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It’s easy to get sidetracked with what we’re trying to achieve, especially with all the distractions and “opportunities” around us. We want to try everything, and we start so many projects, but in the end, we end up accomplishing nothing. In the end, we excel at nothing. This is the reason why we should invest and master one skill to offer value and find business success.

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In this episode, we’re chatting with Ryan Levesque as he shares what urged his paradigm shift in doing business. He emphasizes the importance of categorizing and why mastery is a skill that leads to success. He also talks about the right way to ask questions to collect customer data effectively. Tune in to the podcast to learn how you can turn doing something until it’s dull into something beautiful!

About Ryan

Ryan Levesque is the CEO of The ASK Method Company, a marketing education company, which ranked #462 on the 2017 Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies for 2017. Ryan is the #1 national best-selling author for his book Ask. He is also the co-founder and investor of bucket.io, a leading marketing funnel technology for entrepreneurs. 

Mastering the Key Skill for Business Success

Ryan’s Beginnings

  • Ryan studied neuroscience at Brown University and considered becoming a neurologist.
  • When his grandparents passed away when he was young, he took a $5,000 inheritance. He eventually grew it into $85,000 before he even went to college.
  • He studied Chinese initially because of his interest in the effects of traditional Chinese medicine on the brain.
  • Ryan ended up working for AIG Insurance Company in China, where he ran a massive expansion project.
  • By the time he was in his mid-20’s when he had achieved everything he wanted, he had experienced a quarter-life crisis.

Paradigm Shift

  • He took a trip to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo with his wife to get away and reflect.
  • While on their trip, he listened to Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek, which started his paradigm shift.
  • He started buying courses and programs on how to make money online, but it was fruitless.
  • He met Dr. Glenn Livingston, who became his most important mentor.
  • He used Dr. Glenn’s methodology to launch his first real business. It became the foundation for his survey funnel formula.

The Biggest Challenges

  • Their first online business was in the jewelry-making market. They made a series of jewelry-making tutorials inspired by the Scrabble tile jewelry from Etsy. 
  • Amid the world financial crisis, AIG filed for bankruptcy and Ryan decided to resign from his work. 
  • A month after this, the Scrabble tile craze crashes, and their entire financial system crashes along with it.
  • They had nothing when they moved back to the States. His wife got a job so he can do business full-time. 
  • That gardening market business succeeded, and they went from nothing to $25,000 a month in 18 months. This business is the start of their multimillion-dollar company.

Nothing Fails Like Success

  • Never betray the habits that got you where you are.
  • Pick a business icon that you look up to and imagine what they were like when they were in the same situation as you, not what they are now.
  • When you choose to splurge during your lean days, your priorities aren’t right.
  • If you’re constantly growing your business, the secret is living on last year’s salary.
  • The biggest mistake: The temptation of wanting to upgrade everything after a great year in business.

Establishing Your Category

  • Establish your category of one. 
  • Take inventory of what you do and all your offers and think, what is it that you do better than anybody else?
  • It doesn’t have to be the only thing that you do; it just has to be a part of your USP.
  • An inch-wide mile deep focus contributes to success.

Mastery as a Skill

  • Mastery is a skill that is wildly lost because we always want to do something we haven’t done before.
  • Get your reps in. Spend 10,000 hours to become the best in what you do and the skill you chose.
  • Communicating effectively using words that resonate with people is the key.
  • If you came from an academic background, you’d have to unlearn the stilted academic way of writing. It doesn’t reach people.

Copywriting and Surveys

  • Surveys have a negative connotation.
  • To get people to take a survey, a lot of persuasion power comes in. 
  • How do you appeal to your prospect’s self-discovery? Through everybody’s favourite subject: themselves.
  • Frame the questions in a way that appeals to prospects’ self-interest and self-discovery.
  • Surveys are for the customers’ benefits. They allow you to learn about customers.

The Biggest Mistakes in Collecting Customer Data

  • Asking the wrong questions. You have to ask the right type of questions at the right time to the right people.
  • Two types of information to know what people want: (1) what they don’t want and (2) their past behaviours.
  • People sometimes make up answers to please survey takers.

The Greatest Success Values

  • Integrate the results of those questions in your marketing.
  • The secret to going into 19 markets with virtually 100% success: Take all the guesswork out of the process.
  • How do you do that? Ask the right questions and have the right answers before you take any action.
  • The first half of Ask talks about the story of how the methodology came about. The second half is about the detailed methodology.


You can also reach Ryan through his website.