe they're having success in one area of their life.
But it's sacrificing everything else.
A good mastermind group is one helping you achieve your goals,
It's one you want to be a part of.
Plus you're enjoying the process.

I'd like to invite you to check out my mastermind group.
If you're interested, go to for more information.