How to Increase Email Deliverability to Boost Sales with Adrian Savage

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How to Increase Email Deliverability to Boost Sales with Adrian Savage

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]We live in a day and age where information is available anywhere. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to catch the interest of your prospective clients. Likewise, you have to connect and engage with them. One of the ways by which you can do this is through using proper tools like emails. How can you ensure and increase your email deliverability? You need to have relevant content that can spark your market’s interest. 

In this episode, Adrian Savage talks about how to ensure email deliverability and more valuable insights on the importance of keeping your email content relevant. He also discusses with us how you can maintain a manageable email list.

Tune in to the show and learn more about email deliverability and apply it to your marketing strategies!

About Our Guest:

Adrian Savage is the Founder and Director of Deliverability Dashboard. It offers a set of tools, including a free Email Health Check, to improve and understand the make-up of a business’s email list. He is also the Founder and Head of Development of WeDeliver.Email, as well as a certified consultant of Infusionsoft. 

How to Increase Email Deliverability 

Adrian’s Background

  • He grew up in a traditional family. He has been a geek since he was seven years old. 
  • His passion for computers started when his Dad brought home Apple 2 computers to help him in his work. Adrian ended up studying the manual and taught his dad how to use them.
  • He studied Computer Science and entered the corporate world, starting in the field of IT in Telecommunications.
  • He had a few wake-up calls that changed his life, like his divorce and when his children moved with their mother. 
  • Since he did not have free time when he was still in the corporate world, he saw the need to adjust and started venturing into entrepreneurship. 
  • Adrian took his business in a geeky approach and combined it with sales and marketing. He eventually discovered Infusionsoft. 
  • Now, he is managing a business that uses a third-party tool to deliver the mails for clients who are having problems getting their email through their clients. 
  • Adrian also does general consultation and a lot of work on email deliverability. 

Greatest Career Challenges

  • His greatest challenge is overreaching, doing too much too quickly.  
  • Adrian’s costs outweigh his revenues. He realized he needs to focus on one thing. This is also the time when WeDeliver was born. 
  • He tried solving a problem for his client, which took him six long months. But by the end, he had a product he could market. 

Starting Your Business

  • Pick one thing to focus on and become interested in it. 
  • You have to be supremely confident that you can do it. 
  • Conquer your self-doubt.
  • Value-building helps create a stable foundation and a better long-term relationship.
  • Money is nothing more than a round of applause for a job well done.

Biggest Mistake in Email Deliverability

  • The biggest mistake is being scared to let go. 
  • Size doesn’t matter. It is about the quality of the list. 
  • Google can see almost half of all the emails going around the world. It enables them to start crowdsourcing engagement data. 
  • If you are sending emails to a 10,000-people list and only 500 people open the email, Google can see it as an indication that there’s a load of rubbish there.
  • It doesn’t matter how good an email is. If people aren’t opening them, then Google will spot this, and they’re going to take action.

How to Delete Half Your Email List

  • Remove dead email addresses from your list, to avoid triggering spam traps.
  • You need to look at who’s opening your emails and how often.
  • You can put together a re-engagement campaign that will send an email saying, “Hey, do you still want to hear from me?”
  • If they still ignore it, send an email confirming if they are not interested anymore and one last email saying goodbye.
  • You can use marketing automation platforms to send emails.

Best Habits For A Fantastic Email List 

  • Successful people take responsibility for their email reputation and quality.
  • Be mindful of the way you send your emails.
  • It is about taking responsibility and not blaming deliverability.

Do Not Switch Platforms

  • It won’t help if you switch to another provider. 
  • If you do, you will have an uphill struggle.
  • If you start using multiple platforms at the same time, you can trigger a snowshoe spam filter.

Email Automation

  • A one-size-fits-all approach does not work.
  • You need a personalized email so that people will only receive what they want.
  • Relevance is everything.

The Future of Email 

  • Email is changing. It’s one of several different forms of engagements, and now it’s becoming part of a multi-channel strategy.
  • We need to be diverse and have multiple ways of engaging. 
  • The message should match the medium and the channel. As long as you continue to get into good habits and make the best of it, then email still has plenty to do. 

Having the Right Content

  • Make sure you are using communications channels that allow two-way feedback
  • Encourage people to reply to your emails, ask them questions, and get them to engage with you.

What Inhibits Relevant Content and Email Deliverability

  • There is a lot of misinformation.
  • Thinking that everyone else is the problem and not looking at your stuff.

Final Notes

  • Don’t compare your open rate with someone else’s. However, you must still regularly analyze your open rate (weekly, monthly).


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