Turning Interviews Into Newsletters & Social Media Posts

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The first screenshot below is the podcast document. Notice that each column is labeled; the 2 that you will be focusing on is Newsletter & Social Media.

Screenshot 275

Screenshot 274

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You will need to login to Libsyn. In Libsyn after logging in with the login information, under content you will find the Interviews that have been uploaded.

Screenshot 277

If you click on the information tab under the interview you want (shown in the first screenshot below), a title and description information will pop up as shown in screenshot #2. The order of this information is the Summary of the Interview, Bio of the Interviewee, the BBC Mission Statement and the company logo/art work is included as well. This is the information that will be transferred to the Newsletter.

Screenshot 280

Screenshot 281

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You will create the newsletter in Campaign Builder which is on the Infusionsoft website, use the login information to login. After logging in go to the Campaign Builder page in Infusionsoft, find the campaign titled: “BBC – BestBusinessCoach – Lead Phase 2 Long Term Nurture Pyramid” and create an email using the same information from the podcast information tab (shown in the previous step). All of the information is copied into the email and made to fit the email.

Screenshot 282

You must include the link to the podcast/interview hosted on our own site at https://bestbusinesscoach.ca/members/podcast-interviews/. Next you need to create a tracking link so we can measure this campaign’s performance. To create the tracking link You need to login to https://clickmeter.com/ and create a tracking link for each interview separately.

Reminder: You are using links to the interviews hosted on our website. Not in iTunes or elsewhere. Create a tracking link inside ClickMeter inside the campaign BBC Long Term Nurture Interview Links

A) Copy the tracking link to the interview you created in Clickmeter. Make sure the user will be taken to the proper page of the specific interview your email is about (This is recommended for the social media newsletter);

Screenshot 290

B)Go back into Libsyn and click on Destinations at the top.

Screenshot 292You will then be taken to a page like the one below; copy the link under Libsyn Classic Feed and place that in the newsletter. (This is Recommended for the Email Newsletter).

Screenshot 293

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To post the newsletter on social media, it is pretty much the same thing. You need to copy and paste the exact same content from the podcast information. Notice the links have been included here as well.
Screenshot 284
At the end of the newsletter post in this example on Facebook, the top 5 interviews that have been conducted thus far have been included. This is always good to include.

Screenshot 285

You can include this information by going to stats on the Libsyn website under the company profile. You will see how many downloads there are so far in all, as well as the download information for each individual podcast/interview.

Screenshot 287

Screenshot 288

Screenshot 289

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How to turn interviews into newsletters and social media posts.



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