How Do I Run A Successful Mastermind Group? | Results Mastermind



It depends on YOUR definition of success.
If it's only having a mastermind group with people in it?
If that's the case, then you need to do a ton of:
Prospecting, qualifying, and selling.
Hand-holding people through their purchase decision.
But, if your definition is having a certain number of people.
(in your mastermind group)
Then your daily experience is:
Prospecting, qualifying & selling - until your group is full.
I have a martial arts background.
For me, success is similar to in martial arts.
There are levels.
"I'm successful, I'm making income.
I've got people who learn from me."
The next level is you go on, win the world championships.
That's admirable.
And I'm not throwing a shade in any way.
You get praise and recognition.
It's how you measure your success.
When it comes to something like a mastermind,
It is usually a coaching-teaching thing.
It's building a community.
For me, success comes from the outcome of your students.
The measure of true success is:
How many of your students are able to achieve success?
And stick with the program?
How many of them are reaching their goals?
One thing you should do is to talk to students about what their goals are.
Create a structured plan.
Put a group together focused around this method.
The method of achieving these specific goals.
What I mean is if you want to get fit, you can do it in different ways.
There's a lot of different methods you can try, to accomplish the goal.

So, to run a successful mastermind group, you need successful:
You have to have people sticking to the program.
To have to get them results.
Then you should measure and get feedback from them.
For awareness.
There should be a report.
So they can see their growth.
So it's not only based on feeling.
Which is not scientific.
It can lead you vulnerable to people dealing with life issues.
Without any baseline data.

To run a successful mastermind group, you should have a clear curriculum.
A purpose and specific outcome you will help people accomplish.
All these factors should be successful.