How Do I Join A Mastermind? | Results Mastermind



It depends on the person's process for whichever group you're joining.
Typically, there's an application.
There are also Facebook group masterminds. Where anyone can join.
But you want one where people are learning.
The focus is on you, Your situation and your goals.
Where there is connection and accountability.
And a curriculum everyone's following.
Typically, there is an application for this.
You need to fit into the group's dynamics.
Not only that, it's got to be a good fit for everyone.
In the beginning, some groups accept anybody.
But if you get into a mastermind,
A good one where everyone gets held accountable.
Some have a waiting list.
There might be few spots.
The best thing to do is find out.
What are the groups available to you?
What are their processes?
Our process is application-based.
I want to screen everyone and make sure they're fit.
We have 12-15 people max per group.
It depends on what group you join. Their structure.
First, you have to do research on what's available.
Then ask for information and fill in the application.
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