Why Are Information Systems Essential In Business Today? | Business Operation System



Knowledge is power.
If you don't have information about your business, it's like driving blind.
Knowledge is essential.
Everyone online is a competitor.
Unless you have a physical location based business.
Today, the whole world is a marketplace.
Like me.
I'm making this video.
I'm competing against anyone with a smartphone.
They can record their own video.
Upload it and try to give you a better answer.
So Business intelligence is important.
Knowledge guides your decision-making. By helping you make predictions.
If you're not collecting data, you're just playing a game of hope.
Hope is not a strategy, real plans are.
Data will give you the ability to monitor & take action.
What you don't measure, you can't manage.
If you don't manage it, you can't improve it. Grow or develop.
I recommend you to find a better strategy.
Start getting on top of your business information systems.