How Management Information Systems Enabling Business Success And Innovation Midterm | Business Operation System



Business information systems are your feedback loop.
These are the ones telling you if people like what you're doing.
It's tells you how visible your business is.
Based on activity, what is their interest level?
For the people who show interest, what percentage buy?
How many liked it and didn't?
How many refer you to others?
How many gave you a good review?
How different is what you do from everything available?
Good information systems can tell you.

Things like productivity, performance and competence of an employee. Their strengths. Or new developments of your competitors.

Something as simple as searching a keyword. You can be aware of your competitor's new stuff.
It would allow you to tell your sales team. Your management team and product development team.
Stay competitive and on the cutting edge. Business is a race.
No one's getting participation awards.
You might be okay for a while, because you might have protection.
But at the end of the day, competition will show up on your doorstep.
Information systems enable you to ensure performance.
You have a great team who performs at a high level and co-operates well.
It makes sure you're meeting a need in a marketplace.
People are purchasing your product.
Their reason for purchasing. Their feedback. If bad, how can you fix it.
All of this comes from an integrated management information system.