Business Analytics, Principles, Concepts and Applications | What Why How | Business Intelligence

Business Analytics, Principles, Concepts and Applications | What Why How | Business Intelligence

Daryl Urbanski, an eminent expert in business intelligence is our esteemed guest for this interview. Known for his groundbreaking work in shaping businesses around the world, Daryl brings a deep understanding of analytics principles, concepts, and its applications. The importance of business analytics cannot be underestimated. It goes to the heart of decision-making, strategy planning, and predicting customer behavior. This interview is for anyone who seeks to understand the potential of business intelligence. As you listen, you'll get to understand how business intelligence can improve your efficiency, solve problems, and most importantly, how to focus on bottlenecks as a way to boost overall performance.

Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to implement business analytics principles and concepts in your business context.
  • Discover the importance of collecting information from multiple areas in your business.
  • Understand the Theory of Constraints and how identifying and focusing on your business's bottlenecks can improve your overall performance.


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Interview Highlights:

The Importance of Business Intelligence in Today's Business Environment

  • Understanding different aspects of the business intelligence.
  • A key to strategizing and planning
  • Root for predicting customer behavior
  • Daryl quote: "business intelligence is more than a tool; it's a lens to view your business landscape."

Collecting Information from Every Corner

  • Look beyond traditional boundaries
  • Build a comprehensive view of your business
  • Daryl quote: "In Analytics, each piece of data holds a story. It's about finding those stories."

Understanding and Applying Theory of Constraints

  • Understanding bottlenecks
  • How to identify them
  • The benefits of addressing bottlenecks
  • Daryl quote: "A business flows as its biggest bottleneck allows it to, identify it and work on it."

About Daryl Urbanski

Daryl Urbanski is the founder and owner of Best Business Coach. It’s a podcast and coaching program. It is dedicated to helping businesses generate leads and keep clients. He was the Senior Director of Marketing at NeuroGym for a year. There, he was able to automate a seven-figure income.

Aside from being a business coach, he wrote several books on Amazon. Did you get hooked on the lead generation insights he shared in this episode? You may want to check out his book “Ancient Secrets of Lead Generation: Your Primitive Business Guide to Better Leads with Less Effort,” on Amazon.

Are you interested in what else he does, or you want to establish contact? Connect with Daryl on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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