How to Hone Your Workforce and Close the Cross-Generational Gap with Anastasia Button

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How to Hone Your Workforce and Close the Cross-Generational Gap with Anastasia Button

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Business environments are becoming more diverse as cultural gaps become more evident. Most companies now have a cross-generational gap in their workforce that, most of the time, leads to misunderstanding and low productivity.

In this episode, Executive Education professor Anastasia Button talks about how diversity in terms of experience and culture can be advantageous to businesses. She also shared some insights about how companies can realize their potential and translate it to customer satisfaction by honing their workforce. 

Don’t miss this episode if you want to know more about your people and how you can hone them!

About Our Guest:

Anastasia Button is an adjunct professor in Executive Education at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business. She is the author of #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan for Success. Anastasia is also a speaker, consultant, and instructor who caters to employers, associations, and business clubs. She aims to train them on how they can benefit from leading the millennial generation.

How to Take Advantage of a Cross-Generational Gap in Your Workforce

Anastasia’s Beginnings

  • She began as a roofing contractor.
  • She was broke because her heart and soul were not into what she was doing. 
  • Anastasia realized she needed to find her purpose in life and help others do the same. 
  • If you find your purpose, the money will come, and life will be fulfilling. 

Biggest Challenges Toward Change

  • It usually starts easy in the beginning. However, when you get excited and things start moving, the fear starts to sit in again.
  • Her primary fear is not being good enough.
  • She had a lot of obstacles, but she overcame them.
  • Even if you find your purpose, there will be a point when fear comes in. It will always be there, but you just need to find the tools to blow through them.

How to Blow Through Obstacles

  • You have to know your primary purpose in life. Know yourself before you can understand your fears.
  • You first need to identify the enemy before you can blow through them. Afterwards, you can create a trigger system. 
  • When fear breeds into our brain, it sets in, and you end up doing nothing.
  • Once you have a trigger system, take deep breaths to collect yourself, ground yourself, and get present again. 

Embracing the Path Toward Authenticity

  • Be present at the moment with the vision you have for yourself. 
  • Know your purpose. Align and connect yourself to that purpose.
  • Your projects become an extension of your purpose when you are focused and connected to your purpose.

Different Types of Goals

  • Performance goals
  • Outcome goals
  • Process goals

The Millennial Gap 

  • There is a certain culture bred in businesses. 
  • It is vital to hone your workforce. 
  • It is essential to understand millennials and multi-generations and how to get everybody on the same page, to communicate and be productive.
  • When you have a thriving workforce that has purpose and meaning behind every individual and as a group, the culture changes. 
  • The culture should transcend to the customers.

Usual Mistakes Committed by Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • If you’re not connected with your team, they will tend to have different values, as well as what they want out of work. Everyone’s values and how they communicate with others are different.
  • If you do not understand this, it means that you do not really know your company. 
  • It is essential to connect the gaps, particularly between generations, to resolve problems. It makes the individuals and the group more productive.

How to Close the Gap 

  • Dual mentorship programs: Experienced employees may pass the knowledge down to the new ones. 
  • It is also an excellent opportunity for experienced employees to learn from the younger generation.  
  • This can also foster good communication. 

Habits of the Most Successful Businesses

  • They connect the gap between cross-generational employees. 
  • They are open, and they listen. 
  • Take advantage of what you have; do more with less.
  • Successful businesses remained authentic. People want to know that they are working with you. 
  • ‘You must create, condition, and nurture your relationship. And if you don’t do that, then that means that you’re not really caring about people, and people won’t do business with people they don’t care about.’


You may connect to Anastasia through her Facebook or Twitter. For more insights about millennial coaching, you may also visit her website



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