The Truths Of Business Success After 30+ Years Online & Creating Handfuls Of Self Made Millionaires - Ken McCarthy


Today we are joined for the second time by a very special guest. A man who's been my mentor for a number of years. You may or may not realize it but the very foundation of online marketing was developed by him and his many students. They include the current who’s who of online marketing experts you see today…

Most if not all have been through Ken’s camp… but for some reason very few are willing to give him any credit… Kind of a shame and as a martial artist I find it insulting, because lineage for us is everything.

All you know about digital marketing and you may take for granted today - from banner ads which were created at one of Ken’s events - to all the online strategies many of the gurus are teaching as brand-new today, have actually been known by a small & elite group of Internet marketers for many many many many years. I’m fortunate to count myself as one of them..

The man we're speaking with today is none other than Ken McCarthy. It is an honor and a pleasure to have him here. Some of you may know him or have heard of him through the system seminar which was an annual seminar he hosted for close to 20 years and the very first one had Marc Andreessen the creator of Netscape Navigator the world's very first internet browser as a speaker..

To talk about how to use the internet as a marketing medium and it’s potential in the coming future. We're talking about cutting edge internet & online marketing strategies, principles and tactics from the literal birth of online marketing up until present day. Ken is the Godfather of internet marketing.

So please, give him your full attention and get your pens & pencils ready…


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